Honda Metropolitan 49cc Scooter Review

The old days are back, in a good way too. The Honda Metropolitan certainly has a retro looking style to it but that’s part of its charm. Scooters like this one has become more and more popular in USA recently. Such a bike is yet to hit India but we just review it for fun 🙂

This scooter is tiny and you will definitely not win any game of chicken riding one of these, but it certainly can win the heart of many with its looks. The Honda Metropolitan has a 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which certainly won’t bring you up to high speeds, but that goes without saying of course. However, the top low speed of 45mph and the somewhat slow acceleration isn’t necessarily a negative, since this the small Honda Metropolitan is ideal if you’re living in a big town where there’s a lot of traffic.

It’s easy to see and read and just like the rest of this scooter, the looks of the instrumentation also has the old style to it. Certainly, the Honda metropolitan has automatic transmission.
One of the best things about this scooter is that’s it very environment friendly. You get a lot of miles per gallon (100mpg) out of this scooter which of course means that it decreases the monthly money that needs to be paid.

It requires very little maintenance work, and it’s easy to start even during those cold winter mornings because of its CD ignition system. The good thing with the Honda Metropolitan is the way that it’s designed and its size. I can’t help but think how great it would be to have this bike if you’re just looking for something easy to ride to have fun on or if you’re looking for a way to get from one place to another in a big city.

It weights very little making it a very easy to maneuver so it’s a great scooter to buy for beginners that may be a big nervous about learning how to ride. However, remember that because of its size, power and weight, it does make it dangerous if you were to ever be in an accident with another vehicle. Despite being so small it does have plenty of storage and there is plenty of space to put your helmet or school books under the seat.

You’re definitely not going to cause people to do a double-take because of its coolness, but maybe because of its retro looks which does cause it to stand out. The Honda Metropolitan can be yours for only $2049 and with the high mpg it certainly is a great choice for people that don’t want to spend too much cash. [i.e. In USA! 🙂 ]

– Victor