From the makers of VFR1200F here is the new baby. Honda CBR250R is a 250 cc bike from Honda to challenge world’s best 250cc bike Kawasaki Ninja 250R. New 2011 CBR250R is a 250 cc bike equipped with traditional CBR qualities like performance, dynamic behavior and perfect ease of use. The CBR250R is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. Honda said that the concept behind developing CBR250R was ‘Sport Quarter for One World’.

Engine and Transmission

The new Honda CBR250R is equipped with 249.4 cc, 4 storke, DOHC, 4valve water cooled engine. With the Bore x stroke size of 76 X 55 mm, CBR250R is able to produce massive power of 26.4 bhp (18.7KW) which peaks @8500 rpm (Electronically controlled) which makes the power to weight ratio at 163bhp/tonne.  You don’t need to engine rev hard as the maximum torque of 22.9Nm produced @7000 rpm.  As most of the power available at lower rev the bike will fire at traffic points.

The fuel delivery is handled by Honda’s patented PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection system) which ensures smooth and precise fuel delivery result more power with less fuel consumption.  The fuel filter of CBR250R is placed outside the fuel tank to facilitate any intervention and reduce maintenance costs.

The engine mass is kept as low as possible by elimination of unnecessary parts and keeping the moving parts like rod and piston light weight. The friction between engine parts also reduced to significant level which you can feel in engine noise. The Iridium spark plug to squeeze out maximum from every drop of fuel. You don’t need to worry about overheating of engine as liquid cooling system ensures the engine temperature at recommended level.

The Honda CBR250R got six speed gear box with wet multi plate clutch. The short to long gear ratio means you can quickly move into the next gear. The gearbox is designed to exploit the characteristics of the engine at the same time ensuring quicker acceleration and low fuel consumption.  The gear shift feel is very smooth and precise.

In order to reduce pollutant discharges, the CBR250R incorporates the latest technology in exhaust. The catalyst metal tri limit emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons to a minimum. An oxygen sensor placed in the exhaust allows the electronic control unit to further reduce emissions by ensuring the best possible combustion.

Chassis and Suspension

The CBR250R got twin spar steel diamond frame. This steel frame with perimeter configuration ensures optimum stiffness. The perimeter frame means the steering head jointed to the swingarm at shortest possible distance which makes the frame lightweight and rigid. Though, the global trend is towards aluminum perimeter frame, Honda chose steel frame which is stiffer than aluminum. The higher level stiffness of the frame has improved stability and handling qualities of new CBR250R.

The new CBR250R got hydraulic 37mm fork as a front suspension which offers travel of 130mm the rear got Pro-Link Monoshock suspension which offer 104mm travel. Thanks to the combination of the front and rear suspension, the CBR250R is able to deliver excellent ride quality with or without pillion.

The new CBR250R got special treatment in tire and rim department. The new CBR250r got new tires and rim from its larger CBR series to ensure firm road grip in any condition. The front got rim size of 2.75 x 17 inch with tire size 110/70 x17 the rear got 4 x 17 inch rim size with tire size of 140/70 x 17.

The combination of Chassis, Suspension and tires offers dynamic driving position on CBR250r that provides perfect control of the vehicle and which appears pleasant and comfortable on long trips leaving room for the concentration of the driver. It also made the bike weight limited to 161 KG.


Honda is known for making safest vehicle in the world and that’s what Honda proved in case of CBR250R. The new CBR250R got C-ABS (Combined braking system with Anti lock braking system). This is the first time any 250cc bike having feature like C-ABS. The Combined Braking System is known for its effective braking control. It ensures the required combination of front and rear brakes which make sure that the braking torque generated in required manner on front and rear wheel.  CBS with ABS (Anti lock braking system) surely going to do wonder’s in braking department.

The new CBR250R got 296 mm disc with dual piston caliper for the front brake while the rear brake got 220 mm disc with single piston caliper. But the C-ABS system will come as option on CBR250R. The C-ABS version is 4Kg heavier than the non C-ABS version.

Styling and Instrument Panel

Front biased styling for motorcycle is trend in Japan and CBR250R has followed the same trend. The new CBR250R features a new full fairing and reinforces its sporty design with sophisticated and dynamic lines. In addition to its sporty look, the fairing proves comfortable for the driver side and weather disturbances. The new CBR250r got 55/60 watt light for its monoblock integrated headlight which makes the visibility better during night journeys. The front cowl and headlight is largely derived from the VFR1200F. The muscular tank and sharp rear tail look like derived from its larger sibling CBR1000RR. The concept of mass centralization is widely used while designing the bike.

The seat of CBR250R is just 31 inch (784mm) above the ground level which means even 5 feet 6 inch tall rider will not face any problem for seat height. . In addition, a separated seat that enables the rider to enjoy a wide variety of situations from touring to sports riding. Apart from this the new CBR250R is hosting a storage space under the seat that can carry easily a “U” tools on board or other rain gear. The position of handlebars and footpegs are in line with the seat to support a sporty driving style. The riding posture of CBR250R offers optimum comfort and safety. The airy cockpit provides ample amount of air around head and shoulder.

The new CBR250R got brand new multifunction LCD instrumentation panel which include speedometer, rpm meter, engine temperature, fuel gauge, clock and odometer. A neutral light is also there. With a brilliant blue LCD backlight, the display looks modern and futuristic. A special silencer with an irregular pentagonal section was chosen for the muffler design in order to reflect the cutting-edge design of Honda motorcycles.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda is known for its gasoline (petrol) fuel efficient engine throughout the world and the new CBR250 is not expectation. The new CBR250R is able to deliver fuel efficiently of 27Km/liter (WMTC mode). With 13 liter fuel tank it can give you range of more than 350 kilometer which is good enough for long rides.


