As we all know that Ninja, the quarter liter sports bike for India, with all those tech savvy features that can be used as a tourer and as well as a track tool is sadly priced as high as taking a personal loan and paying EMIs for the forth coming years. What we have a choice is now to narrow to two of the rivals that can be at least half the way affordable and can give the thrill that most of the Indian bikes can only dream of, yes the Yamaha R15 and the all new Hero Honda ZMR. Speaking of both the bikes the story turns at all the twisters revealing what both the bikes are capable of.


Let’s start about the R15; the bike comes from a legendary Japanese hand that makes the R series of bikes which rule the world as well as the tracks. The R15 sports a 150cc liquid cooled 4 valve SOHC engine that churns out 17PS of raw power at 8500 rpm with a torque of 15Nm at 7500 rpm. The bike features to be a first four stroker to have a six speed gearbox in India that is a boon for tourers and thrill seekers and also has an engine that will never run out of breath. The engine is powered by a fuel injector that eliminates the hassles of adjusting the air fuel mix when climbing hills as done on a conventional carb and also gives a long stand during touring.

The proud and the boasting factor of the bike is that the bike just weighs 131kg and with the above mentioned specs, the bike is all game to set the road or track on fire. The story of dual suspensions at the rear is just a history at Yamaha now, as they have given the best monocross suspension to the R15 which also adds style to substance. The electrical is a full DC system and boasts a twin headlamp as seen on the R series. The bike is a real fun to ride at high speeds and with a great speed comes great stopping power, the bike comes with disc brakes at both front and back from the legendary manufacturer Nissin that puts a stop to speed from the word brake. Although the bike is a bit sluggish at the lower rpm’s the bike compensates this by giving the rider a nerve chilling experience at higher rpm’s. The point is that the bike is capable of doing 120 kmph without any struggle and can be so much fun to ride.

Now looking at the rival Hero Honda has launched the all new ZMR that has come with almost all the goodies that the R15 sports about. Let’s see what the ZMR has: the bike comes with a full body fairing similar to the R15 and has a love me or hate me looks. The bike also has a signature all new front fairing that resembles the Suzuki GS150R, although Hero Honda claims that it’s not a design that is inherited for the Suzuki but for the onlookers it’s just a bigger version of the same.

Coming to the engine the bike still has the same capacity engine with 223cc 4 stroke single cylinder OHC with an addition of an oil cooler and with the added advantage of the FI. To be precise the ZMR carries the legendary PGM-FI that Honda has developed for it’s bigger sibilings. The power has increased by three quarter of a grain that churns out 17.6 BHP at 7000 rpm with a torque of 18.35 Nm at 6000 rpm. The company also claims that the bike can do a 0-60 KMPH in 3.7 seconds with a top whack of 126 KMPH.

Although the bike’s oil cooler cannot be compared to a liquid cooled engine but it’s decent enough with a nice punch that cools the engine better than the air cooled one. The ZMR also has both front and rear disc brakes that also comes from Nissin which has pretty good stopping power. The ZMR has been equipped with 5 step adjustable iGRS shocks that adds comfort for long touring. The bike also has the same rim size as it’s older brother that makes touring a walking on the cake and to add the icing is the tubeless tires that comes equipped with the bike. The bike with all the new features also comes with an additional weight tag that weighs 159 kgs which is nearly 20 kgs heavier when compared with the R15 that makes the R15 lightest and also the fastest. The ZMR is also packed with the best looking speedo console that actually scores over the R15 console with a welcome message to the rider which actually feels warm when turning the ignition on. Hero Honda have also given the ZMR the all new clip-ons that are real wide, with a relaxed seating position which is a boon for tourers. To sum up the bike, the Tourer has become a better Tourer.

Now coming to the pros and cons of both the bikes, lets see how the Yamaha R15 scores over the Karizma ZMR:

  • Lightweight – R15 is nearly 20 kgs lighter than the ZMR that makes this the fastest and easy to handle bike.
  • Handling – The R15 is proven the best handling bike in India with the DeltaBox frame that reminds one of the track days as soon as they start riding it.
  • Flickability – As lightest the bike it’s easily flickable in the traffic and in track situations.
  • Tunnel Tested – The bike has gone through vigorous wind tunnel testing that eliminates aerodynamic resistance and just cuts through air like a knife.
  • Liquid Cooled Engine – The bike comes with a liquid cooled engine that cools the engine by means of a radiator that holds coolant and a fan that kicks in when the engine reaches high temperatures that provides the best way to cool an engine.

As Hero Honda has launched the ZMR after much anticipation, there are also some pretty good features that the R15 misses out and where the ZMR scores

  • Ergonomics – The ZMR has high raised clip-ons with a good relaxed riding posture that gives a tourer the best bike in India for touring without putting much stress physically.
  • Wheels – The bike boasts 18 inch wheels that makes touring a pleasure and also reduces the stress on the engine.
  • Higher Capacity Engine – The 223 c.c engine over the 150 c.c engine has the advantage of some good head room for touring with pillion during which the engine still retains it’s relaxed characteristics.
  • Chain Cover: The bike also comes with a closed chain cover that eliminates the need for cleaning the chain once a week for tourers, where they need to just lube it once and shut it, the chain cover takes all the dust and abuse leaving the chain working fine for the next thousands of kilometers. This is mandatory for Indian road/dust conditions.
  • LED Lamps: The bike also has LED tail lamps that conveys the riders braking skills better at a far distance and also saves battery power.

To sum up the comparison, both the Yamaha R15 as well as the Karizma ZMR has equivalent points to justify their price tag and it lies in the hands of the rider who wants to choose in between a screamer and a proven tourer. 🙂

– Ram

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    Both the bikes belong to different categories all together, it is not only difficult but also unjust to compare the two. However, so far class and the art of automobile engineering is concerned I think Yamaha R15 is a masterpiece and can be considered as collectors item, the way Yamaha has summed up all best possible technological goodies in a 150cc engine it only depicts the technological advancement of Yamaha.

  • Raghav

    Zmr sucks man , r15 rocks

    • Papai

      R15 is a kids bike… Zmr its rock on in ROAD.

  • handsome_rob

    a good comparison.. but y not include the p220.. it’s also in the same class(excluding the carb)..

    • syam

      that bike cannnot compare in ur words cannot include with the super bikes….. ZMR rocks………

  • Both bikes are so similar. But once you see the Ninja in flesh, the price is well justified.

  • Karthik

    Nice Review Ram.
    But I personally feel that the R15 is a better bike, and that the Karizma has just had a facial done, not much of a change on the performace front ! People had really high expectations that the bike would have a complete upgrade, but are quite dissapointed… 🙁

    Yamaha R15 rocks… 🙂

  • Raghav

    Ninja is d baap of bikes in its class . n worth 3 lakhs .

