EXCLUSIVE: Honda’s Upcoming 27 Aug Motorcycle – 4 Bits That Match with CBF 190R

We drill down on the teaser video that Honda has shared and come up with a few interesting observations that lead us to believe that it is the Hornet 200..

With so much of coverage in the last few months, you now know that Honda makes a 190 series of motorcycles in China which includes a streetfighter, an adventure tourer, etc.

It all started when Honda patented the CBF 190R in India few months back. Now there have been a lot of rumors about the company upgrading its Hornet to play in the 200cc segment.

Here is the Chinese-spec CBF 190R

Yesterday’s official video teaser was the tip of the iceberg and allowed us to get a glimpse of what is coming. We sat down and noticed the upcoming motorcycle’s similarities with the CBF 190R. Here we are listing them for you…

Hornet 200..?

  • USDs – The golden colored upside down front forks appear to be directly lifted from the 190R range.
Hornet 200
  • Instrument Cluster – The blue colored negative backlit instrument cluster is very similar to what the 190R offers in China. The tacho, gear indicator and other such stuff is exactly same. Even the redlines in both are marked at slightly over 9000 rpm. There are some changes as well like the position of the fuel gauge, etc but the basic layout is very similar.
Instrumentation of the upcoming Hornet 200
Hornet 200
Here is the instrumentation on the CBF 190R
  • Handle Lock Position – The ignition/handle lock is now placed just ahead of the fuel cap, almost on the tank, very similar to the new Yamaha FZs. This set-up looks to be lifted from the CBF 190R again. It was positioned under the meter assembly on the Hornet 160R.
Ignition switch position on the upcoming Honda
  • No Kick – The Hornet 160R was offered with a kick starter whereas the 190R range does not come with it. This teased motorcycle also comes devoid of that kick starter.
Hornet 200
No kick on the Honda’s upcoming model, very similar to the 190R range…

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Another point that we can notice is that the Honda’s teased motorcycle does NOT have the CAT-CON ahead of the engine like it is on the X-Blade BS6. Since it is not visible in the video, it could mean that it is placed under the engine, similar to the CBF 190R. You can notice this in the pictures posted above…

Here is the complete teaser video…

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My bet is that – Honda has taken some bits from the CB 190R range and a fresher body of the Hornet and created this motorcycle for India, which could be labelled as the Hornet 200. Chances of it being a 250 cc are slim…