Hyosung Slashes GT650N Price by an Insane Rs.65,000

Today, while I was talking to one member from the automobile fraternity, I got to know that Hyosung has slashed prices of its very recently launched 650cc mad horse – GT650N, the naked version of the sports GT650R, by as much as Rs 66,000 flat. I checked out from Garware people here in Pune and found the news was absolutely correct.

  • GT650N was launched at an ex-showroom price of 4.39 lakhs. On road Pune this bike was 4.95 lakhs a few days back
  • After the price reduction, GT650N is available at an on road Pune price of 4.29 lakhs all inclusive!
  • Of late this much reduction was really heard mostly in the 4 wheeler segment.
  • So at the effective price now, you can also gift your younger brother another 150cc bike!
  • This marks an insane 13% reduction in the existing price of the product
  • After this reduction GT650N is more than a lakh (1.07 lakh actually) lesser than GT650R and available at 80% the price of its sports brethren.
  • Before the price cut, GT650N was almost in the range of Ninja650R which definitely would have snatched many customers.
  • But now, at a price difference of almost 75k, and almost 85% of Ninja’s cost, GT650N makes a compelling and the most value for money 650cc buy!
  • This discount is applicable to all the 3 colors – black, red and white.
  • According to Garware, Pune, they have all the colors available and you can take your bike off the shelf – “Pay today, delivery tomorrow”
  • By paying an amount of just 1.2 lakh, over a Ninja 250R, you would get a 650cc twin with thunderous power of a 650cc mill.

However, according to Garware people here, this is not a permanent discount and is limited till December 15th ‘at least’. ‘At least’ because I am a little apprehensive about the shortterm-ness of the offer (even Garware seems to be not really confirmed).

I feel this would at least go till they clear their existing stocks. Though, I feel this is exactly the slot where the GT650N deserves its place. At a compellingly close distance with the Ninja and even the GT650R, it is really hard for people to convince themselves to buy this one until one is hard set on this bike.

At an all inclusive price of 4.29 lakhs you get a powerful naked street monster. If you plan to go for something in this segment, this probably seems to be the golden chance – hefty reduction, off the shelf & all colors availability, what else do you expect?

– Saad Khan

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