  • Dinesh

    Im in love with R15, Yamaha rocks 🙂

  • Ady

    Heya guys

    i juzz came 4m HH showroom they gave me test drive of karizma

    well according to my views guys when i touch 85 then bike start vibration like bike needs 1 more gear but its already on 5th gear and when and when i’m gonna touch 90 like it tooks around 10 seconds from 85 to 90

    bike looks from front is too good but bad from back side

    main thing is that guys u r gonna purchase bike for ur own purpose

    if u want to go for racing then r15 is awesome

    but if u want to show ur bike in a city then buy karizma/apache/fz/pulsar

    and always compare bike with same segment


    and when i drive r15 i can’t express my feelings
    when i touch 100kmph no vibrations and handling is too much smooth n from 110 to 0 hardly in 3 seconds without loosing handling

    guys karizma Zmr costs 91k
    and Yamaha r15 costs 97k

    Top speed of karizma is 126kmph claimed by HH
    Top Speed of Yamaha R15 is 135kmph claimed by Yamaha

    r15 is complete bike with new technology brand image
    and moreover yamaha ruled when they launched yamaha 350 with 30bhp

    and in India rule they can launch bike 150 with maximum 17 bhp

    and yamaha r15 europian model 150 cc with 21 bhp

  • Yamaha rocks but it could do with more power!

  • Shambhu

    Ram, that was a nice review. Yes, as others have pointed out it is a bit of a disappointment from HH since there is no change to the engine and power even after change to Fuel Injection and oil cooler. Also, we are missing the action from Honda and Suzuki in this segment. Any news about a Honda or Suzuki bike above 150 cc? And Ninja 250 is priced too high to be affordable by many even though it is technologically very superior.


    i am confused gays wich ia beast zmr or r15 plz call me +919998814215

  • kodieswar

    big bro..,ur review was good.but mind it the ZMR is a tad closer to perfection in its class-sports tourer.R15 is a track tool,and lazy below 7rpm.ZMR is a sports tourer and is indian incarnation of VFR.the headlamp cluster and dashbord is from new VFR 1200f.the headlamp to be precise is from CBR’s of 2001-2002.just check that out.ZMA,ZMR are the only bikes in its class.many indian budding bikers dont know this it is awward comparing ZMR and R15

  • rohit

    hi guys ….. everyone has written here their best experiences that thing is sure …… but i want to remind all of you guys which is missing in these points that is the tyre size of r15 ….do we expect this fm yamaha after making such a nice bike still it lacks in its narrow tyres and outdated backlight … bike s hight is too less which can never match with a highted personality man… can we pick fazer tyre for r15?????? some techinician plz explain me… i plannig to buy a bike next month but i m totally confused in r15 fazer n zmr someone plz help me on 9768235090

    • Rahul

      Go for the ZMR buddy… It’s awsome Bike. R15 is for babies… if u r a baby so go 4 r15 or if u r a man so go 4 the HH ZMR

    • Reeto

      Go for the P220. It has an awsum combination of economy and power. It leaves the r15 far behind both in terms of pick-up or top speed. The headlights on the P220 is the best i have come across on any Indian bike. Features are awsum. Auto cut-off indicators enhance the features list.

      • ak

        m sorry dude…..!!bt u mensnd tat r15 far behind both in terms of pick-up or top speed…..!!! u knw yamaha is best nd knwn for pickup nt pulsar….!!and cn u imagin nly 150cc bt 145 top speed without vibrtns….!!and r15 can touch 180kmph with sports kit….!!! compar 1)looks,2)cmfrts 3)and other features….!!! plzzz plzz ma request r15 chala phir bol….!!badiya aya compare karne vala….!!


        Once if u crossed 50,000 km in p220..u feel the vibration highly while crossing the speed 100kmph…but it is not possible in R15..

    • CNK

      Hello Rohit.
      Myself CNK.
      I think I can clear your doubt about tyre size. I agree with you that R15’s tail lamp fashion is outdated.

      But you see, R15’s tyres are specially designed by MRF with special inputs from Yamaha R&D. Those tyres have radial multi-line threads with dual layer resin and can take the bike to about 60 degree tilts without any difficulty. The road grip, handling and stability at higher speeds (which ZMR lacks) is proven. You can check the results directly from the Indian Road Safety and Vehicle Certification Dept of INDIA.
      One more thing……
      All comparable bikes ZMR, P220, RTR180, etc… does not have a well tuned ECU.

      See I am not in a mood to explain all these in this reply.
      U call me between 8.00PM and 3.00AM
      Will surely clear all your doubts… With exact Technical Explanations..

      If I ever get a chance to rate these bikes. I will go for the following.

      1 – Yamaha YZF – R15
      2 – Bajaj Pulsar 220 F
      3 – TVS Apache RTR 180
      3 – Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

    • CNK

      Sorry Rohit.
      Forgot my phone number.
      +91 949 762 8426
      Call me between 8.00PM to 3.00AM

      • Reeto

        @ CNK – Kindly get ur facts right. The P220 F and the RTR 180 DO NOT have an ECU, they are carburetted bikes. R15 and ZMR are fuel injected, hence they possess an ECU. Agreed that the R15’s tyres offer awesome grip as they are made of soft compound rubber. But the MRF Zappers on the P220 F are also made of soft compound rubber, offers excellent stability in all weather conditions. If u remove the main stand of the P220 F (the R15 comes without a main stand), it is absolutely safe to lean the bike and go knee-down in a curve/corner. I have tried that personally on the curves leading to Lavasa in the outskirts of Pune. The R15 is better suited for race track use as it is light and has a shorter wheelbase. But a good rider will be able top give the R15 tough competition on a race track with a P220 F (side stand removed and suspension stiffened).

      • CNK

        Hey Reeto,
        Thankz for your info.
        No one ever told of removing that middle stand from P220F.
        Again, thankz for your information. Above which I wrote is not my personal experience.
        I only have had a test drive of all those above. And that too for very shot distances.
        But Still, Let me put some other direct Comparison.

        I agree that R15 have less acceleration comparing P220 (chance less), even less than RTR180. But comparing all other 150cc bikes, it is clearly superior.

        And all these above bikes are above 180cc, Pulsar 220 is 220 cc as it suggests. RTR 180 is 180cc. Again greatest of all, Karizma is 223cc.
        And all these are being compared with just a 150cc bike.

        And the main point to highlight.

        Pulsar 220F and RTR 180 are real value for money.
        You pay for what you buy.!!!

        K Leave em.

        Karizma with 223cc is able to achieve only 126kmph with 17.6PS Power while the opponent R15 is able to outrun it by just a 150cc engine. 135kmph, 17PS.
        Now you say which is better..?
        Both cost around Rs.100k !!

        Plus:: R15 have deltabox frame designed extremely for High end staiblity!

      • Ashil

        Hey Reeto,
        CNK is right.
        I agree that 220F and RTR 180 arecarburetted bikes.
        So they doesn’t need ECUs
        But Both Karizma ZMR and R15 are Fuel injected type.
        Fuel Injected type engines ought to have a ECU.
        Plus R15 ECU is highly advanced and it also incorporates Traction Control Feedback system.

        R15 is the best bike from the bikes compared here.

