Introducing LetsRide24x7: The Offbeat Motorcycle & Car Travel Organizers & Tour Crafters

Motorcycling or let us aptly put it as – ‘Leisure riding’ is on the rise in our country and it will only continue to grow with the appetite for adventure-soliciting souls increasing in number. And couple this with the targeted and better tech-laden motorcycles we are getting every other month. What if someone can plan an adventure tour for you so that you just have to ride and chill and everything is taken care of….


One of our friend has launched a new venture called as LetsRide24x7 which caters to motorcycle and car tours. Some of them can be custom-made or crafted as per your needs as well! All this at reasonable costs! This season’s tours are coming up and we have briefed them at the end of this intro article… Let us hear from them directly then…

Letsride24x7 is an association of ardent motorcycle riders/explorers and adventure enthusiasts which came in existence in 2012. Letsride24x7 offers a verity of Adventurous and Leisure activities with a flavour of RAW adventure. With a wide variety of Long and short tours mixed with camping, backpacking, cycling, motorcycling, Jeep safaris and other adventure activities for the enthusiasts Letsride24x7 offers one of a kind experience.

With Letsride24x7, we offer you a chance to explore, experience and enjoy the vast expanse of this country. With experienced tour-masters, tour-leaders, backup vehicles, a variety of stay options and camping facilities we bring a fun filled experience without any worries. Our all-expense paid trips mean you can literally leave your wallet home.


What all we do?

To give a glimpse of it we are capable of going ahead in any direction when it comes to Adventure. But as of now we are running on the following lines of adventure:

Adventure and Camping Getaways: We live in a materialistic world in our usual urban life in a concrete jungle filled with noise and pollution. But have you ever thought if you could escape this life for a day and sleep under millions of stars in the sky. Getting welcomed by the nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At LetsRide24x7 we welcome you to join us on our one of a kind experiences.


Biking and Cycling: Someone has said it correctly; a motorcycle can’t sing on the streets of a city. And the same is true for the bicycles as well. To live every day as a free bird on two wheels has its own charm. At LetsRide24x7 our experienced tour-masters and tour-leaders work hard to make your experience of living the life on wheels exciting and adventurous.

Leisure Tours: Everyone wants a break after working hard all the time. At LetsRide24x7 absolutely amazing leisure tours are offered in order to chill out, live free and move out of your daily routine.


Photography: As per an old saying about India “Kos Kos par badle pani, char kos par bani”.It means In India the taste of water changes every 3 kilometres and at every 12 kilometres you will see a different language. India is the land of verity; a mixed bag of different cultures and languages, and an amazingly varying landscapes starting from the mighty Himalayas of the north to lush green mountains of the east to sand dunes of Rajasthan and through the twisties of the western and eastern ghats. This sums up all which one eye can capture. At LetsRide24x7 we organize trips to places where we offer the photographers to capture this versatility and beauty through their lens. And at the end it’s all about being at the right place at the right moment.


Treks: You can always plan a trek in the near mountains and forts. But for those who want more and have the thrust to take their trekking adventures to the next level this is not enough. On the other hand climbing the mountains is more fun when you do it with friends and if all of this could be done with a delicious meal at the end it will be amazing. At LetsRide24x7 we believe in putting that juicy cherry on top of every cake; so join us on treks to make the most of it.


Our Philosophy:

Nature has its own way to protect beauty via some obstacles, like roses with thorns, so for good part of year, the pristine beauty of these untouched places is disconnected from rest of world. When these barricades by almighty himself and roads do get open there is another set of challenges await the visitors, in terms of rough terrain and lack of oxygen due to high altitude. Still the beauty of these places attracts visitors towards itself again and again, regardless of the obstacles. We at LetsRide24x7 are committed to take all your worries and problems, and leave you all the time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and just soak in the atmosphere. To have your visit to these places a memorable one.

Let’s Ride 24 x 7….


LetsRide24x7 Upcoming Tours

Offbeat travel with LetsRide24x7:

1. Spiti Valley (on 23 May – 8 days)
Jeep safari (Rs 31,000)
Chandigarh to Chandigarh
*For Motorcycle ride cost please call/watsapp

2. Leh Ladakh on (8th and 27th June – 14 days)
Jeep safari (budget 42,000/semi luxury 50,000)
Jammu to Chandigarh
*For Motorcycle ride cost please call/watsapp

3. Photo tour Ladakh (July 31 – 10 days)
Traveler (42,000) with Photography expert
Srinagar to Leh

All stay, food on MAP (breakfast & dinner), travel, fuel and driver will be inclusive.


Contact Details

For queries or custom made tours call/whatsapp on 09011064250. For details visit official site.

Discounts for: Students, Girls/Women, Corporate Employees and Groups (More then 4).