ISI Mark Becomes Mandatory For Tyres In India

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued an order on Quality Control for Pneumatic tyres and tubes for automotive vehicles. This order enables the common man, the assurance that his tyres are met with the standards prescribed by BIS and are hence non-defective.

This order comes into effect from 9th of May. However, tyres that were manufactured before May 1st will not fall under this restriction.

Any dealer should not sell imported tyres and those selling the same without ISI certification would be fined.

About a month back, I remember reading a piece of news in The Business Line stating that Indian tyre makers are facing a stiff competition against Chinese tyre manufacturers. People prefer them owing to low price despite knowing the fact that they are not reliable in terms of quality. I get this information as a follow up of that.

Now even the reputed tyre makers from other nations such as Pirelli, Michelin, Yokohoma, and Continental…etc need to adhere to ISI standards and bear the mark of the same.