Honda Teases ‘ Ready to Fly?’ on 12 June? CBR400 Anyone?

As I was about to leave my system for my dinner just now, this mail got me all surprised and confused. Honda has officially teased ‘something’ for 12th June 2013.


The teaser reads ‘ready to fly?’ 12th June 2013!

Now, we are as clueless as you are regarding this sudden misile! Is Honda upto something big? Is Honda considering launching something? Is Honda announcing something of grave importance? …What?

Going by what we can decipher, this kind of a hype is built when we have some new and powerful product slated to hit the market. Honda has an uncanny knack of surprising everyone by their launches. No one expected Honda to unveil the CBR150R at the Auto Expo in 2012 but they did. We even did not know about the latest Dream Neo and it was launched in a jiffy!

So, if it actually is a launch, are we getting the CBR400 or the CBR500? There have been subtle hints about either of these bikes hitting our markets after their official launches in Japan and US. While the CBR400 makes do with a 400cc engine that pumps out 46Ps of peak power and 37Nm of impressive torque.


On the other hand, the CBR500 series gets a 471cc parallel twin motor which is capable of pumping out 55PS of maximum power output. Obviously, we are going by the literal meaning of ‘Fly’ here!

What if this ‘Fly’ means something else? A bigger 125cc scooter? Quite possible! So, we will leave you to that and see if we are correct in any of the speculations we have made here or Honda is upto something really different!

What do you think will this be..?