New Honda CBF Stunner 2010 : First Look

Honda seems to be on a roll. After upgrading their scooters, they shifted focus to their bikes. The stunningly beautiful Stunner has been launched with a makeover in the 2010 Auto Expo. The pressure from the competitions is taking the best out of all the companies. After the launch of the new Pulsar 135 LS in the 125- 135cc segment, Stunner was probably the bike which would be the most hurt.

And here Honda comes with a kickass reply, an upgrade to its existing bike. The makeover is mostly cosmetic and most of the tidbits are borrowed from its fuel injected sibling, the Stunner PGM-Fi.

We compile the various features which are new to this bike:

Tachometer: We still don’t understand why this bike was not provided with a tachometer when it was launched. Anyway, better late than never; Honda comes up with a tachometer for its premium bike, finally!

New Engine cowl: The bike gets a small but pretty good looking engine cowl under the engine quite reminiscent to the Apache RTRs. It further enhances the already blistering looks of the bike.

New Graphics: The bike also gets the trademark Honda upgrade, graphics. This was probably the best mix of graphics done in India by HMSI and they have further improved upon it. The bike looks spirited and lively after a fresh new sticker upgrade.

Half Chain cover: In an effort to strengthen the sporty nature of the bike, conventional chain cover has been given up and a new sporty half chain cover takes its place reminiscent to the PGMFi version of the Stunner.

Sporty RVMs: The bike has been provided with a new set of rear view mirrors as well to boast of those sporty looks.

Black Engine theme: Continuing with the latest trend, the bike would sport an all black theme combination.

Bar End weights: The bike also sport handle bar end weights to curb the vibrations which crept in at higher rpms on this bike borrowed from the PGMFi version.

Black Silencer shield: Going with the overall theme, the bike also gets a black silencer shield to match the overall black styling.

No Kick- Lever: The kick lever has been dispensed of again keeping in with the latest trends.

Maintenance Free Battery & Viscous Air Filter: These two things seem to be finding place in all the Honda products slowly and for a good cause. The new Stunner also gets them as standard.

Pricing: The bike is expected to be priced at a slight premium over the existing model. We expect the top of the line model to be priced at around 59-60k on road Pune with the entry level base model costing 52-53k on road Pune.

With the inclusion of some fresh features, the bike is all set to take on its arch rivals and we expect a fair warfare and the decision would rest with the consumer.A new variant of the Honda Stunner was unveiled at the Auto Expo. It will have the same 124.7cc engine which produces 11 bhp and 11 n-m of torque. It comes with a digital CDi ignition. I will upload a video soon!

Saad Khan