The new CBR250R will be available in 3 colors Red (similar to VFR1200F), the HRC Red-white-Blue and Black.

Optional Accessories

As we seen in case of Honda VFR1200F the new CBR250R also going to have accessories list like a purpose designed tail pack, a carbon look seat cowl, wheel rim stickers, tank protection and a u lock designed to fit under the seat of the CBR250R.

Price and Availability

Honda CBR250R has big plan for India and Honda also said that they will produce the bike in India. It means that more localize part which will reduce cost dramatically. The Honda CBR250R is expected to launch in April 2011 in India with expected price of below Rs. 1.5 Lakh ex-showroom.

Complete Specifications


Length: 2030mm
Width: 709mm
Height: 1127mm
Wheelbase: 1369mm
Seat Height: 784mm
Ground Clearance: 148mm
Rake: 25°
Trail: 95 mm

Engine Type: 4 stroke, DOHC 4-valve, water cooled
Displacement: 249.4CC

Bore x Stroke: 76 x 55 mm
Compression ratio: 10.7 : 1
Maximum power: 26. 2 bhp (18.7 kilowatts) @8500 rpm (95/1/EC)
Maximum Torque: 22.9 Nm @7,000 rpm (95/1/EC)
Carburetion: Electronic Fuel Injection PGM-FI
Diameter of the venture: 38MM

Ignition: Transistorized with electronic advance
Transmission: Clutch: Wet multiplate with coil springs
Gearbox: Constant mesh 6-speed return
Final Reduction: Ring Chain
Final Drive: Chain
Training: Mechanical cable
Primary reduction 2.808
Final reduction 2.714


Start Electric
Battery 12V/ 6AH
Headlight 55/60 watts
Chassis Frame Type: Double beam type steel tube (Diamond frame)
Kerb Weight: 161 KG/ 165 (C-ABS version)
Fuel Tank: 13 liter

Rim Front 17 M / C × MT 2.75
Rear 17 M / C × MT 4.00
Tire Front 110/70 ×17M / C
Rear 140/70 × 17M / C
Suspension Front telescopic fork, 37 mm, 130 mm travel
Rear Pro-Link Monoshock, 104 mm travel
Brake: Front Hydraulic disc 296 x 4.5 mm with 2-piston caliper and resin pads
Rear hydraulic disc 220 x 5 mm with single piston caliper and resin pads

– Mahavir Kothari

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  1. My guess is that it will definitely cost more than 1.5 Lakhs. Honda, though slow in its strategy, will definitely surpass other bike manufacturers in the country.

    It will be like the email scene. Yahoo introduced email first, but gmail did a better job and now they are no.1 in email service.

    Honda will follow a similar strategy. Late, but much better 🙂

  2. Honda CBR250R is definitely not a competitor for the Kwacker 250R as the engine in the Kwacker is a parallel twin whereas the CBR is a single cylinder mill. Sure, there’s a difference between Heaven & Earth between these two. Kwacker is still priced at a premium price tag and the current CBR cannot beat it in anyway until and unless if we can catch hold of a older CBR which is an “Inline four”.

  3. lol….kawasaki 250 is awesome…. 🙂 anyways i wish honda could have released cbr150 that would have done some serious job in india….so as to come up in market…..and compete with yamaha r15…anyways all th best for this baby cbr… 🙂

  4. i’m booking one as soon as its launched….the headlight assembly looks much more sophisticated and nicer than that of the kwacker 250 that we get in our shores.the kwacker 250 headlight assembly looks too much 80’s era.

    • yea may be but even today RD350 is preferred….so may it has a better headlight assembly but still remember kawasaki Ninja 250 is the world’s best 250 cc bike 🙂 🙂

  5. hey cmon…its not fair how can you bring the rd350 up here….thats a legend man….not for mere mortals or machines….and a two stroke will always be the best.

    • Totally Agreed……RD 350 was…is…and will forever remain a Legend….No better bike than an RD 350…be it Looks….performance or mere Road Presence…it will always remain a STAR….!

  6. the blue-white combination is looking sexy and almost 11kg lighter than ninja. Gonna be a hit in India and Karizma-rider will find a replacement with more power.
    Although power figure is less than ninja but matches in torque.

  7. well the round headlight of the rd350 is still very much a hit and is accepted as a very clean and clear cut design of a bikes headlight. so it cud be 1900 or 1950 or 2000 or 2050, the round headlight will always have a disinct class of its own.
    i’m saying that im disappointed with kawasaki launching it wit such a 80’s era headlight design (and at such a hefty price)…i hav no doubt the kwacker 250 is a beast to ride….but with that sticker price i wud have appreciated it more if kawasaki had incorporated the headlight assembly of the bigger siblings like 400, 600 or 650 kwacker on the kwacker 250. its not like the kwacker 250 cost in the sub 1.5- 2 lakh category.

    • Round headlight is good looking but add one more next to it…it will blossom..
      tis talk is similar to analog and digital speedometer…

    • no i mean kwacker 250’s headlight assembly mite look outdated…as u said it should have got the design from its parent kwackers…it would look much better…but still its a king of 250cc bikes…. 🙂

      • a very expensive (in every way) king of 250cc class at that. imagine ur 250 kwacker now with the headlight assembly of the ninja 600 …that shud brighten up ur smile even more. esp wen ur paying 0.3 million rupees for it.