  • Ady

    dude bike having wet tyres u can change ur tyre but i would recommended to change wid cbz’z tyre that would be rocking otherwise bike is for running (tracks) and wid fz’z tyre bike having sporty look but aint able to run 😛

    hope u got my point

    1 more thing u can email to MRF cuz yahama always used MRF Tyre 😉

  • hii guys da tyre of r15 s narrow but whn we replacin da tyre wid fz the mllge will fully drop nd power will lose coz of more friction…..r15 have good sporty performance of 16 bhp in 150cc,,but fz has wide rear tyre but it have less power of 13bhp da mllge will balanced…….fz16 n fazer150 r same but fazer have shield in front,,,,choose r15 its never give bad image………….

  • Himanshu

    they are compared as both hav d same price allmost. but the r15 has a lot more to offer as in more power, more style, more mileage, more value for money & more performance and the tag of world’s greatest two wheeler manufacturer . what else do you want ?

  • praveen roshan

    zmr is well made bike. it is being my ride. every one should go for will create your recognization ilove zmr and hrithik roshan

  • Amit Oza

    It is unfair to compare 150 cc with a 220+cc bike. Anyways look wise R15 has a an edge over ZMR.

  • Vineet

    Ninja is gonna rock 250cc twin cylinder parallel blocke. On road price mumbai 30,4000….

  • Vineet

    ninja comes in two colours that are lime green and black

  • Vineet

    Ninja has a top speed of 165 kmph.
    Rite now I Have R15 But In Few Days i will Be A owner Of Ninja

  • maha

    i strongly believe that in a country like india, there is lot of room for rural roads
    i have a riden r15 in hyderabad for ten days
    it looks great, unique, sporty and moves like a real beast
    but wat i felt was the seating position does nt suit well for all persons. iam 6 feet tall where this bike feels very little as such i was sitting on a mini bike. my legs and handle bar position and my spinal bending made me so uncomfortable after half an hour journey. so i hope for persons who r more than 5.8 feet r1 cant be a convinient piece.
    when read abt karizma zmr, the bike with its height positioned handle bar and good seating position may allow to njoy not only with in the city territories but can explore the true india. actually i am a regular biker who tour most of the times on bikes. i drive achiever(my brother’s) n cbz xtreme
    both have positioned handle bars. so it helped me a lot in touring. i went to kurnool a place 200kms from hyd on r15. it was fun really i enjoyed a lot but the very next day it had some effect upon me. may be i must get used to that before i take a long ride.
    i suggest
    yamaha r15 for city riders
    karizma zmr for Xploring

  • anky

    yamaha has made a masterpiece of 150cc engine
    if it gets 225 it will scare the shit out of other companies
    specially of bajaj

  • abhinav

    karizma rocks…any day better than r15 which looks like small toy bike with thin luna type tyres..

  • abhinav

    there is hell lot of difference in ride quality b/w two. karizma is strdy, strong ,stable bike.

  • sunny

    karizma is al time best,superb…
    r15 is no wer 2 b compareddd…
    haan well ZMR is nt dat cool as v expected…
    KARIZMA R still rocks !!!

  • pc420

    Hii guyzz….nice reviews abt these two hunks..!!
    but as per i think….ZMR rocks..!!!!!
    and itzz the king of the indian bikes..!!!!!

  • Reeto

    ZMR is an excellent bike. The PGM-Fi and oil cooler might not have added much to the bike’s performance but it has definitely made the engine a lot smoother. Mileage has shot up too. If I plan for a ride to Delhi from Mumbai, I would choose the ZMR for its comfort and the ability to maintain triple digit speeds for miles n miles. Also the ZMR’s suspension is better than the r15’s when riding on rough roads. Pillion comfort is also higher in case of the ZMR as compared to r15. The p220’s suspension wallows a lot and has the tendency to bottom out on rough roads with pillion.

  • pratheek

    well guys i too was planning a goodbike but iam still in dylama b/w r15 n zmr.iam 6’1′ tall and my friend had a r15.i rode it in warangal.all is ok except the sitting position.i think it doesn,t suits persons above 5’8′.we have to compramise in some aspects b’co’ if we want everything we had to go for hayabuasa rite……. so my sincere suggestion is to buy bullet????????????????????? confused………. me too when i herd the same from my friends.byeeeeeeeeee

  • rajat

    wel bros i was never so confused lik dis but finally my search for excellent bike ends with yamaha r15.i am d avid authomobil fan and after ridin both zmr ,220pulsar n yamaha i choose d best n today after 2 months m satisfied…d class lies in r15 is d handlin @125 kmph speed with hassle free brakin d sharp n gud lookin turnin posture…and spirit of true sport bike(dont mix with super bikes)its realy fun to cruise @ 100+ speed with no hasle….
    neconfusions regardin bikes do call me @ 9258736983….

  • naveen mathur

    i thk karizma is best one because some wht karizma is heighter than r15 and karizma is more cc than r15 and karizma had more speed thn r15 and i am said tht i bought r15 and now i am feeling bad

  • keval shah

    hey guys please help me out i’m confused between zmr and r15!
    i prioratize for r15 but the thin rare tyre pinches me, this is what drags my attention towards zmr …………. plz plz help me……..and may be some of you techno-devils can suggest some solution for the tyre of r15…….

  • ganesh… haPpY bykng

    dnt worry abt d tyres… r15 tyre is d grippest amoung al indian byks… but d driving pouster of r15 is not comfort fa touring….. r15 tyres never put u down easly….
    happy bykng …. dude

  • karizma all da way

    r15 is for those short people who cant handel a good bike… haha

  • Can any one tell me d best among d bikz of Zmr n R15 im a long rider of bykz once in a mnth i atleast travel lng ridz upto 300 to 500kmz so plz sugest me d best

  • Akshay

    This is for Abhinav!!! Hey Abhinav what did u say?? R15 is the bike with Luna tyres!! Hey if u r deciding to take R15 better take a Luna, it is a best suite for u. Anyways R15 rockssssssss OK & never try 2 compare it with zmr bcoz it is the worst bike i had ever seen.

  • mansi

    guys.. thanks 4 all ur views.. m sure tey r accordin to d best of ur knowledge.. bt accordin to mi.. its really unfair to compare a 150 cc bike wit 220 cc bike.. though zmr has 5 gears,n r15 has 6, zmr’s statistics tak over r15.. n commom guys, afterall tyres only makes d look of a bike complete.. u cant ignore d most manly feature of a bike..I VOTE 4 HERO HONDA KARIZMA ZMR :)wish u guys luck to make d best decision …

  • varun

    yar i think all of u r right on ur part n experiences bt if a person like me with height 5 8″,,,,,,nt travell much wants a bike n comparison is b/w zmr n r15!!!!! suggest me pls… make a compare on maintainance n mileage!!
    while giving comment pls mention for varun!!

  • Reeto Bhattacharya

    Hi Varun. I am using the Karizma ZMR since the last 2 weeks and the seating position as well as the suspension is marvellous. The looks and electricals are top notch. At your height u can accomodate on the r15 for sure, but the ZMR will make sure u are at an optimum comfort level on all road conditions. ZMR Rocks…………..

