Honda Sales May 2022 – Flat Domestic Sales, Exports Drop

Honda sales May 2022 – Numbers do not paint a good picture for the company. WHile domestic sales were flat, exports numbers fell sharply…

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) have shared their sales numbers for May 2022. 

And the numbers look good for the Japanese manufacturer when comparing the sales from last year and especially the last month. 

The Gross Sales of two-wheelers for May 2022 stood at 3,53,188 units. Because of the lockdown imposed by the central government, there are no sales numbers for May 2021 to compare with.

However we have sales numbers for last month, April 2022, and we can compare and understand how they look MoM.

Honda Sales May 2022

Month-over-Month Sales

The Domestic Sales registered in May 2022 stood at 3,20,844 units. Along with this Honda exported about 32,000 units in the month of May 2022. 

As compared to April 2022, Honda saw a marginal increment in domestic sales, however, its exports were down by over 23 percent when it dropped almost 10,000 units. With normalisation coming in, it will be interesting to see how Honda manages to plug its exports.

In its overall numbers, the Jap was down by about 2 percent.