Honda Recalling CBR 250R in India

Despite the fact that Honda makes its customers wait for as long as 3 months to get their hands on a CBR 250R, the response for the product is awesome. With not much of bikes in this segment except the Kawasaki Ninja 250R which is priced twice as much as a CBR 250R, India is almost a monopoly market for Honda, atleast for now. Hyosung GT250R should probably be the next bike here but it comes equipped with a twin cylinder engine which means it’ll still be expensive than this bike.

Honda customers have always been complaining of the poor service quality offered by their dealerships. It so happens most of the time that even the basic spares are unavailable and hence the service quality has only been going along the Southward direction.

I recently came to know that HMSI is giving a call to its CBR 250R customers and informing to take their bikes for a general check up. It’s a re-call that is happening. But, nothing so serious. Honda, in order to price the CBR 250R competitively had sourced lot of components from the local suppliers out here and probably that should have been the problem for the company.

Customers who gave their bikes for servicing following the phone call told me that there weren’t any major changes done.  The problem that was rectified was rusting of nuts and bolts along the mirror housing, a few bolts on the grabrail fitting and some more along the side fairing. These nuts and bolts were replaced with new ones as part of the recall. Nothing has been done on the engine front.

But, HMSI has not announced any official announcement pertaining to this recall which is currently on process. With few more products in the 200 cc+ category all set to enter the Indian market, Honda should be more careful in dealing with such recalls. This could obviously be one of the reasons why this recall is being done in a very silent manner.

Lucky that Honda identified and rectified these problems much before the issues becomes pre-dominant.  We also heard that this recall is carried out only for the first set of customers who booked their bikes initially. But, we’re not very sure about this.

If you are a Honda CBR250R owner, keep waiting for the call.

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