  • utkarsh

    hey guys i want u r suggestions on both of them
    i m planing to buy one of them
    my id on facebook just

  • gurtej

    karizma ZMR rocks.

  • sumit

    friends,i’ve my own tha devil ZMR!!!!!well,i do 0-60 in just 3 sec. bike pick is awosome ma byke engine now goin to be open,it can surely beat p220 n ches r15!!!!!!!1

  • Rohan jain

    Hiii m using r15 since last 1year …its rocks yr and when i drive r15 i can’t express my feelings
    when i touch 100kmph no vibrations and handling is too much smooth n from 110 to 0 hardly in 3 seconds without loosing handling & d looks of r15is so sporty my top is 140 km/ph the bike is rocks on d road and d handling of d bike is fatastic ..east or west r15 is d best its realy rocks

  • manish aka mannsa

    hey dude’s, ZMR is a monster n R15 is jus its replica. a kid. rishte mein karizma r15 ka baap lagta hai!!!! contact me @ 09941185692!

  • @ sumit
    zmr is a great bike yar,no doubt but it can’t beat 220dts-i or r15 on highways.

  • @ sumit
    zmr is a great bike yar,no doubt but it can’t beat 220dts-i or r15 on highways.220 is the fastest with top speed over 155kmph.
    r15 comes 2nd with top speed of 14okmph & zmr’s top speed is 135kmph.

  • Archangel

    Both the bikes actually belong to two different categories- Karizma ZMR is a tourer whereas the R15 is a premium track oriented sports bike. Nothing much to compare about but the Karizma ZMR takes an upper hand and a better value-for-money because although it is a tourer, it also has certain amounts of the Racing instincts. This cannot be said about R15. Its jsut all about riding hard and precise. Karizma, if equipped with a bit more potential drivetrain and low weight with sportier ergos can challenge R15 any day…………. But the upgrades mentioned are very necessary on that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vineeth M.V

    hey everyone …….
    i guess all ur suggestions are to the best of your experience…. bt i m confused a lot….
    i m planning to buy a bike ,earlier had pulsar 150 for 4 yrs ….
    now nt thnking of pulsar nymore…. the options i m keeping wid me r karizma R, yamaha fazer 150,karizma zmr and yamaha R15 … ma height is 6 ft…..
    i m nt dat comfortable wid d luks of zmr,a bit disappointed…
    some intelligent man in this world suggest me…. thnkx ……

  • @ vineeth,
    for ur height,r15 is way smaller.karizma r is old.if u wnt only looks den buy fazer otherwise buy zmr or pulsar 220f dtsi.220 is better.

  • Pranav.P.Nair

    r15 is better than zmr ia all aspects.When i toutch 90,ifeel some vibration or some uncomfortness but there is no problem for r15 & can grab 120 easily.

  • RAHuL~zmR ZmR ZmR

    abe ye chutiyon ko kya pata bike ke baare mei….dhoom kya dekh lii inko josh chada hua hei r15 hei bhai racing racing…gaand leee loo racing kii…india mei race karenge chutiye see!!!
    zmr is a royal bike and it has stunning looks !!!
    r15 is just like a toy!!!Hero honda the most reliable company in india… & also i think ZMR has upper hand in almost all the bike features….

    at a higher speed ZMR is much mor comfortable, may be as it is much heavier.ZMR has a better milage,about 6 km more for a litre.

    i have a zmr white!!! its rocking…awwsome riding!!!

    well….another one coming ninja250r by bajaj lets see how it performs…i guess lesser people will buy it..its too costly around 3 laks

  • Suraj

    Hello everyone,
    In the comparison R15 nd zmr i’ll always choose R15 becoz of its greater performance on roads as well as racing tracks. R15 is more easy to handle on any type of road coz it is lighter than zmr by 30 kgs also R15 have 6 gearsbut zmr have 5 make more vibrate when it reach about speed of 85 kmph. R15 is good looking from any side but zmr really looks bad from backside.also R15 provide liquid cooled engine, it is best for long ridings.
    R u confused in both of them i suggest u to go for R15.
    R15 Rocks !!!!!!!

  • prasad

    well, guys even am bit confused to go according to performance and comfort{as am only 5′ 9″}…… but in my quest for an ultimate……i found out that……..if it is for topspeed then it is better for one to opt to yamaha r15 rather then zmr or 220 dtsi… wer keeping in mind that money is not a barrier{atleast for one who is ready to pay less then 2 lakhs}…… yamaha released its daytona racing kit{this kit comes as an extra package, ofcourse it is legal but have to shed 65k for sure folks}….. once equipped with it…….any hard driver can cross 150kmph for sure or may be even that astonishing 100mph…….

  • vamshi

    all people have said all there experiences …….but r15 needs to be changed in its tyres.the bike looking izzz simply superb.but lags when v see the tyre is just a big personality with thin legs is an apt one….so r15 must needs to change its tyres….it must have tyres like yamahaFZ….so it can hv better sale nd better for us{customers}

  • Rishabh Mathur

    friends if you want a real complete bike than you go for the world’s best company and the king of bike world that is YAMAHA and YAMAHA R15 is the best in every where coz i hv four bikes 1st is YAMAHA RXG, Pulsar 220, KARIZMA ZMR and the coolest bike THE R15 in racing r15 is the best for stunting r15 is the best in comfort r15 is the best in looking r15 is the best in every thing r15 is the best bike if you realy want be always ahead than you go for r15.

    for more details about the r15 would you like to get than mail me at my yahoo ID

  • Dr.S.K.tiwari

    Deer Readers,
    Karizma ZMR is realy much superior than R-15. For toller person R-15 riding is punishment hence zmr is enjoyable for everybody. I am riding zmr from 9th April 2010 and coverd 1000 Km. Milage of zmr is 40-45 km per litters. Spare parts are also cheaper than R-15.By analysing everything, I found out that zmr have edge over R15. I am lucky to buy zmr and thanks to owner of Hero honda family specialy The Great Munzal. Dr. S. K. Tiwari, Bangalre. Bike No. KA-51 W 214

  • Swarn

    ZMR roxx maahnn !!!!!!!!!!

  • Astrobufff

    Dear readers, First and foremost look for a bike that will handle and behave impeccably so as to allow you to use all of its power and top speed.