      • Pricing is the only factor that stops me from buying it. Spending 3L on a 250cc was a bit too much….almost same performance but half the Price makes HONDA CBR250F a ideal buy for me. Have already booked it….BLACK one though.

  8. Nice explanation……bike looks amazing………..but as far as my information goes honda is launching this same design in 150cc category……..

    • everything is still just mere speculation….

      but the speculation is that there are 4 models involved in the launch.
      whether they launch one, two , three or all the models is still uncertain.
      the speculated models are:
      1. honda cbr150r
      2. honda vtr 250
      3. honda twister 250
      4. honda cbr250r

  9. Kawasaki Ninja 250 is priced around 3 lacs compared to Honda CBR250R 1.5 lacs. why the price is double for same engine.

    Deepak can we have a comparison from your side on these two lovely bikes. I am planning one of these two.

    • Who said it’s same engine? Is it mentioned anywhere? It’s not the same engine for Kawasaki to price it at 3 lakhs. Honda CBR 250R is a single cylinder mill whereas the Ninja 250R is a parallel twin. Simple terms, CBR has one cylinder and one piston set-up whereas the Kawasaki has two cylinder 2 piston set-up. Hope u understood!

  10. Hello there,

    There are a lot of bike enthusiasts who closely follow your blog for the latest updates in the Indian biking arena. The least we expect from you guys is the content being grammatically error actually puts me off seeing so many typos. I am not being critical here, just giving a suggestion to proofread your articles before they get published. It won’t cost anything but spelling and grammar mistakes do definitely cost a lot in the long run.

    Nonetheless, the content of your articles are good and very much up to date.

  11. now yamaha sud launch a 250cc, ‘r25’ to compete wid dis. r15 s scarin d hell out of 220cc bikes,now its time 2 take d battle 2 a new territory .No offenses meant 2 any1 bt being a die hard yamaha fan,i dnt want 2 c yamaha laggin behind any oder like it did in d era aftr rx an b4 r15.

  12. dear deepak

    no doubt the product is very gud in the first look n affordable to all segment of customer of premium bikes but when sum companies will give ATV IN THIS PRICE RANGE THEN DON T U THINK THAT THIS MODEL WILL LOOSE ITS BEAUTY N IMPORTANCE

  13. I think it is an awesome bike. Ninja is grt but if take in account value for money than no one can beat this bike, if honda puts it around 1.5 lakhs.
    And in the Indian market, value for money is most imp.
    Not many people can buy the ninja, which is close to 3 lakhs, but if this bike is around 1.5, then we are gonna see a lot of them on our roads, and one of them would be mine!!

  14. price should be around 2 lakh….1.5 is too less for that engine…..hope it doesn’t give the plasticky feeling like dazzler….

  15. i would also like to see Honda CBR150R on Indian roads. may be due to efficiency or due to price tag, 250r can be avoided by many but 150R would possibly prove better business product (let it be the same Thai Version)….


    HAha…R15, bajaj…watch out…honda is getting serious in2 business..!!

    I wish they cud’v put dat 3d logo on the bike.>!

  17. This is good news but 1.5l is a dream…this will surely be in the range of 1.7-2.0L
    but i don’t think it will hit the market any sooner…remember the service guys hav to be trained before they release it. And the current knowledge of these guys only scares me to own even CBR 150
    2yrs from now I thnk we will see better bikes from Bajaj grps, I hope they do..

  18. Allthough this newbee doesn’t come anywhere closer to kawaker in terms of proven endurance and reliability, it does share its floor within its class.
    Max torque at far less rpm makes it a peppy city commuter.
    If most of the parts are to be made in india, then the game is over for honda.
    Even the 650cc hyosung motorbike last just a year before rust eats in and everything starts falling apart( A proper jap build machice exudes quality to very tiny bit of it.
    With honda pricing strategy, it will be tagged above or little less than the kawaker.

  19. Honda with its upcoming models for India surely forces other companies to produce high performance machines. Probably yamaha would increase the R15’s bhp and torque and also enter into 250cc segment. Gossip is that suzuki and tvs had entered 250cc segment.Bajaj may also enter into the 250cc segment and may give much VFM product.
    In the upcoming 2-3 years, Indian biking scenario will completely change and we can see many cute and powerful bikes on our roads.Great move by HONDA 🙂

  20. I heard that…
    we can expect the CBR 250R to be priced over Rs2.2 lakhs (for the non ABS version) and around Rs3 lakhs for ABS version

  21. How many Cylinders does it have? Since it is competing with Ninja 250cc, it should board 2 cylinders. Coz Nowhere is it mentioned in the specs.

  22. Hey buddy… Indian maket is not a show off market so Honda will launch some idiot bike like K250r which hardly anybody is buying. This is a serious business and honda is looking very seriously. Now if u guys know Herohonda and Honda contract is getting over by this yearend so honda has announced more 11 2-wheelers in indian market and this is not a joke.
    The prices are so low because all the Honda bikes are going to manufacturer in India and the parts are also going to produce in India. Where You guys have to pay the duty and other tax for K250R. This K250R is out of the league.

    And one more thing Bajaj and TVS gaya tel lene. aab ayaa Honda ka jamana dude.
    Get ready Yamaha.

  23. While this is no match for the Kawasaki beast, this will do pretty well if indeed it is priced aroud 1.5 lakhs. Ninja is a dream, bt you have to spend double the amount, that is a plus point

  24. good news i hope honda philippines will produce also this model where-in bike enthusiast’s like me wants to ride this baby, excellent post..

