Honda Launches New Real-time Vehicle Repair Tracking

Honda Smart Workshop is a mobile app that the company has launched that will help you in tracking your vehicle’s service status in real time…

This is a good example of how manufacturers are constantly innovating and trying to better customer experiences. In its bid to be transparent, Honda has announced launch of ‘Smart Workshop’ Mobile app.

Now, when you will go to get your vehicle serviced or repaired at an authorized Honda workshop, it will send you a link via SMS. Once you navigate through that link, you will be notified of the stage your vehicle is in. From the press note, it appears that there will be three stages – Vehicle In, Vehicle Repair and Vehicle Out.

Honda informs that you will receive an SMS on completion of each stage. This way you will get a real-time information of your vehicle’s service status.

Honda smart workshop

Honda says that the customers will benefit in three ways. First, he will have a real-time idea of the stage of work his bike is in. Next, there will be a Queue Management system which will be helpful during peak hours. And finally, there will be an SMS-based feedback that will help in continuous improvement of the overall servicing experience.

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For now, this facility has been rolled out in big cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Mumbai. However, Honda has plans to take it to all its authorized Main Dealer service centers across the country by the end of next year.

This facility will definitely help reduce wait times as well as improve transparency for everyone who services his bike at the authorized service center. And based on the initial feedback, there will definitely be additional features that Honda may add in the times to come…