Honda CBR250R Video Review

I am very excited about the Honda CBR250R because this could be my next bike. I may not buy it right away as soon as it is launched, but I may buy it before 2011 ends. We at BikeAdvice haven’t had the chance to touch this bike yet, but AutoCar India has managed to take a close look at Thailand (a beautiful country in my opinion). Here it goes… the video that they uploaded in YouTube.

I am not a “buy this and buy that bike too” kind of guy. I buy a bike and stick to it for several years. For the past 6 years I owned HH Karizma. I bought it by 2004 as the first bike in a brand new showroom. After that I never came across a bike which was worth selling my Karizma. Now after 6 long years, here’s a bike that really impresses me. I wait for the day where I can touch it, smell it, caress it and of course… test ride it. Do you?

– Deepak Raj