CB Unicorn 160 Outsells Gixxer in January 2015 Sales

Honda launched their new Unicorn 160 in India in December 2014, however sales have only begun recently. And according to the official sales data we have with us, CB Unicorn 160 has sold more units in January 2015 than the latest heart-throb of the segment, Gixxer.


According to SIAM, the official industry body of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, Unicorn 160 sold 6,354 units of the bike last month and in comparison, Gixxer’s tally for the complete month of January was 5,541 units, which gives the Honda a lead of about 800 units.

Make no mistake in considering that Gixxer’s sales were affected or are slowing down. To give you an idea, Gixxer sold 5,168 units in December 2014. Both these motorcycles individually outsell all the four 150ccs from Hero ‘combined’!

Honda produced a total of 7029 units of Unicorn 160 whereas Suzuki produced 6888 units of their Gixxer in January 2015. Apart from their domestic sales numbers we have mentioned above, Suzuki exported 315 Gixxers and Honda exported a single unit of their Unicorn 160.


There is not much to be read between the lines since these are initial times for the bigger Unicorn and we expect sales to settle at 3000 units a month or lesser after the hoopla dies down.

And then we also have the Next-Gen Pulsar 150NS coming to hunt down the competition in a few months time. So, it will only get interesting in the coming times. Keep tuned for more interesting sales data articles coming your way… In case you want to know any specific sales numbers, do ask us in the comments below.

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