How Far will your Determination and Willpower Lead You? aRm1, a Video Worth Watching

One of the most inspiring documentaries I have seen in the past few years was ‘Why We Ride’ (If you still haven’t watched it yet, you have something to look forward to this weekend). However, if today somebody asks me why I love riding motorcycles, either I would quote some line out of this documentary or gaze towards infinity in my attempt to find an answer to this. One video which has helped me immensely is the ‘aRm1’.

Based on rider Chris Ganley, who met a severe accident on a motorcycle, this powerful video will inspire you to follow your dreams and passion no matter what. Sadly due to the accident Chris lost his left arm which would have left a lot of people scarred mentally for life, keeping them away from two-wheelers. No Chris is not one of those guys.


Instead, he rises to the challenge and with his sheer determination and willpower, picks himself up and starts riding just 6 months after the accident. In the video he says:

“Having the freedom of the road, there’s just nothing that compares. I couldn’t leave it. I couldn’t let it go.”

aRm1 teaser

Riding his modified R1 he wants to compete in the Isle of Man TT race! One of the toughest motorcycle races known to mankind. But the whole point of writing this article was to celebrate the fact that I am one step closer to knowing the answer to what attracts us to motorcycles. Will we ever know the answer to it fully? Maybe, maybe not. Shot by the Roos Brothers it certainly is a video watching over and over again!

Inspired to get your bike out and ride again? Do remember to always wear proper riding gear and ride safe!