Honda Unicorn BS6 vs BS4 – List of 12 Changes

2020 Unicorn BS6 vs BS4 changes – though it looks the same but it packs in numerous differences – we list them all – big and small…

From the looks of it, you would not see many changes in the new 2020 Unicorn BS6 which has been launched very recently. The reason is simple – Honda has carried over the exact same design of the older model with its bigger 160cc engine, because it (the styling) still sells. The last time Honda tried to tinker with Unicorn’s design (with the older Unicorn 160), it flopped badly and it had to bring this styling back.

So, let us take our macro lens out and try to find out the differences.

Unicorn BS6 vs BS4 Changes

Bigger Engine

The biggest difference is, obviously, the engine. From now on, Unicorn will use the 162.7 cc engine from the Hornet 160R and XBlade. But, probably, to ensure it is closer to the 150 cc in terms of refinement, it is detuned. It produces 9.5 kw (12.74 hp) of peak power at 7500 rpm and 14 Nm of max torque at 5500 rpm. This means it is almost 2 HP and 0.5 Nm lower than Hornet 160R’s BS4 version.

But as compared to the older Unicorn, the power has remained the same but it peaks 500 rpm earlier. An even better news is that the motorcycle now churns 1.2 Nm of higher torque and this will definitely improve its load carrying capacity.

  • Fuel Injection – Addition of a fuel injector should also improve the power delivery of the motorcycle.
  • Ground Clearance – The new Unicorn can glide through worse terrains than before as it has a ground clearance which is 8 mm higher (187 mm).
  • Seat – For added rider and pillion comfort, new Unicorn BS6 comes with a seat which is 24 mm longer (715 mm).
  • Engine Kill Switch – The new Unicorn finally gets an engine kill switch in its new iteration.
  • Weight – The new Unicorn is 6 kilos lighter than the older motorcycle. This means that despite similar power figures, the new Unicorn may be more sprightlier owing to better power to weight ratio.
Unicorn BS6 vs BS4 Changes
The 2019 Unicorn 150 for reference. Honda has carried over this red color in the BS6 model as well.

Other changes –

  • Honda has dropped the prefix ‘CB’ from Uni’s name and it is being officially called as ‘Unicorn’ instead of ‘CB Unicorn’.
  • It also gets low rolling resistance tubeless tyres which reduce energy loss and aids in better fuel efficiency.
  • It also gets a new front cowl with chrome and 3D wing mark.
  • New Uni is slightly longer (2092 mm vs 2081 mm) and higher (1103 mm vs 1100 mm) than the older Unicorn. It also has an mm longer wheelbase.
  • It also has a smaller 4Ah battery against the 7Ah battery of the older model.

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With the new compliance, and the above mentioned changes, Honda has increased the price of the new Unicorn by a significant Rs 12,582 which is a big hike of 16 percent over the outgoing model.