Update: Honda will launch the CBR250R in India by 2011. Please disregard the following news.

Honda India is all set to launch a new a range of motorcycle in premium segment in India. Yes it’s true; they have four bikes in their pipeline namely

  • Honda VTR 250
  • Honda CBX 250 twister
  • Honda CBR 150R
  • Honda CBR 250R

The hot news is that Honda is launching a new motorcycle in this Diwali. Yes, that is on 5th November 2010.  But nobody knows that will they lauch from the above list as they are playing a silent game now. This will be only cleared on the day of  Diwali.  Let’s take a quick look on all the bikes that excites us.

Honda VTR 250: Honda VTR 250 is the most gorgeous looking street fighter bike from Honda that is available in many European countries. The Honda VTR 250 features a liquid cooled four stroke DOHC 90 degree V-twin cylinder gasoline engine with four valves which produces a ground churning power of 30 bhp and 22 nm of torque.

The VTR 250 features Honda’s most premium PGM-FI technology. The bike also features 296 mm single disc at the front and 220 mm disc at the rear.

With the launch of this bike, we will have two bikes in real street fighter segment namely Yamaha FZ and Honda VTR 250. The expected price of this bike will be around 1.5 lakh rupees.

Honda CBX 250 Twister: Honda CBX twister is the upgraded version of the current Honda CB Twister. This bike features four stroke air cooled 249cc DOHC engine. In terms of looks the bike looks like a Hero Honda karizma without fairing. This bike produces a peak power of 24 bhp with a torque of 24 nm which is very suitable for city riding.

This bike features Honda’s PFM-FI technology so it will churn a great mileage for 250 cc engine. It also comes with a 276 mm single disc at front and 180 mm drum at the rear. It is expected that this bike will produce a top speed of 160 kmph. The expected price of this bike will be around 1.30 lakh rupees.

Honda CBR 250R: Honda CBR 250R is the younger sibling of the most famous Honda CBR 1000RR. The whole bike looks awesome and its design is inspired from Honda VFR 1200F. Can also be called out as a miniature of the VFR as everything remains the same with the design element in mind. The bike features a Liquid cooled 4-stroke Dual Overhead Camshaft 90° V-twin cylinder gasoline engine.

It also features the same Honda PGM-FI technology with 296 mm single disc at the front and 220 mm disc at the rear with mono shock hydraulic suspension at the rear. This bike also features digital speedometer that is a rip off again from the VFR 1200F. The expected price of this bike is around 1.5 lakhs rupees if we are lucky.

Honda CBR 150R: Honda CBR 150R is the smallest sibling of the entire CBR series from Honda. As per the average biker’s point of view Honda CBR 150R 2011 edition is the most gorgeous bike among all the bikes listed here. Honda is planning to launch the new 2011 edition of this bike in India as it is already launched in Thailand.

The design of this bike is also inspired from the Honda VFR 1200F. The CBR 150R features a 4 stoke liquid cooled 149.4 cc engine which produces the peak power of 18.5 bhp with 16 nm of toque. It also features a 276 mm disc at the front and 220 mm disc at the rear. . the expected price of this bike will be around 1 lakh rupees which is very competitive . The main rivals for this bike will be Yamaha r15 and Hero Honda karizma ZMR.

My Opinion: If these bikes are launched in India, surely they will change the biking trend in our country. The news is confirmed that Honda will launch bigger bike in India on 5 th of November but no one knows which bike, but it is sure that it will be one from the listed bikes here or all of them. In my opinion they should launch Honda CBR 150r and Honda CBR 250R or Honda VTR 250. Good going Honda, best of luck for new bikes.

Source: Xbhp, maxabout etc.

– Mazid Hussain

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  • Pritam Dhamde

    Gud work mazid.

  • Mazid hussain

    thanx bikeadvice a million times for publishing my article on your site.

  • Ram

    Good Work will always be recognized here! 🙂

  • madhu

    Last two models looks great, but the first vtr250 body reminds me the old hoysung and the head and handlebar looks like the 80s bike.

  • Mandaar Prabhumirashi

    Excellent if Honda launches the CBR150R…many of us would be waiting for that moment…surely it should change Indian biking scenario to a great extent…

  • Common Honda, bring us 250 R at a reasonable price.

