Bajaj Teases New ‘Eclipse’ & It is NOT Pulsar N160!

Bajaj teasing upcoming Pulsar on their social media… A general belief is that one of the new smaller Pulsars is coming. But that’s not what it is…

So, for the past few days, Bajaj Auto’s social media handles have been teasing something ominous. 

It all started with a collage of full moon, which slowly is being ‘eclipsed’ by the shadow of the passing Earth. Adding to the mystery is the caption “The Eclipse has taken over” mentioned on the main bio of Bajaj Pulsar’s official Instagram page. 

So, what is it?? Is Bajaj teasing a new Pulsar named ‘Eclipse’?? Or is it a new colour for the existing Pulsars?? Some online reports claim and suggest that the company is trying to build a hype of its next, smaller Pulsars that have been spotted testing earlier. It is a Pulsar but not the ‘smaller’ Pulsars that many of you believe…

Bajaj Ominously Teasing ‘Eclipse’ On Their Social Media Pages

Diving deeper into the official Instagram page of Pulsar, we can find convincing clues that can yield accurate answers. 

The first clue helpful in solving this mystery is the hashtags the company is using. 

In their recent teaser images, Bajaj have been using various hashtags surrounding and related to the Eclipse name. ‘#Eclipse, #P250Eclipse, #Pulsar250’ are the most prominent ones used, clearly indicating that the teaser is directly related to their recently introduced new-generation Pulsar F250 & N250 motorcycles

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The second clue is the symbolic ‘Darkness’ covering the shine of the full-moon. 

Go back to your younger years of love and/or infatuation for the Pulsars. The years of the ‘Definitely Male’, ‘DTS-i ka jadoo’ and the Pulsar 220F. What is the ‘One’ unique feature/element you remember on all these Pulsars??  

The ‘Black’ shade/colour. 

All the iconic Pulsars from our past have that one dark Black shade or colour scheme that gave them their own unique and menacing identity. These Black paint scheme had the glossy treatment which made them hide during the night and shine when light hit them. 

We think Bajaj is bringing the same menacing Black paint scheme for the new Pulsar 250 Twins. Furthermore, we expect the new dark colour to be offered as a new variant named ‘Eclipse’ and will be sitting at the top of the P250 lineup. 

Presently, the Pulsar 250 twins are only offered in three colours – Caribbean Blue, Racing Red and Techno Grey. The only colour lacking is the iconic Black of the Pulsars. 

Bajaj have also launched an Official ‘Dawn of Eclipse’ teaser page where they are teasing the arrival of the ‘Eclipse’ 

We are patiently waiting for the Eclipse to take over completely…

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