Honda Makes Dio And Grazia More Expensive in India

Honda makes their Dio and Grazia a little more expensive… Again nothing else changes other than the prices…

Completing their spree of price hikes, Honda have increased the asking price of their Dio and Grazia scooters offered in India.

New Prices of Honda Dio and Grazia modelsĀ 

Honda have increased the Dio prices by Rs. 832/- for the standard variant and by Rs. 1,192/- for the DLX variant. 

Now the Dio range starts from Rs. 66,862/- and ends at Rs. 70,620/- (ex-showroom). 

ModelOld PriceDifferenceNew Price
Dio StandardRs. 66,030/- Rs. 832/-Rs. 66,862/-
Dio DLXRs. 69,428/-Rs. 1,192/-Rs. 70,620/-
Grazia (drum)Rs. 79,343/-Rs. 832/-Rs. 80,175/-
Grazia (disc)Rs. 86,668/-Rs. 832/-Rs. 87,500/-
Grazia Limited EditionRs. 87,668/-Rs. 832/-Rs. 88,500/-

The Grazia models have become expensive by an equal Rs. 832/- for all models. 

The Grazia range now starts at Rs. 80,175/- and ends at Rs. 88,500/- (ex-showroom). 

Other than the price hike, Honda have brought no other changes to these models. 

The Dio model slots itself in the 110 cc scooter segment while the Grazia competes in the 125 cc scooter segment. 

The Grazia is powered by a 123.97 cc single-cylinder engine putting out 8.14 HP and 10.3 Nm of torque. The Honda Dio, however, uses a 109.51 cc engine putting out 7.65 HP and 9 Nm of torque.