  25. i think we can also consider Honda VTR-250, to be one of the best up coming one’s in India.. I am looking forward to own this One rather than any of the new one like the r15 or ninja which is currently doing good though in market.

  26. Prefer Hysoung if cheaper. Honda engines are top notch and offer unbeatable value You never know if Hyosung will offer a naked 250T Comet for 1.5 or less and take away Honda’s thunder…

  27. I think the CBR250 is better looking and possess more attaractive features like the futuristic digital console and CABS which the kwacker lacks. In terms of performance though it can’t match the bhps oozing out of the parallel twins of the Ninja. Besides, the sound of two cylinders firing in tandem is always better than the single cylinder mill. The CBR should be good value for money though….

  28. Guys i just saw on tv on Autocar India an interview with the HMSI boss himself and he stated that the HONDA CBR 250R will definitely be under 1.5 lakhs rupees…..and the company claims a 50 kmpl fuel average…..YIPPEEE…..

  29. @Mahavir-My pleasure has’nt been formally announced though…but this is pakka genuine info because my brother happens to work in a honda showroom..he told me about this…they are even going to get one unit next week for test drive and advertising…1.3lac and 1.48lac ex-showroom price.

  30. if thats the right pricing, then honda has hit bullseye. imagine even a company like hyosung launced the comet 250, 5 years back and that too with a 1.5 lakhs + price tag. this will surely set a pricing war between bajaj, tvs, hero honda (if thats wot its still called), yamaha and suzuki if and when they launch a bike to compete with the honda cbr 250r.

  31. in thailand it cots abt 100000 baht
    for ABS itz 115000 baht

    so in INDIA FOR NON ABS ITZ GONA BE RS. 1,00000


    THAT BIKE IS A REAL ERA CHANGER ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE HONDA CBR 250R RULEZZZZZ 4 EVER……………. A 250CC , 26-BHP BIKE WITH A PRICE TAG OF RS 1.5 LAKH…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    4 GIVING US SUCH A GR8 BIKE..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  33. Please do not compare this with Ninja.

    This is a world over debut launch. It is a new category that combines performance with every day commuting.
    Ninja is a track bike where as 250R is a street bike designed for commuting. They claim that it gives a mileage of about 50, so… you do the math.

    I am sure the pricing is awesome but will not comment on this until officially released from HMSI.

    It will surely give Bajaj, TVS and HH something to worry about.

  34. The CBR250R is a great motorcycle, no doubt. But it’s a single cylinder engine and can never match the twin-cylinder Ninja 250 in terms of performance. But in terms of practicality and comfort, I am sure Honda scores above Kawasaki. Whatever be the launches from whichever companies, Bajaj is not gonna sit quiet. A more powerful Pulsar will be launched next year to counter these threats. The P220 was an out-n-out adrenaline pumping machine. It beats the r15 right from the word go. Bajaj is sure to retain it’s Fastest Indian tag with another Pulsar to combat the CBRs and the Mojos. I only pray that all these bikes sport better suspension as the roads in Bombay are goin from bad to worse.

  35. I am gonna buy this bike. The Kawasaki Ninja inspite of the parral twin engine producing 32.5 bhp of power is over priced. This although a single cylinder comes with C-ABS at 1.5L a very good bargain and value for money. That said, the Ninja is just not comparable to this. Its in a league of its own. Will smoke out the CRR250

  36. I am interested in buying this bike…..So please do keep me updating about the launch of this beautiful baby…..and it’s different version along with their prices…..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Chetan Bhangale

    • It has been launched in delhi. It costed me exactly 2.05 lacks, when i bought the tricolour version in April in New Delhi through V.D. Honda, Dwarka

  37. heyy deepaK i really need your help dude…

    i am confused because the honda dealers are saying that the bike HONDA CBR25OR’s only colors are black,gray and red..!!!


    WILL YOU PLEASSS FIND IT OUT 4 US? ? ? ? ? ? 🙂

  38. guys i’ve jus found out from a honda dealer that the ex-showroom cost of cbr 250r will be 1,14,000 (one lakh fourteen thousand )without abs bookings are going to start from jan 1st! 2011

  39. hey guys lemme introduce myself!
    Am vamshi doing by Bachelors in technology( avionics)… am getting damn tensed n confused in choosing one single bike from the jotted bikes
    1.Hero Honda HUNK new model 2010
    2.Apache RTR 180
    3.Yamaha FZ
    4.HONDA CBR 2502r
    5.Pulsar(any model 135,150,180,220,220f)

    i travel around 40km a day up and down ..
    i need a bike which can rush my adrenaline and pump the racing spirit in me…
    i dont need an awesome mileage ..its enough for me if that counts to 35-50 kmpl…
    riding position must be comfortable..
    there is no doubt about money my budget is 2lakhs….
    I need a stylish bike
    please help me….
    if i have missed out any bike jus lemme knw…..
    i seek ur advice

  40. h250r is better than ninja 250..but pulsar220 is better than all of accordance with engine power 220 i.e,little difference..bhp also little difference h220r’s bhp is 26.2 and pulsar220 is 22..cost is about 80,000…Baja can make modification will surely replace all these.