  • “Honda is planning to launch the new 2011 edition of this bike in India as it is already launched in Thailand”

    Honda told this to Mazid..?? Coz they have not told this to anyone. 🙂

  • FAS

    I think the CBR 250 is coming, I hope Honda launches all of the above machines.

  • sachin

    that’s a great news.looking at sales of yamaha FZ/karizma etc. it is clear there is a growing market for good looking fun to ride bikes costing around 1 lacks.so its likely it will be the Honda CBR 150R.anything priced over 1.5 lacks wont give Honda enough sales numbers.but if at all it is a 250cc then my senses say it will be Honda CBX 250 Twister.lets wake up to your dream..this Diwali.

  • sabbir-Dhaka,BD

    :'( how sexy these bikez r..!! bt we cant buy them….the old unicorn 150cc is still 2lac(2,00,000 BDT) here in bangladesh…..i am sure this CBR 150R will cost around 3,00,000tk when it will arrive here…why not HONDA,YAMAHA N BAJAJ r not opening their bznes directly in BD??its a huge market…….

    • saiduzzaman

      hi sabbir,do you know the realease date of cb twister 100/110cc in bangladesh?or can anyone tell me?i need it badly….

  • Tushal

    Well, three bikes are really good. But one question, i really dont believe on the price that you have mentioned. These things might cost more but yet would be worth it. Surely the huge gap filled only by Ninja 250R currently, would be filled by many like these in future.

  • vishal

    highly unlikely that all models will be launched. but most likely the cbr twin. perfect combo to compete against yamaha and kawasaki

  • sanat

    cbr 150 will definitely take over the market..its guarenteed….

  • suryansh

    will cbr150 be lauched in india this diwali….????

  • Shubham Mukherjee

    Dear Sir ,
    It was really great to see these new posts about Honda motorcycles . And much more helpful was to see the specifications which help a knowledgeable reader to make assumptions about the performance and efficiency of the motorcycles . And if the CBR 150R manages to give about 45 to 50 kmpl then , the craze of the R15 will surely come to an end provided Honda does not disappoint us by postponing it’s launch . And believe me , Honda will see much more success with the CBR 150R than with the higher capacity models because this is India where high capacity motorcycles are not very popular because of their fuel guzzling engines ! You do not need my speculations to realize the truth , you know it yourself ! And moreover if the CBR 150R is priced around a lakh then it will be much better “value for money” than the R15 !! I am a regular follower of this website , so I will be expecting comments regarding my approach to this matter . Till then , I wish everyone a happy and ENTHUSIASTIC Diwali .

  • Sam

    Guys please tell me is it confirmed that honda is gonna launch one of these 250s???
    plz tell me if its 100% confirmed….i have booked a KARIZMA R and its coming within 2-3 days….if these 250s are coming in a range of 1 lac, i’ll cancel my Karizma R…please its a request to let us know if its a 100% true notification….
    i hav waited well enough for over 3 months….wont mind to wait for a sexier machine if its truely coming..!!!
    please tell us is it 100% confirmed..???

  • mazid

    sam , i will only say that just wait for few more days.

  • Lijo Jones

    Thanks bro for the update…

  • Kranthi

    it could be great if you can post some more details abput Honda VTR 250.
    i really like the design 🙂

    • mazid

      if u want to know more about honda vtr 250 then search on google . u will find it, coz it is available in many european countries.

  • Russell

    If Honda really launches above CBR150 then Yamaha R15 is going to lose its market for sure. The 2011 CBR 150 is way too beautiful than the existing Yamaha R15. Moreover, honda is not only good in beauty but also great in engine performance. So in order to survive in the market of liquid cool engine Yamaha also must bring change in their existing R15 (e.g. r15 2011 edition something like that). If any one has seen the picture and specification of the New CBR150, will definitely agree with me.

  • amit


  • Upinder Kumar Maini

    If the prices of the bikes indicated by you are correct then the bikes will sweep the entire bike market. I am eagerly waiting for their launch.

  • Upinder Kumar Maini


    These bikes at the indicated price will sell like hot cakes. I am eagerly waiting for the launch.

