John Abraham Gets a Personalized FZ-S v2; Yamaha Flags Off Mission 10000 km

Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd has used a unique riding experience to promote its newly launched FZ Version 2.0. The Mission 10,000km was flagged off by the brand ambassador and Bollywood star John Abraham and Miss India 2014 Koyal Rana at India Gate, in the backdrop of National Stadium.

John-Abraham's-personalized-FZ-S-V2 (2)

Participants will go through a ride of self-discovery on board their FZ-S FI Version 2.0 as they try to discover the true depths of the land that we call our home- India. The essence of the ride is to instill a feeling of brotherhood among the biker community at large and encourage safe and responsible riding habits among the youth of the country.

Traditionally bikers have been associated with the ‘bad boy’ image, yes, who doesn’t remember Marlon Brando on his motorcycle! Events like this will surely go down a long way in changing this negative image which people have associated bikers with.

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The company, with its youth centric products is also aiming to encourage the concept of touring as a leisure activity in the country. The concept of touring is still at a very nascent stage in the country. Premium manufacturers who have only recently made their entry into India have done a great deal for promoting touring, but mass market catering companies, like Yamaha, venturing into this is surely a very encouraging sign for the Indian biking fraternity.

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Yamaha also gifted John Abraham a special edition of the bike designed specifically for him which even bears his signature. An elated and surprised John, accepted the bike with a huge grin on his face.

Yamaha-Mission-10000 (1)

Mission 10,000km, which is being promoted by Yamaha in an active collaboration with Zeegnition, in their attempt to discover a whole new meaning of India, will be divided into two teams of ten riders each. One team will head towards the east while one will head to west. They will finally meet at Chennai to end the ride.

List of Riders for Mission 10,000!

Here is the list of all the riders…

S.No. City Name Age
1 Mumbai Gururaj rao 22 yrs
2 Mumbai Niraj Raviya 27 yrs
3 Mumbai Nigel Fox 26 yrs
4 Mumbai Gaurav Nadkarni 25 yrs
5 Mumbai Vikas Gor 23 yrs
6 Mumbai Vishal Katoch 27 yrs
7 Hyderabad Mihir Chadha 20 yrs
8 Hyderabad Shivam Sharma 22 yrs
9 Pune Ishank 27 yrs
10 Pune Jaydeep Shinde 22 yrs
11 Pune Tanveer Taj 23 yrs
12 Kolkata Evewin Lakra 27 yrs
13 Kolkata Hiranmoy Mahanto 21 yrs
14 Bangalore Uddipan Doley 26 yrs
15 Delhi Arpan 24 yrs
16 Delhi Mohit 24 yrs
17 Delhi Prabjot 20 yrs
18 Chandigarh Naman Parti 21 yrs
19 Pune Anis 24 yrs
20 Pune Rohan 34 yrs