  • Astrobufff

    What good is a bike that does not allow you peace of mind at higher speeds because you are always wary of its fishtailing on the brakes and the nagging fear of hitting the deck at the first emergency braking manouvre that you undertake. This undid the Pulsar 220 and the Yamaha 135 as the bikes that notoriously made the riders smell the tarmac at sudden stops from high speed.
    As somewhat of a veteran after 25 years of riding and occasionally hitting the deck, I have realised that I would prefer to pay for a good sorted suspension that PERFORMS ON BOTH HARD ACCELERATION AND HARD BRAKING and will be silky smooth in curves. I paid for the R15 and got all of these. Yes it is sluggish at low RPMs but inflate the rear tyre to 33PSI and that lag will disappear. Inflate to 35PSI and the bike becomes aggressive with a little loss of handling.Keep the engine at 3500-4500 RPM and with a slight swish of the throttle you can overtake even Innovas and Citys on curved roads because of its smooth handling. I am 6 feet tall with long arms so I have no back issues. The wrists however do ache. I loved the RX100 and this is in the same mould but faster and better and most precise in handling. I have P220 owners who rode the R15 and were astounded that the bike maintained its line and composure around fast 90kmh bends without being thrown towards the outside like the P220. Frankly it has enough power and a broad enough power band for Indian roads. Dont complain about the tyres because they are sticky rubber and do their job far better than any other. Anyway all bikers should read this page right down to the bottom should they be interested in becoming better riders

  • abhay

    Race Track: R15
    Touring: ZMR
    Strong road presence: Zmr
    Top speed: R15
    Best Comfort: Zmr
    Fuel Economy: Zmr
    State of art technology: R15

    Advantages: latest tech. Build quality, racing instinct, looks small superbike.
    Disadvantages: seating posture not good for evryone( i even didnt like that ), handle get stucked in traffic, rear look sucks…

    ADV. Hero honda’s reliablity, high torque at low rps means longer engine life, strong road presence. Heavy greeps road well, grt seating, bigger in size
    Disadv. Dispointed the expectation with new launch, long w8ing period, 5 gears only, less bhp per litre.

  • rahul

    r15 is too good nd much bett than zmr, r15 is a master piece for all indian bikes.

  • Ani

    r15 is small bike.. for kids.. not for bikers.. zmr rocks man.. r15 is the worst bike among all yamaha bikes..

    Editor Note: Can we all get a little Matured and stop Thrashing on other Bikes & Brands without any reason? @ Ani, Can u prove ur statement?

  • dharshan

    zmr is toooooooooooooo bad than old vers
    r15 sucks
    the best one is r1 the sexiest bike in the world if u r planing to buy r15 or zmr plz go for r1 collect the money and keep dont waist ucan buy r1 for 9k or just waite for 2 years r6 will be lau ….in india r1 super all other bikes sucks

    • ninja

      you think r1 is cheap. . .how can ya compare it wit r15 and karizma. . .they r the best in their category. . .ninja is an exception. . . It is a costly

  • teja

    karizma is very heavy and looking very cool and about r15 is weight less and looking very cool but if we fell from the r15 the will become chooora chooora . both are good only.

  • Abhijan


    I had a talk with yamaha showroom manager here in hyderabad….he said clearly that R15 racing kit is not road legal

  • Akhil

    As far as karizma zmr and R15 are concerned R15 is way ahead….
    At first,you might feel that comparing 150 cc and 223 cc is not fare..but with yamaha’s delta box engine..its surely a fare comparison..
    Coming to the looks.karizma looks kinda tachy machine designed in some kinda rush…
    wheres Yamaha R15 looks like a true sports bike just like its mom R1 specially because of the Graphics…although u might find R15 tyres too thin but this is all for the performance..

    Well coming to the performance..both R15 n zmr reaches 60 km/hr in lil more then 3 sec..
    But when you put more pressure on the engine and speed upto 100 km/h…u feel the difference”
    beleive me zmr stands nowhere..

    coming to mileage zmr gives u an average of bout 25-30 km/l
    and R15 is way ahead with 40 km/l coz of its 150 cc engine

    Concluding my review,I must say R15 is a true mean machine with a small but smart engine to give u performance of a 220 cc bike,looks a 1000cc bike and average of a 150 cc bike..

  • Sathyan

    And yeah.. I do agree dat R15 has got d sports look..!! but wud hav been nice if only it was jus bigger in size…!! and handling.. for race.. d Handling of d R15 outweighs all other Indian Bikes(except Ninja250) but for cruising and city touring… Karizma always has its lead in handling !!! as for top speed… both almost cross 140+… but d 223cc engine beast does it much faster dan d yamaha r15 !! The 150cc R15.. is BEST BIKE among Apache 160,180… Pulsar 150,180.. Unicorn.. Gs150r..Cbz extreme.. Hunk.. FZ..Fazer..etc..!! but can never b compared to P220 nd d Karizma !! the 220 nd the 225 are d rivals.. R15 can never compete wit them !! 😀

  • akshay singh

    i own r15 frm past 1year n all i wanna say is the byk is jus awsum the handling n grip of the byk at the top speed is jus tooo gud n wen compared to zmr r15 rulez man….zmr is jus waste of tym n it has no comparision with r15n 1 mre thng wat i wanna tl is r15 is jus 150cc byk n it gvez a gr8 compition 2 odr bykz lyk karizma n pulsar n if yamaha wld hav instald a larger cc engine den r15 wld be the king of all bykz in india though it is coz ppl think tat it lacks cc engine…..n all wat i wanna tl is r15 is the best……

  • Reeto

    Hi. A lot of pros stated above with regards to the r15. But one major con is riding comfort. R15 can never compete the ZMR in terms of rider and pillion comfort. The r15 might be hoot on race tracks but on city roads, its the ZMR which stands out.

  • Reeto

    Hi. I own a Karizma ZMR and believe me, the top speed is barely 122 kmph that too, when u bend down hard to avoid wind rsistance. The fourth gear can take u to 114 kmph at full throttle but the fifth gear is a big disappointment. I have time n again consulted Hero Honda service centre regarding the same issue but they say that the Karizma R was better wrt top speed, the ZMR is meant for the low and mid range enthusiasts. The ZMR is also way too bulky for its 223cc engine and being a fuel-injected bike, one cannot carry out possible modifications to it except for changing the sprocket which will give a better top end but compromise on pick-up. The Karizma R is a far better model, hits 130 kmph comfortably with pillion in stock condition. So pls dont waste your hard earned income on a ZMR. Better go for Karizma R or the R15.

  • varma

    Karizma ZMR rocks with 225 cc …yamaha R15 just 150cc
    zmr is for 6feet “Handsome”
    where as R15 is for 5 feet “Dwarfs”

  • Prudhvi raj masapu

    see guys. . . All of u r living in cities not on race tracks. . .if zmr and r15 goes on roads.everyones eyes would turn along with zmr. . Not r15. . .
    Where would u go at a speed of 130. In cities.
    Police wont start clapping and cheering u they would take u down and fine u. . . What that matters is the look. .
    Zmr rocks in cities(in looks). . .on highways(comfort). . .
    So better bike is zmr. . .
    Zmr rocks. . . It is the bike that makes the chicks love a boy when he is riding.. . .

