How About Self-Adjusting Rear View Mirrors from Zercado

If while riding a motorcycle or any two-wheeler you are not using the rear view mirrors, you are putting yourself and the co-users of the road at a huge risk. While having a clear vision of the field ahead of you is important, knowledge about what’s coming from the rear is equally pertinent. To make this possible one needs to constantly manually adjust the rear view mirrors to get the best picture!

Well, that’s what Zercado, a Poland based company, want to assist you on. Imagine a self adjusting motorcycle mirrors. Yes! That’s what they have been working on. Crowd funding for the upcoming device is about to begin soon on Kickstarter and the retail price is being pegged at 250 US dollars (Rs 16,879).

Zercado 1

Founded by Bartosz Ambrozkiewicz, an avid biker himself, the brand was initially named as Smart Mirrors. They have even won the Microsoft Imagine Cup for the idea. So how does this mirror work? It uses your smartphone or a miniature sensor which can be kept in your chest pocket to detect your body position. Based on this the meticulously created aspherical mirror surface eliminates blind spots, giving you a clear view of everything coming from the behind.


It also includes a smart blinker to make the front turn signal more visible. Zercado has been rigorously tested and is compatible with most naked and sports motorcycles.