Is this How the Suzuki GSX R250 Will Look Like?

The world after a long time seems to be focusing their energies in on the quarter litre market. First the R25 and now the CBR 250RR. While the latter is more of a track centric premium tool, the R25 is more of a daily use motorcycle. But wait, aren’t Kawasaki and Suzuki too expected to bring their new quarters? Well, look what we have here, leaked sketches of what seems to be Suzuki’s upcoming 250 cc bike. So is this how the GSX R250 looks?

Sketch images have been leaked by the folks at AMCN, an Australian motorcycle centric website, giving how the upcoming motorcycle may look. The moment one looks at it, clear resemblance of the fuel tank with the smaller Gixxer is instantly noticeable. The standard forks and swingarm hint that the motorcycle will focus primarily on affordability.

Suzuki GSX R250 a

Powering the GSX R250 seems to be the twin cylinder mill from the Inazuma which in the naked churns out 24.12 bhp of maximum power at 8,500 rpm and 22 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm. Yes, the figures do not seem much but expect the engine to be slightly tuned to churn out a few more horses. The mill also seems to have been slightly modified to fit inside the fairing. Refinement levels though will be top notch and the butter smooth nature of the mill will be an added treat.

Suzuki GSX R250 b

If Suzuki manages to localise this in India, they can price it at a really competitive mark. A tourer centric setup cannot be ruled out making it an ideal option against the single pot CBR 250R. What we would have ideally loved from Suzuki though is a 250 cc single for India which would further bring down the price. But hey, if Suzuki can price this well, and not like the Inazuma fiasco, we might have a real good motorcycle to look forward to!