Karizma ZMR Faces Availability & Spare Parts Crunch

Almost every bike faces initial hitches for a few months, but when these months turn 12, it becomes a problem. It has almost been a year since Hero Honda launched the fuel injected premium offering based on Karizma R’s engine, Karizma ZMR but the company is having a torrid time keeping issues regarding the bike at bay.

A few months back many people turned to us to report that showroom people are quoting as high as six months waiting period for the bike. We also had our realtime encounters when a showroom in Pune gave us a waiting time of more than 3 months and he also added a word ‘tentative’ in the end. In remote areas situation is even worse when people are still waiting for their booked bikes even after 3 months. Although the bike has been launched in 5 colors but under such circumstances people are opting for whichever color appears sooner. There were even rumors about discontinuation of the most liked ‘white’ color of the bike. The initial batch owners also reported overheating issues from the engine along with few niggling issues.

As we had thought, things were getting fine with time as the waiting period came down, bikes were being made available in required colors; existing & new owners are facing grave problems getting spare parts for their bikes. Service center guys have no clue as to what is happening inside the company. Even very basic regular stuff like rear view mirrors, tightening screws, fairing parts, sensors etc are taking unexpected times for arrival and many items have no date of arrival. Even repeated mails and calls to the company customer care are not yielding any fruitful results. Adding to the woes is the lack of skills of Hero Honda servicemen in resolving and working on Fuel Injected engines and sensors-filled electrical of the advanced bike.

This and a little more of this have left many ZMR owners in a tizzy about the product and the company itself. Even we are a little flummoxed about the possible cause of this after so many months of the bikes launch. Is it a created ploy to promote Karizma-R? We don’t know but Hero Honda should take onus of all these issues and give due heed to buyers who are paying them over 1 lakh rupees which is more that 2 splendors sold! Did you face any similar problem with your ZMR, share with us in the Comments section.

– Saad Khan