  • deep agasti

    is HONDA trying to capture the market before splitting from HERO Motors?
    Now the time has come to see some real Monsters……will it b successful in INDIA?

  • Anirudh

    I’m gonna buy Pulsar-220 fi. Please tell me whether any of these bikes comes within the price of 1lacks.. Please…

    • deep agasti

      yup bro CBR 150…will in the range of 1lakh..

  • Sam

    well mazid, i must go with your suggestion then….these sexy machines are tempting me to wait..!!! i love karizma R for its awesome handling n performance….best part being most reliable engine…but time & again, life is playing games by showing me Honda machines……! keeping fingers crossed till then….!! 🙂
    guys lets all pray that atleast two of these bikes get launched this diwali…!! wat a Diwali celebration it would be..!!

  • rehan

    wow………………………jst luv all these byk’s

  • Prasadh

    OMG! The Last one is really amazing and mind blowing considering its prize tag.

  • luqman

    The CBR 150 is exciting OMG thats a machine,,come 5th diwali ,,pray its the one cming ..plus the price is not alarming at all..now this same realy exciting news,,

  • Deepak RJ

    Bikes are really mind blowing. I think these bikes are going to rule the road

  • Danny Epili

    Thanks Raj for this important news. Yes you give me the idea of what the Honda is planning to market 250cc class. Its been a long wait, finally they decided to enter for India. With that it will actually go for other near by Asia country like us the Philippines.

  • Sam

    @All : lets all unite n pray to the Almighty to Launch Honda CBR150R /250R (preferably 250R) Machines this Diwali *within a price range of One Lac rupees*
    guys please Pray..!!
    (i am canceling my Karizma R today, it was to be delivered this Saturday)

  • Marshall

    Thanks a lot for details about these bikes.I would like to know more about its features and specifications.Wish u all the best.

  • aditya

    can anybody tell me that when cbr150r is gonna launch..
    otherwise iam going with yamaha r15.
    please tell me ………
    help me….gyz.

  • mazid

    aditya , honda may launch this bike on 5th november so just wait for few more days. this bike produces the peak power of 19.5 bhp which is equl to yamaha r15 fitted with performance kit. and the expected top speed is 160 kmph and 0-100 is less than 8 seconds.

  • manuraj

    will cbr150 be lauched in india this diwali….????pls rep tell price details and when is lanuched ???

  • apoorv bajpai

    THE CBR 150 R IS AWSOME!!!!!

  • Ajit Baraskar

    when is CBR 150 R is launching in INDIA…

  • aditya

    @MAZID can you please tell me the accuret date of launch of this bike…
    Iam reqesting to you…..

    • mazid

      aditya, the expected date of the launch is 5th november. so just wait for 5th november to know the truth.

  • vinoth

    is this bike available in chennaiiiiiii…..if available wat will be the price….

  • Taran

    I don’t think they’ll launch any of these new bikes this Diwali (maybe the 150, but i doubt).
    If they do, i hope its the VTR as we need a decent powered and priced street fighter :).

  • ownz

    when does vtr250 enters the market plz tell

  • dnyanesh haval

    honda twister is the best bike……
    look nice…….

  • sam

    any one tel me yamhaa r125 kab tak launch hogi india me plz email me shailesh_nice20@yahoo.co.in

  • Arsalan

    @Shubham Mukherjee…firstly i would like to clear some misconception of your’s. I have CBR-150R 2009 Model and its fuel consumption is 38KM/Ltr, not much economical due to its speed.It has 6 gears and a top speed of about 220 KM/HR so u can imagine in quick corners and rough throttling, it needs much fuel otherwise its DOHC camshaft and 4 Valves engine makes it a beast in that category even my friend have R15 but it’s not a perfect match for it.

    @mazid….its top is 220 KM/HR and the legal one is 160,u need to change the performance CDI or Racing CDI in order to get maximum performance 0-100 in just 5 seconds.. thats why I call it beast

  • Kuldeep Prajapati

    bro pls remove this article.. its 2017.. & 2 of them only launched in India..

  • Kuldeep Prajapati


  • JKM

    who are you fooling with this article ?
    none of these buys will get launched