Honda Planning a 500cc Bike for India

The world of premium bikes is not just limited to the known players but every other successful two wheeler manufacturer is looking to venture into the premium segment. India is turning from a land of commuters to a land of premium heavy weigh bikes because the trend for higher capacity bikes is fast catching up fast. Every other bike maker is focusing on the segment of premium bikes so that they can capitalize on the current trend. News has it that Honda is planning a 500cc bike for India. Furthermore the company may also raise their standards and manufacture higher capacity bikes too.

The news came in from the most reliable source, the operations head of Honda, said that they have bikes from 50 to 1800cc however he also said that the bikes with higher displacement were not preferred in India in the past but now the perception has changed and thus the company is planning a 500cc bike for India. He said that the company will launch 500, 1000cc capacity bikes in India soon.

On the contrary, HMSI’s CEO and president Yukihiro Aoshima said that the company is studying the Indian market as regards the higher displacement segment. He said that there are two possibilities open to the company; the first is importing the completely built units and the second is to assemble the parts in India itself. However he made it clear that company may look to import completely built units for 500cc and more capacity bikes. Lastly he said that the company is looking for options for assembling the lower capacity (Less than 500cc capacity bikes) bikes in India itself rather than importing them. All in all, Honda is pretty much in confirmation with their plans to conquer the higher displacement bike segment. We will have to wait and see if Honda makes it big. We at BikeAdvice hope Honda succeeds in their attempts and rolls out some fascinating and innovative machine soon.