Honda Plans More Gearless Scooters for India

Greetings! Honda is planning every other strategy to build and maintain their market share in Indian automobile sector. HMSI is one of the top leading gearless scooter manufacturers in India. As a matter of fact, HMSI is planning to expand in this segment as they are planning to bring more gearless scooters in India in coming future.

Mr. Shinji Aoyama, president and CEO of HMSI, was of the opinion that the company is a leader in producing and selling gearless scooters and thus bringing up more gearless scooters would open up whole lot of new opportunities for the company to capitalize on in the near future. HMSI sees most of its revenue coming from scooters. As a matter of fact, up to 40% of their revenue comes from gearless scooters segments and 60% revenue from motorcycles.

With good sales figures of 16.5 lakh units in last fiscal, HMSI is aiming to touch 21 lakh sales mark this fiscal and claiming the number one spot in the next decade. Mr. Aoyama also said that India has offered humongous support to their company and he expects the same support from people in the near future. He also said that their products are more successful in the domestic market and thus the company is planning to expand their customer base in the domestic markets.

HMSI currently has 2-6 lakh customers in the domestic market and one can expect the count to go further upwards in coming years. For increasing their market share and bringing in more gearless marvels, HMSI is also planning to roll out its second plant in Tapukara, Rajasthan with a production capacity of 12 lakh units per annum. So the picture is clear that HMSI is all set to bring in more gearless scooters to India in coming years to increase their market share and establish a supremacy over the automobile market in India.