  41. you should take 220f as it can give 41 220f is the eighth bike after pulsar 180,karizma,apache,r15,hunk,cbz,unicorn…220 f is already mentioned that”THE FASTEST INDIAN”.IF U WILL BUY ANY OTHER U WILL BE GUARRANTLY TAKE 22O afterward

    • mr. raghav please get your head in order. Did you just say PULSAR 220 is better than NINJA 250 and CBR 250 is the best? Well let me throw some light on facts. NINJA 250 is twin cylinder 250cc engine that produces 32.5 bhp or raw power. The CBR 250 produces 26bhp and the PULSAR220 only 21 bhp of power. The Pulsar is the most under powered and faulty of all these, compromised in quality and ride comfort for making it cheap, but again its a cheap bike. So quality is bound to be below par. The CBR 250 is good value for money if indeed it come below 1.5L and NINJA is the best 250cc bike in the world and we all know good things donot come cheap


      If your budget is 2L go for the Honda CBR 250. Donot think twice. Honda=Quality

      • According to indian bikes Pulsar220 is the best..cost doesn,t matter..p220 have different features as compared to other bikes..Have you seen control switches’ light in handle of doesn’t have…in p220 all the important signals are present as battery indicator,filter indicator as well as temperature and engine oil signal in digital form..if it will be manufactured outside india,,its cost will be is the best…not cheap..these cbr and ninja have no more values in their country as 220 have its value in india its own country…..think different..go ahead..THE FASTEST INDIAN..

      • Mr. raghav i guess you are kind of person who just only knows to follow,b’coz you really dont have any idea what you r talking about.i couldn’t understand how you are comparing a stupid bike like pulsar220 to ninja 250,your pulsar220 doesn’t stand a chance even with r15 which is a 150cc bike but produces 17ps whereas your pulsar with a cheap 220cc engine produces only 21ps,let alone ninja250.let me remind you ninja250 is one the most successful 250cc bike in the world.if you ask me the pulsar series is faulty,under powered and compromised quality.A person like you can only compromise quality,power and technology over some stupid illuminating control switches of a most stupid bike of are such a gem

      • i was using pulsar 220 for 2 years, n now i just got my honda cbr, n wat i’m saying is, u can’t compare pulsar with cbr, cuz it doesn’t make sense. Its like comparing a skoda with audi…

        Pulsar 220 is better deal for 1 lakh budget..but if you can stretch your budget for cbr, i swear it will worth it….

        Cbr is just awesome for its price, value for money, performance, quality, relaiblity….bt the only thing dissappoints is its waiting takes more than 4 mnths for delivery…it sucks 🙁

  42. this is amazing. i already started dreaming of its launch.she is really sexy and the price too. its definitely a step-up to Indian garage is waiting for her.

  43. you guys are only talking about power and price. u don’t see the real bike which is hidden. gee do u know there is a bike called CRF250R Honda 43.3BHP and you can tune CBR250R to produce 42BHP by just using a 42mm throttle body with 12hole injectors and using a power commander engine management system. and valve needs service only after 16000km and not like your gulsar 220’s 2000km lol no one competes with Honda in Motogp when it comes to power. all other bikes win because of having better riders. watch 2011 Motogp and decide if Bajaj can fight with Honda if Honda really want to fight 😉

    • heyy saikamaldoss pleas pleas.. tell me the price of a 42mm throttle body with 12hole injectors and using a power commander engine management system

      i can’t believe that the honda cbr 250r with 43.3 BHP
      wow itz gona b fun…


    • please let me know from where i can buy 42mm throttle body with 12hole injectors and power commander engine management system for my cbr250r as i have already booked one and i will be getting it as soon as the first lot arrives at my cities dealer. And also let me know which brands parts will be the best and what will be the prices.

  44. Booking opens from 1st jan.’2011 and booking amount is Rs. 5000. room price in Delhi for non abs rs. 1.50 K and with cbs is Rs. 1.80 K.

    • @kbc — i TODAY WENT TO A honda SHOWROOM , and the price that they are talking on road price of — 2,00,000 Lakh !!!!!!
      And delivery to beging in MARCH ……. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Any one heard anything else !!

  45. If anyone is interested to purchase or to know more about this vehicle from Hyderabad u can contact Mr Srinivas 9948814000. Thanks.M.Srinivas.

  46. hiii any 1 is intrested in kwasaki ninja 250r i want to sell the bike its new only 2oo kmtr reading it is in green colour if intrested cll me my no is 9819453453

  47. I have already got one booked.
    Can anyone please tell me where i can buy the 42mm throttle body with 12hole injectors and power commander engine management system.
    I live in delhi and please if anyone knows what could be the cost for that.

  48. Overall I would like to just let you guys know somethin
    A Honda CBR 250R was designed with comparitively less features than the Ninja 250 cos most of us cant afford a Ninja 250 but yes can go for a Honda 250
    The top angle shows that they are 250 CC bikes but the inner specs talk a lil more than what meets the eye…
    So dont compare them jus see what you like get what you like, if you are a fresher on bikes….
    if you know somethin and have a strong financial constraint go for in depth specs…
    My personal opinion is that Ninja for the namesake had quoted a Price which is quite high and the bike is not worth 0.3 million (should be below 0.2 or in line) and as for the Honda .15 million could be the Max price or a bit highr like a .16 at the most…. this could be the real competition in Chennai roads…

    Cos the fact is ppl here care abt spending each and every penny from the pocket.. Brands mean nothing to most of them… Style Utilization Price Expense(maintanance) Range is all they count

  49. plz….can u tell me accurate on road price of CBR 250 R abs version……i m going to buy a new bike on my bday 17 march…plz suggest me gud bike my budget is around 1.5 lakh……and 1 more question there is any other yamaha bike coming heared R125 is coming?????????????

