Kawasaki Imports 250cc Estrella; Is it a Royal Enfield Rival for India

Now Kawasaki is a brand which has never wanted to pick a fight with any existing player in the Indian market. Being the giant that it is globally, their Indian arm has slowly begun flexing its muscles. Amidst well priced CKDs, there are rumours of localization level increments in their mid-higher capacity bikes.

For the last few days a lot of you may have read about a possible Royal Enfield rival in India from the house of Kawasaki. A quick search on Zauba confirms that the Japanese motorcycle maker did import a unit of a bike which goes by the name BJ250 LGF, for research and development purposes, which has sparked all the hype. However, this is not a certainty that it is being prepared for India.

Kawasaki Estrella 1

With rising globalisation, a lot of manufacturers bring their products to India for testing. The country offers a variety of different terrains and temperatures giving them a chance to get valuable feedback. The BJ250 LGF might just be an import for testing for other markets or Yamaha’s top bosses may be evaluating its possible entry into India.

Kawasaki Estrella 3

But what is the BJ250 all about? Back in 1991, Kawasaki decided to build a sports classic model to bring the retro back. And thus the Estrella (BJ250) was born! Sold mostly in the home Japanese market, Estrella offers simple classic elegance in a slim, compact chassis. Powering the bike is a 249 cc air cooled, fuel injected single cylinder mill. Estrella weighs 161 kilos and gets a 5 speed transmission.

Kawasaki Estrella 2

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The bike as per the import data carries a price tag of Rs 4,02,353. Now if Kawasaki does decide to bring the Estrella to India it can be a serious rival to the Royal Enfields. But will they?