A 650cc at Rs.4.5 Lakh?

The heading might be a little confusing but to demystify things for you I am talking about the Garware Hyosung collaboration in India which has announced the second time coming of Hyosung.

We all remember the sporty Comet 250 and the Aquila cruiser which probably were the very first signs of big biking in India.

Ok time for some good news now. We enquired about the bikes and received a mail yesterday. Following are the major points which would set any biking heart pounding 50 times faster.

  1. Hyosung would be launching 3 bikes which include GT650 (naked), GT650R and the true blue cruiser ST7. Yes, the naked GT650 is also coming and according to what I feel it would be the most affordable bike of the lot.
  2. These bikes would be launched in March 2011; yes before the next financial year!
  3. Bookings would commence from February 2011.
  4. Initial cities of sale are Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai and Hyderabad. Later on Garware Hyosung plan to spread to other cities once the momentum kicks in.
  5. Currently, Garware Motors are in process of appointing dealerships.
  6. All the dealerships would contain the 3 basic tenets called as 3S ie Sales, Service and Spares.
  7. Garware Motors are also planning for mobile service facilities. Yes, actual mobile vans loathed with all the basic service amenities plying to your area to enhance the overall ownership experience of owning a 650cc bike.
  8. The company also has plans to launch more models in future based on the demand.
  9. Prices would be announced only once the bookings begin but according to company officials all of them would be affordable.

A wild speculation would be a 4.5 lakh ex showroom price for the naked GT650 which would make it the most value for money sportsbike in India and as an inference, a dream fulfillment of the deprived bikers of our land.

A major challenge for the company would remain the service and availability of spares for such species and if Garware takes complete care of this, I feel these bikes would be a big hit in the country and finally I reveal that I am big time elated!

Following is the actual mail from Garware Motors:

“Dear Saad,

Thanks for writing to us and showing your interest in our bikes.

  • We would be launching our bikes in March 2011 and bookings will open by Feb 2011. We would be launching 3 models , GT 650 (naked), GT650 R & ST7.
  • Currently we are in process of appointing dealerships. We will be announcing the prices once we open the bookings but one thing I can assure you that they will be affordable.
  • Initial cities will be Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai & Hyderabad
  • All our dealerships would be 3S ( Sales ,service and spares) with world class service standards. We will also be having mobile service facilities.
  • We would surely be launching more models in future.
  • We would be more than happy to keep you informed of all our marketing and launch activities. We would also require every bit of your help and cooperation to make these bikes successful in the country.”

– Saad Khan