  50. the price for a abs model(on road) is around 2,30,000 approx
    and non abs model is 1,80,000 approx
    delivery starts April as soon as the bike is launched

    • whats the source of this price info … ???? i dont belive this price as I have seen a clip where a high ranking HONDA official has said himself that they will keep the price ard 1.5 L app..
      But anything is possible and if this has to be true than I am very happy as my decision for NINJA gets stronger and stronger … why wont i shell extra 70K for a world renowned Ninja !!

  51. If you want sheer pleasure of fast and powerful driving, just lay your hands on the WARRIOR and take a test drive. The difference of a single and double cylinder engine will make you take the right conclusion.

  52. man this is a terrific bike I am just waiting for the bike to arive in India..
    hey but I heard its going to cost us something near about 2 lakhs with abs and other features.. but still I think its worth a buy.

    and this would definitely going to be a tuff competition to pulsar and karizma.

  53. ya its really nice to hear that a 250cc bike cost 1.5lack
    i thint it may hit the krzma & 220 & and became the ruler of indian roads………………..

  54. Hmmmmm…….If we compare Ninja 250 with cbr 250 ,defiantly due to Twin cylynder ninja would Give more performance than cbr!……but remeber u get international quality 250cc sports bike in affordable price unlike ninja 250.

  55. If you are normal doing job person like me who wants bike for daily use with some mileage but also want a looks and better performance among 150cc Then go for cbr150.

  56. not so impressive jst c-abs n low is very nice feature thats all nthing else is there in this cbr250.

    NINJA is mre good with 33BHP compare to CBR250 its very very good as p220 is 21bhp so cbr250 with 26bhp is nt so gr8 thing

    • dude but the cbr comes from the CBR breed which itself makes it much more superior… the r15 is just 17 bhp but is much more ergonomically stronger than pulsar220… and this is the CBR250r with a fuel injected and LIQUID cooled Engine!!! and the ninja costs 3 lac in our city… n the cbr costs 1.68lac in our city with just a difference… so you dont need to be an genious to make a right choice! n I hope you take a ride of the bikes you are talkin about…
      Just to tell you the fact… the air cooled engine of the stupid stunner cools faster than the oil cooled engine of the pulsar220!!! my very own experience… the breed matters… because the smallest bike comes with the breed engineering… its not just power.. its performance that matters…

  57. Hi friends, I am already having a Ninja 250R which I bought from Kolkata. I reside in Jamshedpur. I rode by road and it took nearly 6.5 hours to cross 280 kms. Believe me or not, my body did not pain at any place except the right wrist, that also little. The green is really a head turner. Even old people (above 50) were also staring the bike from their costly cars at the highways. I did not go above 60kmph (4000 rpm) as I was requested by the service engineer. Upto 800 kms 4000 rpm and 800 to 1600 kms 6000rpm. After 1600kms, you can go to the maximum rpm (13000). During overtakes at the highway, I crossed 4000rpm and I could hear a VROOOOOOOOOM sound which excited me a lot. I am totally in love with this bike. Till now, I have just done 550kms and waiting to cross 800kms.
    The honda 250R will be definitely a good bike and anyone can go for it. But, if you want a true supersport bike and you have the money, just go for the Ninja 250R. I am sure you will also fall in love with it. The mileage in city is 33kmpl. Tank is 17 lts. In simple words, the 250R is simply a superb bike with a little high cost due to import duties.

  58. frnds i looooooooooooooooooooooooooov this byk.plz tell me whats its original cost must be in bangalore.i want to buy this byke……………..waiting for it……………….miss u baby..come soon…9482872393

  59. honda cbr250r will be better than ninja 250r because i have a ninja it is nt worth this bike dont have comfortable i will go for hond
    honda rocks 🙂

  60. the Bike costs 1.5 lacs Non ABS Ex showroom 1.7 on road ABS version 1.9 On Road… Firs batch of vehicles comes on April 15th 1000 Bikes fully packed from japan Second batch comes on may 15th Guys who book now will get on May 15th… Guys who book next month will get the assembled ones from Rajasthan hope that helps Guys…. Hopefully its Good

  61. yo i cant believe this bikee

    i think this is the first ever bike in india with abs

    woow with lots of features
    if i choose bike from 250cc section i will definitly choose

    honda because i enjoy the quality

  62. the most important thing is , whether cbr can beat our mighty pulsar220 nd lovely crazy yamaha r15 in speed and maintaince or not . If not not , then honda should better dump their idea of launching it .

    • @ samar Of course it will man. Plz do not compare it with Pulsar and R15 they are Budget Bikes on an Entry Level Honda CBR is a whole Diff level…….

  63. no brothers,mofth me kuch nehi milta,
    when ever price is less,so performance is will give some 25cc power boost with Karizma ZMR n can give some more, hope top speed will b 135+-,where as Ninja 2in can give 145-179km/h.but Ninja have to improved the Console panel and rear wheel base to go higher.

  64. The reason why kawasaki is 3 lac while honda is just 1.5 lac is honda will be made completely here in India. kawasaki is imported as completely knocked down unit and assembled here. it is expensive because of duty…
    Both bikes are awesome…in fact kawasaki is slightly better in top speed but at these price points kawasaki is no match. performance difference would have made kawasaki better if they were exactly same price like in USA. but here honda has virtually no competition.

  65. I did enquire the the price for Honda CBR250r here in Bangalore and the onroad price is 1.95Lacs with ABS and 1.65 Lacs without ABS. As per my knowledge is concerned about bikes, 1.95Lacs is little high, it should be 1.5 Lacs.


