Honda Patents This 300cc Scrambler in India; Coming Up…?

Honda CL300 launch in India possible? Well, the Jap has patented it here and let us talk about the possibilities and other details of this bike…

It is almost a routine affair for Honda to patent its international motorcycles and scooters in India, basically to protect its Intellectual Property and also to ensure that, if, it, one day, decides to bring a particular product here, it does not face these challenges.

While most of the interesting (and costlier ones) do not make it to our shores, it does get us excited, even if it is for an instant! Up next is another product that Honda has patented in India – the CL300.

The CL300 is a scrambler-styled motorcycle based on the Rebel 300 cruiser and that is the reason it also looks familiar. It was unveiled a few months ago in China (and probably some other countries as well), and is the younger sibling of the CL500 (which, as you can guess, is based on the Rebel 500).

The CL300 looks quite an interesting motorcycle and carries forward the 286cc single cylinder engine that we also have in the CB300R that is sold in India, obviously in a different state of tune. Considering that Honda already sells this motor here (and it does not need any emission or other upgrades) this gives us a hope. Another point going in favour of our dream is that Honda has also patented its fuel tank design as well as the side cowl here.

Honda CL300 launch
This is the Indian design patent pic of Honda CL300…

The problem, however, is that the CB300R has not really been a high seller – and that predominantly has to do with its price tag. Even if Honda localizes a few components of the CL, it may still come at around that price tag of Rs 2.80 Lakh. And that is not a very accessible window for a motorcycle of those specs!

So How BIG is Royal Enfield…?

And with Triumph getting its near 400 Scrambler ready with Bajaj, and Royal Enfield on the boil, we do not see a lot of market for the CL300 (again, at that price point!). But let us still be hopeful; may be Honda may have some ace up its sleeve, considering that it I-S eyeing that premium market share here…

By the way, the CBR 250RR has also been patented here; and we are not even hopeful of that!