Honda Introduces New Fuel Efficient 2013 Activa, Dio and Aviator

Country’s largest scooter manufacturing company, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has upgraded its scooter range which includes Activa, Dio and Aviator.  The company has introduced Honda Eco Technology in Activa, Dio and Aviator in order to further consolidate its leadership. HMSI claims that the new technology will deliver fuel efficiency of 60 km/ liter making it most fuel efficient automatic scooter available in India.  The company has made no other changes apart from improved efficiency in its scooter range.


Honda Eco Technology delivers trio of improved combustion, significantly reduced friction and optimized transmission in the 110cc engine. Following are the highlights of new Honda Eco Technology.

  • Reduced friction by offset crank, significant weight reduction of reciprocating parts, low tension piston ring and improved bearing oil seal
  • Improved combustion with highly ignitable nickel spark plug and optimized inlet port
  • By optimizing Pulley converter ratio & driving force, the power has been maintained & mileage has been increased.

The new Activa is priced at Rs. 47,188 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi). It is available in one new color – Wild Purple Metallic and 4 existing colors: Black, Geny Grey Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White and Candy Lucid Red.

The new Aviator is priced at Rs. 48,212 for Standard variant and Rs. 53,531 for Deluxe variant (Ex-showroom, Delhi). It is available in a new premium shade of Royal Gold Metallic in addition to the 3 existing shades of Pearl Igneous Black, Rebel Red Metallic and Pearl Sunbeam White.

The new Dio is priced at Rs 44,701(Ex-showroom, Delhi). It is available in a new color – Pearl Trance Yellow in addition to existing 3 shades – Sports Red, Mat Axis Grey Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White.