  66. The real trouble in this country is with the mentality of the people. When the Ninja 250R was launched for 3 lacs on road, everyone said it was way too expensive. Now when Honda is offering an affordable 250cc bike at a very competitive price, ie. more than a lac cheaper as compared to the Ninja, bike enthusists are still crying that it is too costly. Come on guys…….grow up. There is an option called Bank Loan/EMI………ever heard of it??????? If u are passionate, dont let money be a botheration………take a loan and go for it.

  67. HONDA CBR250r is really gonna hit the present market and it got nice luks too wich surely will attract many bike lovers like me. But i m lil bit of unhappy abt its fuel efficiency its ‘ll hardly come around 27/lts as estimated by the company itself ant surely its for long drive and it ll even goes down for the short trip huh pathetic cuz we shud consider the fuel price too ,,,,,but guys m not discouraging u i buying this bike u can go for it even i m trying to make my mind better for it lol ty!!!! so dont worry …

  68. Nice Looks, Great designs, good performance. I thinks it will definitely give tough competition to NINJA. But I guess Ninja is better. Only plus point is price. People will definitely go for it. Any one have any idea about its launch in india?????

    • its not a competition to Ninja.. coz its a parallel twin cylinder engine.. CBR is a single cylinder 4stroke. Ninja is more powerful 32.5bhp accompanied with better mileage 32kmpl wheras CBR250R is of 26bhp n gives 25kmpl only.

  69. have u anyone know that when would come dis bike in ahmedabad i like 2 buy it after shown it i gonna be mad what is it proper price in ahmedabad 1.5 lacs ya 1.85 lacs of non abs version according 2 me abs system is such a stupid idea i would booked in may so when i would get to deliver it what about of its pick up in how much seconds it get 0-60 ya 0-100 kmph whats about its average and plz give me knowledge about 42 mm throttle body with 12 hole injectors and power commander engine management system and its advantages how much price of dis feature and tell me about other feature which changes bike in super bike c ya..

  70. HONDA CBR 250R is really a nice bike.
    Its loook is very nice than that of NINJa. NINJA is also a good bike but its look not so good and also its firing also not good. HONDA CBR250R has a good luk and also good Firing and also comfertable for long ride. And also it can beat NINjA and likewise sportbikes.
    HONDA CBR250R ROCKS…………………..
    I wish to BUY HONDA CBR250R.
    Its my Dreamy BIKE……

  71. Just Booked a CBR ABS version, dealer said, i can choose b/w ABS/without ABS later also,
    any suggestion about ABS, should i go with it as i am not a experienced rider? Dealer also said, i can withdraw if I don’t like to buy it.

  72. honda cbr250 r is a nice bike…bt when compared to kawasaki ninja 250r it stands no where…coz cbr250 is having single cylinder engine whereas ninja 250 is having double cylinder engine which is exceptionally more powerful then honda cbr250 !!

  73. @Sandeep…………can u tell me the exact price of CBR 250R onrad which dealer told to you……………………….plz guys tell me the exact price……………

    • @jigyasu: Exact prices are not revealed yet, its just booking, u can book for Rs 5k and if the price don’t fit with the pocket, you can cancel the booking and take refund. Prices on forums are just tentative figures.
      BTW, now i am wondering why i am going on so expansive bike as this is my 1st bike and i am not experienced rider, lol

  74. hi…. i am going to buy my first bike… i am damn crazy abt bikes and wat is ur opinion abt this bike… dnt tink i am an amatuer in ridin… jst dnt own a bike…!! i am goin to book this bike anyway tomorrow…!!! cnt wait…!!!

  75. haai.guyz…..u al talk abt itz price n all….bt wil honda release the bike in april????? or whethr they extent the date….
    nd which all colour wil be available?????

    • lol? That can easily be change, go to and u’ll find unimaginable Exhaust!
      Btw for your information, this default design is derived from “VFR”!

    • Dude, It’s already been stated before that there no competition between them….
      1 is of twin cylinder and 1 is of single cylinder (and is still giving the better performance & ofc the price difference).
      for more info check the and other reviews, u’ll like it.
      I haven’t seen a single review of this bike which say, it’s not worth to buy from this amount.

  76. This type is nice nd gud. Now a days the youngsters dont aim on mileage they luk especially only abt speed so see to that it works more faster than any other biks to tis range like ZMR..

  77. I for one am waiting to test ride before I take the plunge and book one! Having read so much about it, I am desperately hoping that it lives up to the name.


  78. cbr250 not having a crash guard is a problem..if we do even a minor crash, its gonna cost us huge amount to repair the shield and other things unprotected…i wonder if there is an optionmal crash guard..

  79. Hey Guy’s

    Ok it’s good price but main thing is about me sound 🙂 Like WWWWWWWWWWWrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu That is called SBK for me

  80. I checked the honda site, on road cost of CBR250R almost touches 2lakhs. Cant afford that much so will wait for the CBR150R launch. But will miss this monster.

  81. Guys please stop complaining, atleast we are getting our hands on such a bike on the market now. 5 years back we couldn’t even dream of having such a bike in the India market.

  82. Dam nice bike..Gud features with excellent technology…and a competitive price…would love to own it sumtime in future..Silent Deamon !!

  83. i have fazer but you cannot compare fazer to this bike cbr 250 is having abs with awesome power compared to fazer i will definately purchase this bike

  84. remember this toy bike lovers and owners..y did u thnk abt bullet classic..isn’t this bike come in that class look???????????…………..