    • ak

      r u mad????no one looks at zmr when their is hot r15….!!its jus suprb…!!zmr is like …!!kahase plastic uthake idhar udhar lagaya…..!! aja teri zmr leke mai bi meri red hot r15 lata phir dekhte kisko dekhte log…!1sirf bolnese kuch nai hota ji….!! nd pllzzz go on facebook and chk the pages of r15 nd zmr….!!pata chalega baap kon or beta kon…!!heheh:P:P:P

  • wasim

    all the peoples against R15, need to know that thin tyres r not the problem for bike lover’s of US & many other asian countries, it’s just a complete problem with we indians who basically focus on looks, and R15 gives a better road grip than zmr even with it’s thin tyres.
    and for the people comparing the cc’s, they need to know dat more the cc lesser will be the pickup, RX100 is the bst eg for biker’s do not hesitate, jus go 4 R15.

  • Suyog Dixit

    hii all,
    Why we all are quarreling here?? We are not the marketers of any specific company 😉
    According to me R15 is best just because you can imagine which has the best technology??
    every bike compared here have similar powers/speed/etc.

    Now think, R15 is just equipped with 150 cc rather than bulky 233/220 cc which will take obviously more fuel. So I think R15 is most efficient bike.

    HH’s every bike in every category always have lesser acceleration with less mileage. But better resale.

    Bajaj’s bikes will give best acceleration with fuel efficiency in every category.

    I am doubtful about Yamaha as I never tried it.

    But after a deep study of every bike, test driving, after reading many blogs, websites, many videos, consultation of technicians, mechanics, mechanical engineers, resalers, after sale service, bike owners, I AM GOING TO BUY R15 TODAY…

  • akshay singh

    r15 is the baap of all bykz jus thnk a byk nly wid 150cc engine performing so vl n cn defeat karizma zmr at top speedz dn if yamaha releases a 200 cc byk dn sab byk ka vaat lag jayega r15 rockz yamaha rockz……..

  • Both r nice bikes…….both r best in its category..In technology Yamaha rocks…in price tag HH rocks……..HH rocks in some reasons & Yamaha rocks in some reasons

  • Reeto

    Friends……..the r15 is a helluva machine. Absoloutely brilliant at high speed cornering. The tyres are soft compound so they stick to the roads very well. But it lacks the potential of a tourer as torque is pretty low, its only the BHP that helps

  • Reeto

    Incomparison with the r15, the ZMR is better in terms of higher torque and comfortable seating posture. Looks of the ZMR will always work for it. But the ZMR lacks the top end power which is ample in the r15. At 110 kmph, the ZMR feels stressed out and one feels the lack of a 6th gear as the ZMR’s gear ratios are way too short. The Karizma R is the best tourer around in my opinion (probably the last of Hero Honda’s stalwarts as the Company is splitting with Honda). The P220 is in my opinion a brilliant machine with power all across the rev range. An able rider on a p220 can lose the R15 in his rear view mirror pon the Autobahn. Also the P220 is the best bang for buck. This is purely my opinion and is open to criticism/arguments if any.

  • Mahi

    yar main zmr k saath hoon …….bcoz its gr8 luk , gr8 gr8 gr8 ………..

  • though u people telling zmr as tourer ,cruisher… does not contain liquid cooled its oil cooled i think……in longer rides r15 is best but not in dirty roads zmr go cause of its higher wheelbase{hey guys if anything wrong correct me….i not rided both zmr & R15….i rided old karizma & fz-s of YAMAHA}

  • Reeto

    @Pratheep S – Pls work on ur lingusistic skills. Ur comment sounds like u have just passed out of primary school. Do ride both the bikes under discussion and then post ur expert comments. There is nothing called an oil-cooled engine. It’s a vertical type oil cooler which allows the engine oil to collect and cool in a seperate chamber by air post which the oil percolates to the engine. The ZMR is helpless against the power-to-weight ratio of the r15 and hence cannot compete the r15 in terms of performance and handling. Comfort-wise, the ZMR scores over the r15.

    • pratheep

      u suggestions r welcome

  • shanu

    wait for pulsar 300

  • alex

    i had p220 dtsi (KL 56 B 8961) n i used it for 6 mntz after 5mnthz some sound change frm da engine it irritates really n some sound frm front fairing i was having a p150 for 5yrz i think datz i felt so boring wid p220 itz pulling is da best thing, no one cn beat 220 u juz need to knw hw to throttle it, one thing i cn sure u is abt da qulity itz not up to da mark b’coz i used to go srvz centr once in a week, i cnt explain everything nw i sold it for 67k n booked r15 cnt wait apco yamaha make it fast

  • alex

    da best thing abt p220 is itz headlights , 21 bhp u cn feel it wen u throttle ,it pulls well in high speeds too, mileage 40km per ltr(bt ma frnd is getin only 30) itz all abt luck wen u buyin bajaj bykz he he , it is smoother dan old karizma r, n 152 kg of byk feels heavier dan zmr’z 159kg,
    da worst thing abt p220 is u cnt ride it wen raining or da road is wet he he
    all da mud n watter on da road wil b on ur pants n on ur foot

  • alex

    i brought p220 b’coz of itz raw power nw i realised power doesn’t mean satisfaction ..
    a powerfull byk also needs lotz of things datz lack in p220. frst – handling- smoothness – problem free – quality – solidness – technology – fuel injection system – uniqueness – etc am not satisfied wid p220 it getz bored so fast, nt abt everyone bt me
    so nw am tryin r15

  • rajan

    hey everyone bcoz of its size only r15 has its power nd all bt have u ever thught of zmr’s power????awesome…….thy say dat r15 beats zmr only in r15 is a coustomized bike by italy…….so zmr is nt for racing nd if it is on straight race track its surely beats r15…….nd dats for sure…..

  • Reeto

    The P220 is a Bajaj product and lets accept the fact, is not a hassle-free bike. But it will satisfy the performance bug in you. Features are brilliant, esp the headlights which makes night riding comfortable and safe. P220 also has awesome road grip, thanks to the MRF soft compound tyres. I dunno whts the issue with its handling coz I find it very confident in corners.
    @alex – My P220 is definitely smooth. Faring vibes are present but one can choose to ignore that. The seating posture is great, no backaches at all. Use a synthetic engine oil (bajaj 10000 DTSi or a Castrol) and the engine will run amazingly smooth. Get the foundation bolts tightened, that will bring down faring vibes level. Fuel Injection system is not necessarily a great thing to have, carbs can be easily tuned as per requirement.

  • alex

    Reeto u r ryt i noticed some p220 is really smooth bt some vibz a lot .
    i checked it frm service center some byk that done 15k km vibz .
    n i dnt blame bajaj for diz coz itz smoother than karizma r n p220 havin a 21bhp of raw power n itz smoother dan karizma r unbelievable .
    i dnt knw abt zmr …
    itz too bulky

  • Reeto

    @alex – I owned a ZMR from March 2010 to July 2010 and trust me, it wasn’t a good experience. The ZMA was quicker than my ZMR on a straight highway patch. Also the ZMR had pathetic tyres, the rear skids under hard braking. The only good aspects were 45 km/litre fuel economy in the city and 50 km/litre on highways. The ZMR was a total waste of hard-earned money. The HH service engineer was unable to sort out the issues. The P220 is far better. Try the MOTUL 15W50 imported engine oil on your P220. Also ask the Service Centre to adjust the carb to a richer mixture. That will sort things out for u.

