Is that the New R6 Yamaha is Teasing for Intermot?

The famed engineers at Yamaha seem to be getting ready to get the new R6 out. In a teaser video released the Japanese bike maker is all set to dazzle us with the long-awaited facelift of the middleweight so many of us had plastered on our walls. And guess what, you won’t have to wait long, for the date has been set for Intermot, that is, October 4, 2016!

The teaser video sadly does not reveal anything about the bike but leaves us with a promise of an exciting product. From what we gather, the new R6 will not be a minor nip and tuck job. A new chassis, suspension setup and new electronic aids to play around with. While a new engine might not be what Yamaha have in mind, we do not believe it to be as advanced as the one on the new R1.


Selling middleweight 600s have become a tough task. Even the famed Honda CBR 600RR is set to be axed because of lack of sales. A litre class, for most manufacturers, is only slightly expensive. Imagine all the extra performance from a litre class! Therefore, there is a possibility, that the new R6 may not after all be a technological wonder.


The sound though! While it does sound like a four pot, more on that can be confirmed only later. The present 4 pot 599 cc setup churns out 123.7 PS of maximum power at 14,500 rpm and 65.7 Nm of torque peaking at 10,500 rpm. Well, let’s wait and see what the next R6 has!