Honda NAVI is Reborn at ₹1.35 Lac BUT…

Honda Navi relaunch has taken place in the American market. It is offered as an extremely affordable entry level bike for beginners..

Amid a lot of hype and marketing push, Honda India officially launched the Navi – a beginner-friendly, pint-sized motorcycle that was based on a scooter platform. And that scooter was none other than the mass-seller Activa.

Honda was dead sure that, at a luring price tag, and proper targeting Navi would be a hit among young buyers. However, as it turned out, Navi could not find buyers in India and ultimately, the company discontinued it from our market in 2019.

But out of the blue, there is a new development on it. Honda has officially launched the Navi in the USA. It is the same Bharat Stage 3 model that it used to sell in India and yes, it still comes with a carburetor. It uses the same 110cc Activa’s motor and power and torque outputs are probably around that 8-9 PS/Nm mark.

Honda already sells some interesting monkey bikes in its international markets but this would probably be one of the least powerful bikes that would have gone to such developed markets.

honda navi relaunch

That brings us to its price. Honda Navi has been given a tag of $1807 which equates to roughly 1.35 lac in INR. And before you blink that is almost three times its Indian price (before it was withdrawn).

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However, from the American market’s perspective, this is not just cheap, this is ultra-cheap. And like India, Honda has its eyes set on first time American riders who would prefer such non-intimidating, extremely frugal, light machines that are very affordable.

The Navi will be available in the American market from January 2022 onwards in about 50 states. It will be sold in four colors of Red, Nut Brown, Grasshopper Green and Ranger Green.