    • alex

      Reeto …..bro i sold ma p220 for 67k and now i booked (sunset red) r15 i’ll get it with in two weekz i read lots of review n i think it vil b a gud byk (hope)

      • Reeto

        That’s great. The R15 motor is rev-happy sWish u all the best. Do follow the speed limits strictly during the running-in period. Ride safe.

      • Reeto

        Hey alex. how old was your p220. 67k is a pretty decent price u got for it.

      • alex

        ma p220 was 6mnthz n 7400km ……..

      • ak

        hey alex surly u vl satisfied with r15….!!yamaha roxxxzzzzzzz bro…..!!!!ride nd tell hw its feell….!!! dnt eva buy tat zmr ….!!its lyk plastic toy…..!!! boaring design….!!
        @reeto sabko pata chala yaar tune kab bike khridi….!!bass itna karna plzz r15 chala bachhe…..!! and plzzz tel sumthin elzz…!!aapke sab comments same hi lagte hai….!!sorryyy bt its fact…!! :P:P

  • alex

    tnx bro……

    • R15 owner MH.05.AY.55

      Superb bike…
      i juz hv no wrdss…….
      i myself own a p220 n R15 both….
      R15 is baap…n i hv touched 146kmph..

  • farhaz

    please tell me which bike is faster r15 or zmr

    • ranjit

      hey farhaz,

      pls see ma comment at the date november 13,2010
      it could help u

  • Reeto

    @ Farhaz The r15 is quicker than the ZMR in terms of top speed. The r15 is also a lot more stable than the ZMR under hard braking. ZMR’s performance is heavily affected by strong head-winds but the r15 does well in all weather conditions.

  • sahil

    zmr bike very best r15 also best

  • ranjit

    i had a pulsar 200 as well as a pulsar 220 F but 200 is more and much good (i look for top speed only )
    pulsar 200-134 kmph
    pulsar 220 F-152 kmph
    but holy shit i got a R15 2 days ago it was mind blowing
    YAMAHA R15-147 kmph
    but dont even think about ZMR my friend is crying of buying ZMR
    HH ZMR-130 kmph

  • Dion

    I’ve had the R15 for more than a year now and recently clocked 17000 kms. When on rides we exchange bikes and thats when u really feel the difference of the yammie. The 220 got power no doubt but the faired version is too stiff. I personally prefer the new 220 with the old design,it handels better. the FZ, Fazer….too less power beyond 6000rpm, the Avenger is a very comfy tourer but not for sharp hairpin turns , same with the ZMR, big, huge bulky…all in all a great tourer…not for fast riding though….The R15 just smokes the rest….on curves and thats where it really matters right.

  • r15 rocks me

  • ninja is best than any bike of india

  • akash

    hai guys
    I am planning to buy a yamaha r15 and i wish to know the milage of r15 (said by yamaha and actual getting milage)
    Please help me?

    • R15 owner MH.05.AY.55

      Mah bike give me an average of 35 kmpl…
      company says 42kmpl
      GO for R15…..

      • CNK

        Yes I now own R15 for last 3 months now.
        Very very good handling, top speed. Superb.

  • satch

    i have 4 bikes p220 karizma zmr bullet elektra and R15…nothing beats the r15..

  • augwin

    zmr is the best now
    r15 is 115000
    Zmr is 104000

  • saad binjad

    aree….. yaaarr….zmr is the best bike,Yes
    a good looking bike,its result is also perfect,and most important thing is when u ride it ur persnality looks great and hot.
    and rider looks like very Royal person.
    So don’t think much go for ZMR.

  • Reeto

    @ Saad – The only bike i know of which makes one feel ROYAL is the Royal Enfield. With regards to comfort, one cannot compare the Bullet with any other Indian bike. I owned a ZMR and now ride a Bullet Electra 5s.

    @ Satch – Pls don’t degrade/demean the Royal Enfield by comparing it with an R15. The R15 is for wannabe college kids whereas the Bullet is for MEN.

  • jatin

    first of all i think hh doing cheating vd us coz they provide 220cc ingine vd 125km/h. & yamaha provides us 145km/h vd only 150cc u can judge that whr is the remaine 75cc of ZMR.Yamaha always ahead in race & comfort. i also tried both bikes bt yamaha nver diasppoint me really.

  • kartik

    i think r15 is best ratherthan karizma zma
    r15 rulzzzzzzzzz


    R 15 is the best bike in india. having gr8 racing skill. no other bike can beat it……..

  • anil sultaan

    r15 is much better for all of. bcz it maintain personility
    i like it bcz

  • prajay

    i m planning to buy a new bike…..i m confused in karizma zmr or yamaha r15 …….tell me which is better.specifications wise and over all performance.whats the average of both the bikes

  • Abhinav Bhattacharya

    hey karizma lovers!u all commute!stop commuting…n start sports biking…yes yamaha!i love my r15!r15 rocks!

  • vishal

    r15 looks like bulbul ka bacha….awumaha…n in powr also it rocks…

  • vijay

    hai guys
    I am planning to buy karizma zmr and i wish to know the actual milage of zmr not company milage
    Please help me?

  • karizma rules

    zmr is realy very strong… comfort… speedy… dignified… zmr is not 4 everyone, its nly 4 those who can understand bikes… zmr is very kool and can hit 500km a day easily… its top speed is around 138kmph… its really very loving… KARIZMA ZMR RULES!!!!

  • manu

    i like r15 too much and in my choice r15 is good for racing

  • Ashutosh kumar

    karizma zmr is better than r15 in milege,grip on road n sustainability.r15 is good for those who have the height less than 5.10inches,not for taller one.

  • yes yamaha

  • Saurabh

    Regularly use Karizma-R 2yr old and really enjoy the ride in both city and highways. Get around 35kmpl in mixed driving (occasional bursts to leave behind other bikes and then slow down for safety reasons).

    As bikes are totally personal choice, in my opinion, ZMA is good for experienced bikers before finally going for Royal Enfield. R-15 is for younger bikers needing to race anytime. I like the revving of R15 and going over 100kmph. Drive safe..Peace.

  • sunil

    Can anyone make us know abt the onroad price of both ZMR and R15, Comparing price is also an essentional thing……

    • dinesh

      zmr price 1,08,000 and R15 costs 1,17,000

  • dinesh

    hey guys….i have ZMR, but it reaches only 121kmph………… what i have 2 do 2 increase its speed…….pls tell yar… my e-mail ID is (
    pls suggest something

  • zain amed

    hey i like yamaha r15 but i confuse of karizma zmr plzzzzzzzzz help mee

  • akash

    zmr front and rear disc size is more than r15.
    front rear
    zmr 276mm 240mm
    r15 260mm 230mm

  • kon sa bike lu yaaro m very very confused.Sabhi bike mein kuch na kuch demerits hai hi..koi 1 bike mein sab kuch nahi mil sakta….therefore i think i should go for ZMR.

