Honda Renames Shine to CB Shine

After renaming Unicorn, HMSI has renamed their 125cc bike Shine to CB Shine as well. This comes in the wake of renaming the whole motorcycle fleet to the ‘CB’ tag. However, similar to Unicorn, Shine is also left untouched majorly with a few changes here and there.

The new CB Shine now gets a viscous air filter and a maintenance free battery along with a slightly revamped sticker job to make the bike look fresh. Engine has been carried over without any alterations. The bike also gets a fresh pair of rear view mirrors which are broader than the earlier ones. Along with these additions, CB Shine now comes with the following features:

  • Body Colored grab rail
  • Rear Tuff-up Tube
  • Acclaimed 125cc engine which produces 10.3 bhp & 11Nm
  • Optional front disk brakes
  • 3D Wing Emblem on the tank
  • Handle bar weights

The new version would be available in 5 colors, Black with red stripes, Black with grey stripes, Vibrant blue metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, Geny Grey Metallic. On road price range from Rs. 49,784 for the Kick-Drum-Spoke version, Rs. 54,272 for the Self-drum-alloy version & Rs. 57.639 for the top of the line Self-Disc-Alloy version (all prices OTR Pune).