  85. Cheers to honda
    for getting its 250 cc cbr
    but guess single bore thats bad , and hered it wont make above 60 km/h until 4th sevice (r u kidding me) which company does that . so guys be care full before buying ur 250’s may have problem with the ones alredy manufactured …….
    But its very gud to have an advancer on it that bitch will make awesome power

  86. i love honda cbr250 r is a nice bike…bt when compared to kawasaki ninja 250r it stands no where…coz cbr250 is having single cylinder engine whereas ninja 250 is having double cylinder engine which is exceptionally more powerful then honda cbr250 !!

    • Yaar Faizu,
      don’t say best of 2011. It only April month and still 8 more months are there to come in 2011….wait and watch who else are coming on the stage…

  87. 1st came the 99 cc age wid d rx100… den 110-115 cc wid splendour..den pulsar upped d ante wid pulsar 150… 180..200…220 along wid karizma wid 225 cc… nw comes the era of 250 cc bikes… INDIA`S gnna rock wid power 🙂

  88. Just saw the CBR250R at Druvdesh Honda, B’lore. I was floored by the look of it. The red color is eye catching, the rear tyre is quite wide and overall looks perfect combo bike.
    They were not aware when it will be available for test ride or delivery dates. No second thoughts, I am buying it. It will be the best bike on Indian roads for some time…..
    what a beauty wah,…. wah….

  89. Karizma ZMR gadi 1 Lakh 5000 /- la on road aani honda 250CBR gadi bakicha 250 cc cha tulanet gadichi Price jast aahe . Yamaha ,Hero Honda cha bikes 1 Lakh to 1 Lakh 25000 cha
    madhe aahet pan Cbr che Price jast ka????

  90. the company says 27 km/ it will come around 18km/lt..not worth for the petrol price ..the prices are really going up..

  91. today i took the test ride of CBR 250 in gurgaon, i was expecting something rocket as I was riding 250 cc bike but the pickup was not as per i expected. it might b bcz of it some extra weight. anyhow i m review bikes i have to buy one…

  92. Nice machine, before this I loved Stunner CBF which was my favourite bike, now this will be.It’s a shame that such a big engine isn’t permitted in Bangladesh.

  93. its waste of money, better help your family, respect your parent, if u have lot of money then donate some needful person… or can able to do then better buy some property..

    • samip: if you are not interested in bikes /riding thats fine…. dont say its waste that this and all if you dont know the things about it. (respect parents, help needful is all good, but dont comment on things just to comment).

  94. I am still unable to decide whether to buy ABS or non-ABS version. Anyone who has tried both, please help me out. Don’t know if spending another 35K for ABS bike is worth it or not.

  95. hey guy is this bike gonna look gud on me….i m 6″2′. I am confussed whether my legs gonna fit in there……but i love this bike…….plz help me out
    if no then suggest me one…plz

  96. Today i took the test ride of CBR 250 in gurgaon, i was expecting something rocket as I was riding Honda 250 cc bike but the pickup was not as per i expected. it might b bcz of it some extra weight. anyhow i m review bikes i have to buy one… Nice Bick

  97. CBR250R is ok. but i want to buy ninja 250r is better or cbr250r .Please let me know. give me some suggestions please……………..

  98. Import from Japan at lower Prices 50% less of prices in india market and ,any Kind Motorbikes Just ask me resonables Prices I can give to you and send the good to your Door step.
    informations please contact me at

  99. nice bike i bay it last month i feel more then expect………. in our life even one time we have to ride it thanx honda for this superb exp……….

  100. very very naeci baik CBR 250 todinakyu bhagi nakyu bhokko kari nakyo bhai mane baik bovaj pashand aavi thank you HOND good cois very hot baik

  101. Ninja is very cheap and poor bike why ships pay 3 lac for 250cc it’s very cheap honda cbr 250cc is great than ninja and looks better than ninja and it’s price is also less therfore ninja is bor compare to cbr

  102. nice bike. what is the price of it after 1 year…………………………………………………………………………..

  103. I’m sathish here from bangaluru my cbr 250 is running with auto clutch cable because there is no clutch cable is stock with the dealer very poor spare parts supply.

  104. This bike costs 2.05 lacks (on road) in the Pearl Heron Blue (Tricolour) version at V.D Honda Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075

  105. my dream bike…… but dont have that much money to buy….. if god wills…i will buy it within one n half year….. CBR 250R- ABS.

  106. […] You might have got some wrong data in terms of bhp & torque, mileage and touring (check this: Honda CBR250R India Review, Price and Specifications). Regarding the speed, it is a sports bike and to be very honest not a touring bike. Even, a bajaj […]

  107. so tremendous to ride this version of cbr really it feels like heaven when i ride above 130 km/hr speed 🙂 the engine is so noisepollution freeeee it sounds really nice when it running at speed of 170km/hr

  108. my dream bike…… but dont have that much money to buy….. if god wills…i will buy it within one n half year….. CBR 250R- ABS……TTTTTTTTT

    • don’t go for cbr250 it gives you 27kmp, and got single cylinder engine , where as ninja 250 has got two cylinder engine & might give you some extra fuel efficiency and power compared to cbr250

  109. Simply want to say your article is as astounding. The clearness to your submit is just nice and i can assume you are knowledgeable in this subject. Well with your permission let me to take hold of your RSS feed to stay updated with imminent post. Thank you a million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

  110. Meri Bike Yahama R15 2.0 Version Se Change karlo Iske Badle Main Honda CBR 250R De Do………Agar Kisi Ke Pass Hai To Meri E-Mail ID Pe Bhej De……..,,,,


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