    • Krishna Kanth

      Hi Sidhu..
      me too in the same fel of having a bike that posses everything in it.

      fortunately after a long wait just had gone with the ZMR.
      booked it and will get it soon.
      shall expect a wonder bike again…

      • cool khan

        r15 version 2.0 is gud bike top speed is 147kph

    • kuldeep

      are yar m b r15 chala raha hu u should go wid r15

  • akramnirala

    hi brother sidhu, there will be always some demerits in every bike..
    i suggest you it is better you may purchase “yamaha R1” which cost i think nearby 14 LACS INR
    but for your knowledge it has also some demerit. Plz dont mind…..

  • nathan

    r15 is the bike i buy it last month its awesome top speed 141kmph but its like small bike so i gave that bike to my i am going to buy pulsar220.already i have thing is that pulsar rockssssssssssss……………

  • thejoemaya

    Firstly sorry for what i am going to say….

    i have tried all the three…zmr,r15 & p220….then felt this…

    if u are the financer of ur bike then go for zmr/r15 …p220 too low on mileage…& very less reselling value.
    if u r an urban rider go for zmr.
    if u r a speed/highway rider – r15/zmr/p220
    if u r a techi rider – r15/zmr
    if u r a tourer only zmr
    zmr perfect for balance,ergonomics,brake power,any height rider (am 5’5″)…

    zmr can be rode from “jannat se jahannam tak”.

    when u drive everyday for 40-50km,u will seldom need speed but would need comfort.

    dont go on looks/techie/speed…try to find ur need.

  • malthesh

    zmr can`t beat yamaha r15 dude……so always yes yamaha

  • Gost rider

    Thxxx bro…,aftr very long srching and finding…….i find zrm is better for …….
    1..Becouse it gives good milage of 45 to 60 at least 37 is maintance free …..rough and tough bike…..thn other……as it belongs to hero honda..’ suit everyones poket…..
    As i am teenager……i have save some pennies….for bike……..thn after very long wait and disscussion ..i am going for zmr’
    4….,it has a smooth engine…’
    i can 100s of miles every day’
    5….it suits my personality…..earlier i was going for r15 but it has short structure..’
    6……..yaar..,as i m a teen zmr suits my personality…….i not a bulshit streat racer……start racing with every body like hell’………….but i need power to look powerfull at city , rough forrest road,and shit brakers …..,
    6…,honda needs to update 2009 zmr version with new…
    …..’zmr will feels u as a biker even when petrol cost comes around 120rs…….:’
    and r15 does not give good milage when u use rough..,and above 70
    7..,it has packed chain ….ressistent from dust….and out looks protect ur legs in accident…….

    Cbr is good but vry poor milage……….rough engine…,
    not for teen like me…’….

    Earlier …i used to hate zmr but its good……’

  • Ezhil

    yamaha R15 is great….

  • kuldeep

    all cool boys like r15 & all stupis like zmr
    zmr jabardasti gond se chipkayi hui lagti h

  • Saket

    R15 is better because it is installed with loads of new technology copied from R1(from motoGP).
    And now in R15 V2 there is wider rear and front tyres and Aluminum Swingarm for better traction.
    ZMR is good but now it is old school.

  • i am 5’10 tall…..i prefer to get r15 version 2.0…..which is so hot…..but i am so scared whether it suits for my height are not?? pl some one suggest me…..

    • Mohit

      I suggest r15 is the best one as campare to zmr or pulsur bcz when we drive r15 it’s feel Gud it’s totally feel u drive a sports bike on the other Hand in pulsar or zmr not have feeling of sports bike it’s feel simple bike like Honda shine r15 have a great cntrol it Stops easily r15 donot skit I have a r15 dude believe me it’s rocking people have problem of r15 tyre u can change the tyre u can shift the back tyre in the front on the back u can take 140no. Of tyre happy

  • sohail

    karizma zmr can defeat r15 in sec !!!ZMR!!!!is awesome

  • vishal

    r15 is best for ever than zmr…… but both has same average 30-35 kmph thats why i will go for r15,,,,,,,
    next zmr has sporty look from front side but not from back side,,,,,,,,,
    when u drive everyday for 40-50km,u will seldom need speed but would need comfort.

  • James

    Over all as comparing the bikes- pulsar 220,zmr,r15 n apache.. i’ll say r15 is the best ever…in every thing..comparing to the technologies,styling..acceleration n top speed..the other bikes are also cool but not as better than r15…
    n as we ol knw dt R15 is the first fully occupied sports bike of india

  • karthik

    Hi guy’s…my height is 5.8 inch..litl bit fat…i’m confs to choos zmr or r15…..guy’s can any one help to right decision.plz..

  • Varun

    I wanna sell my r15 red colour bike scratchless cndtn new tyres, meter 13000kms ,model November 2010 price 80000, AP09 CC 4299 ,single owner,cnct me 9502309505.

  • Edwin

    Karizma ZMR is the best…you can’t say it is bulky,it’s a Sport tourer man,where can you get another sport tourer for 1,10,000 Rs you won’t.A sport tourer is a bike which combines the qualities of a sport bike as well as a tourer and you can’t say Fazer is a sport tourer it’s just a tourer bike,and for a sport tourer it’s important to have a big full cover fairing and that’s why zmr has that fairing,which also add to it’s looks.

  • bibin eldho

    In my opinion r15 is the best for a goodlooking guy.

  • bibin eldho

    zmr-poor engine,i mean is not good for rough drive.hero honda is not at all innovative to compare with yamaha.

  • Yash

    hi i m yash..i have bike agency of bajaj …..butt my bike is R15…It’s more beter then any bikes ..r15 is best bandhu

  • p3arl

    r15 can easily touch 160km/h with daytona kit no one can catch this sexy baby karizma sucksssssssssssssssss………..

  • Vishal

    i can see too many loosers putting their ass up for karizma.
    Loosers are u comparing Hero vs YAMAHA ??

    you loosers, are u ready for a race with a fucking 150cc bike of a hero vs R15?
    btw, comparing karizma with r15 shows there are somewhat same whatsoever is the cc of the engine.
    karizma cant even touch the YAMAHA R15 in pick up or top speed.
    r15 – 0-60 – 3.5 secs
    r15 top speed – 145kmph (without daytona)
    karizma – 0-60- 3.8 secs
    karizma top speed- 125kmph

    anyone , anyday, anytime i m up for the race.
    u will end up in your pants by loosing to a 150cc.. lol… loosers

    karizma is upgraded from a 150cc bike
    and r15 is downgraded from a 1000cc bike with similar frame.

    YES ! YAMAHA !

  • Shaan

    ZMR is my first bike and now I am using R15… Coming into the comparison both bikes are best. ZMR is best for the person who is above 5.8 ft tall and from the front the byk is best at her style… Its best for long drive… and R15 is the best byk for younger generation… Indian girls toh marti hai is byk pe… I got 80 and above proposal after i started riding this in mah area… Sending me a email if u lyk mah post @