Supercharged H2 to Cost 32 Lacs in India; Booking Amount 10 Lacs!

A clear example of how important a market has India become for some real big names in the motorcycling industry! Within a few weeks of its official world reveal, Kawasaki is bringing the first supercharged motorcycle H2 to India and its not for all of us to gaze and drool over, but for actual end-user sales! Yes, the road going version of the freaking 300PS H2R is indeed coming to India.

Kawasaki-Ninja-H2-Pics (3)

While initial smirks about the H2 coming to our shores have been around for some time, its the price of Rs 32 Lakhs on road in Mumbai, that you need to digest!

Think that the amount is too high, wait, remember when the US prices were revealed? Back then we did tell you that it carried a price tag of 25,000 USD (Rs 15.89 lakhs, yes the Indian conversion has increased because of the falling rupee) so if you want to blame anyone, you got the import tax blokes.

Moving on, if you have still somehow managed to prevent your heart from stopping, let’s just shock you even further. As per a report on Autocar India, the bike apart from costing you Rs 32 lakhs, will have a real high booking amount of Rs 10 lakhs!

Kawasaki-Ninja-H2-Pics (11)

And here is another one – 4 out of the 5 motorcycles destined for India have reportedly been booked! Deliveries of these five units from the first lot will be delivered by March 2015. Bookings will be accepted later on as well, but a specific delivery timeline for the same has not been set yet. Also, what we need to remember here is that the H2 is a special, limited edition of the Ninja and will see only a specific number of total production units worldwide!