Indonesia to See More Models Form Bajaj in 2012

Bajaj Auto may launch four new models in Indonesia in the year 2012. Currently, the company is testing four models namely Avenger 220cc (reg. no. 242/IUBTT/TPT/8/2011), Discover 150cc (reg. no. 1244/IUBTT/TPT/8/2011), Discover 125cc (reg. no. 1241/IUBTT/TPT/8/2011) and Discover 100cc (reg. no. 1243/IUBTT/TPT/8/2011).  Apart from this the company is also conducting surveys regarding feasibility of launch.

Commenting on testing of this new four models in Indonesia, Tomotaka Ishikawa, President Director of Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI), said that they are still testing and not sure when they will launch these models. He said that there are lots of things to be done before the launch of variants like surveys, feasibility study. However, he gave the hint that the models will be launched in the year 2012.

As per the comment of Tandju Rizal (Marketing Manager, Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI), the first model launched would be Discover 150 cc and the other models will follow the suit.  He also said that Bajaj Pulsar 180cc and 135 cc is doing good business in Indonesia. However, the company needs to expand its product portfolio to increase the sales. Bajaj Auto currently has three variants in Indonesia namely Pulsar 135 LS, Pulsar 180 CC and Pulsar 220 CC.

Indonesian two wheeler industry is third largest in the world after India and China and it is expected to cross 10 million two wheeler sales by the end of 2012 growing at the rate of 15%. Indonesian two wheeler industry is majorly dominated by Japanese manufacturer as close to 98% sales come through Japanese manufacturers. Currently Honda and Yamaha are dominating the Indonesian two wheeler market. Having these facts and figures, Indonesia is a market where Bajaj Auto wants to expand aggressively. The company is also planning to set up CKD (completely knocked down) plant in Indonesia.

– Mahavir Kothari