After a long wait and a hot stir in the market Honda is about to launch a fresh new product in the market, finally! There were speculations all around about this new bike from Honda but people were apprehensive about its launch due to the very nature Honda operates like.

Many enthusiasts bash Honda for not being true to the Indian market and not adhering to what they call as ‘common sense’. But far from the outcry of the performance aficionados, Honda is about to launch the all new CB Unicorn Dazzler on May 14th and in all probability, the bike will bear the same 150cc engine with almost the same tune and power. If this comes to be true, HMSI would be banking upon the bulletproof ‘reliability’ of the existing 150cc engine (a bit too much!) which does duty on current Unicorn.

This 150cc offering would draw its major cues from the Unicorn Sports concept model displayed at this year’s Auto Expo in Delhi albeit with a slightly different (rather edited) name ‘CB Unicorn Dazzler’.

As is depicted by the name, Honda has concentrated on the looks part of this bike the most and as we say, it looks pretty sporty. The normal version of CB Unicorn will continue to exist with this bike.

This bike would be positioned at the premium cadre of the segment which is currently lured by Yamaha’s FZ series of bikes. Although, FZ would still retain the crown of the best looking 150cc bike in the market (or probably among all segments combined!), it remains to be seen how this bike is received by the market.

And an interesting part of the story is the price tag of this bike. According to speculations, this bike would retail upwards of Rs. 70,000 on road. So with almost half a bhp and 1Nm less will this bike be able to sustain and survive the FZ legacy!

More Details:

  1. Single Color Tone in place of the dual shown at the auto expo
  2. Twister type big tank extensions with Honda logo embossed on them
  3. Rear Disc Brakes
  4. Dual tone seat with a combo of gray and black
  5. Clear lens indicators
  6. Body colored grab rail
  7. Similar spec tyres (both MRF Zapper)
  8. Altered chrome plated silencer
  9. Stylish curvy body
  10. Available in more than 4 colors (Red, Black, Gray & Brown)
  11. Weight end bars
  12. Half stylish chain cover
  13. Digital Speedo
  14. No Kick Lever

This bit and more, stay tuned with BikeAdvice as we try to gather more info about the bike.

– Saad Khan

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  • billbull

    i want this bike for indonesia market. we had enough of 160cc venerable megapro.

  • Aditya

    Just a bit of more power and it may be become one of the most marvellous bikes in its segment.

  • balaji

    oh god i like to buy a new bike in 150cc segment , now this news happy for me ….

  • sachin

    unicorn engine has prooved this smooth reliable engine all these years and everyone was waiting for new engine.why HONDA why? new looks will definetly turn all those who turned away.

  • Sekhar

    looks Gorgeous, but what about the pick-up will it beat the competitors

  • Sekhar

    I heard that its milage would be around 55 in city conditions and about 70 on high way is it trueeeee??????

  • nav


  • Nikhil

    Bike definitely looks great, but they should have provided kick lever.

  • chinmay

    They already launched the bike today
    rear disc
    100/80R17 rear tyre

  • Hi Deepak,
    Other blogs have posted that the Dazzler have launched and some blogs had even posted images of dazzler and its color.

  • wow thats nice . i also heard that.

  • sachin

    Very disappointing. After a long wait what we got is hybrid of twister and unicorn at a whooping price of 70000 (for 150cc). This bike shares the same unicorn engine. so, we have to pay the extra money only for the gizmos and showpieces.

  • we want a big Honda or at lest a more powerful Honda!!!

  • Anand

    The bike looks sporty alrite! Finally something new for unicorn fans. Hondas engine reliability shall definitely make this one sell. But a better job with the headlight was called for maybe….

  • Vineeth

    Sure, the same old refined engine of the Unicorn. I think initially this would make great sales and then when people come to know its capability would be a flop.

  • suraj

    Hey Guys….The Dazzler is already launched yesterday and i comes with 14BHP compared to Uni’s 13.3. That is surely a good news and the price is also very competitive. Delhi(ex-showroom price 62k)…Hurray…get the wings and dream!!

  • madhu

    Good news from honda
    But it can’t even come closer to FZ on styling part

    Digital speedo is smaller and doesn’t looks impressive and smarter like the one in GS150R Yes its weight is lesser than unicorn aka CB Unicorn but the mileage is also lesser. max 60 (under test condition) coz they fine tuned it to compete with FZ not mileage

    And honda knows it will burn their fingers if they discontinued the existing model unicorn hence both should co-exist to keep smiles

  • Pulsarboy

    Donno what’s stopping Honda from plonking a 4-valve head with about 17bhp into this machine.. it’s this laid back attitude of Honda, i hate the most. They have everything ready.. why can’t they take initiative and turn the tables on competetion? This is where Pulsar scored all these years and that’s why it’s on top of the sales charts.

  • shibin

    damn….the bike has sum stunning looks….i think this one shud hav been cald stunner…
    any way i love the “FZ”-ish back part too…..but the head is kinda dissappointing..


    bike is super and rear disc on 150cc is good …i was thinking it be the bike of 2010

  • a r shankar

    honda gets more attractive with improving 150 cc class unicorn, it also has tubeless tyre, so its going to grab the market, speedo meter can be imporved further.

  • Akhil

    Always loved unicorn,,,i was just not satisfied with the styling part of it. Now i have found it,,i am only in 12 th and i have already convinced my dad to get me one..Just wanna get my hands on this beauty. And last but the least,,,yamaha FZ and pulsar sucks!

  • pankaj

    headlight gives weird looks, & silencer could have been beter.
    still its lighter dan older model n shorter too

  • ARIF

    Hi, i am using Honda Unicorn Dazzler bike, jst bought it 3 mnths ago. The problem am facing it is, while driving whenever i go through some uneven road or some jerks or speed breakers on road, my bike starts waving left nd right, (the same feel wht we get at the time of tyre puncture), for the same reason i checkd my bike’s tyres and even the air pressure, but problem stil remains the same, i am not getting whats the reason for it, kindly help. Thanx.

  • Rhushi

    what”s going on? look is very dam in case of hedlight and fuel tank otherwise every part is best article and