Hyosung GT650R Review & Test Ride

It was Friday evening… atmosphere was cloudy and people on the road were busy with their schedules. It was 6:15 pm, in Ahmedabad it is a peak hour with reference to traffic. Suddenly people nearer to us were astonished by watching a Red Beauty. I am not talking about any girl… guys it was the Hyosung GT650R.

You all are aware about launch of Hyosung bikes in collaboration with Garware Motors in India. R.C. Motors has got the opportunity to introduce these macho machines in Ahmedabad, and currently, they are the only dealers for the Hyosung bikes in Gujarat region.

Fortunately, I got some time to spend with R.C. guys to know more about these two beauties. Really, R.C. guys are ready to lend a hand any time. They are just like us, true bikers. Another major instant for me was… driving Hyosung GT650R… it was incredible experience for me.

As we got out from the showroom for a ride, suddenly I felt that traffic was stopped; everyone nearer to us was just staring at us. They forgot their stuffs and excited to watch the bike running.

As bike started… Oh… what a firing it was. Just awesome. As we stopped at signal… again same situation was formed. Every teenager at cross road was looking the bike… not us. It is really an eye-catching bike. Now let me share the riding experience with you guys.


As we know, this is a 647 cc machine producing 72.68 BHP at 9000 rpm. It got V-twin water cooled engine and cylinders are located at 90°. Bore is 81.5 mm (3.21 in) and stroke length is 62.0 mm (2.44 in). I felt its power under my seat. Don’t misinterpret it; it was not vibration, just pure power.

It uses Wet sump lubrication to lubricate the parts. One impressive fixation is its fuel injection system.  It uses closed fuel injection system in which the oxygen sensor measures the amount of O2 in exhaust gas.

This reading is provided to ECU to control the fuel injection in cylinder. Amount of O2 in exhaust decides the combustion efficiency of engine according to the load. More the amount of O2 in exhaust, less the combustion efficiency. That means we are supplying less fuel than the required.

So, to have nearly complete combustion, we have to supply more fuel to the engine. This is done by electronic injectors working on the order given by the ECU. Reverse condition happens when the O2 measured in the exhaust is less than the required. This system helps the driver to feel the magic of throttle control. Just twist the throttle and feel the power. Fuel Injection also helps to improve mileage; Company claims 23 kmpl.


Hyosung GT650R uses six speed gear box along with wet multi plate clutch. One down – Five up arrangement has been incorporated. 1st and 2nd gear ratios of 2.46 and 1.60 respectively; help the bike to reach 0 to 100 kmph in 5 sec.

We were at 138 kmph on 3rd gear…just 3rd gear. Speed limitation was there for us because of heavy traffic; anyhow, we had managed to reach up to 142 kmph for a moment. Feeling of wind at this speed was amazing. I almost cried because of wind as I was with my spectacle. Top gear ratio (6th gear) is 0.85, which helps out to pull the bike up to 200 kmph (According to R.C. guys).


Hyosung has incorporated tubular frame as an alternative of twin spar or casted frame.  This might be one of the reasons for lower price of this bike. Use of tubular frame makes the bike somewhat lighter in weight with sufficient strength in frame. It also provides better balancing to the bike at high speed.

You won’t believe guys; I never felt I was riding 650 cc bike during the ride. Balancing of this bike was enormously good. I asked R.C. guy about little uncomforting in riding position. He replied “sir, you can adjust the driver’s foot rests according to your height. Four times adjustable foot rests are provided for driver’s comfort.” I smiled little after hearing this answer about another impressive stuff ob bike.

Suspensions & Brakes

Hyosung GT650R’s front suspensions are inverted telescopic type with 120 mm travel.  Rear suspension is mono shock swinging arm type which is 10 times adjustable. Semi floating type callipers are used for front brakes which provide perfect braking to this bike. Semi floating calliper contains two pistons on both the sides of disc.

When we apply the brake, both pistons forced against disc with the help of hydraulic pressure. This leads to better braking than ordinary calliper does. Brakes are very smooth and light. I applied the brakes at the speed of 90 kmph, and bike stopped within 15 mts.  I feel that bike could have been stopped within lesser distance. I didn’t try it because I didn’t know how to control bike in a stoppie!


Headlight reminds us the old Suzuki Hayabusa 2006.  It is little narrower from top and round in shape. Curved split seats are one of the eye catching beauties on this bike. There are six colour variants introduced to India: Ruby Red, Satin Black, White Glory, Cherry Black, Royal Sunrise & Pure Pelican. All are solid colours. Last three variants will come with duel tone colour. This will increase 20,000 Rs. in your bill.


Rs.5,27,000 on road in Ahmedabad.


Hyosung GT650R – an amazing bike. I wish it could be possible for me to have one. But price tag is limitation for me. Both are good machines for those who can afford the price tag of 5.2 lakhs as well as millage of 15-20 kmpl.

I think power generation from this bike is suitable for city ride also, but only for metros. Company is also planning to launch GT250, GT400 and naked version of GT650R. Let’s wait for them.

– Dhruv Panchal

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