Honda CB300R vs CB300F – Which One Sells More?

Let’s compare CB300R vs CB300F in terms of sales after both of them went through major price corrections around similar time frames last year…

Whenever you are in the market for an entry level performance motorcycle around that 300-400cc mark, you often end up considering the KTMs, the Bajajs, TVS’, etc. However, there is a customer base that considers Hondas – and Honda offers not one but two, relatively less popular, motorcycles in this space – the CB300R and CB300F (excluding the Classics).


Contrary to the strategy others follow where they make different motorcycles on one single platform, both these CBs are based on completely different platforms. The CB300R is the international model and runs the popular 300 platform that also spawns various other motorcycles for Honda – but none of them are sold here.

CB300F, on the other hand, is a locally made motorcycle – specifically for our kind of needs and is more basic in nature. Quite naturally, the R’s is a costlier preposition whereas the F’s platform is a lot cheaper. In terms of ex-showroom price tags, both these models cost Rs 2.40 Lakh and Rs 1.70 Lakh respectively. Which means there is a big price difference of Rs 70,000 between these two siblings. This is after the major price correction both these motorcycles went through late last year.

cb300r vs cb300f

CB300R vs CB300F – Sales

Next question is – which one sells more?

In the last seven months the CB300F has registered total sales of 2012 units at an average of roughly 250 units a month. The more premium CB300R has achieved dispatches of 1445 units since October 2023 – which is an average of almost 210 units.

Though the price difference between these two models may lead you to believe otherwise, both these models are not very far in terms of interest levels. This also means that handful of Honda fans are ready to shell out more for the CB300R – even when the F is available at a much cheaper level – and despite the fact that it faces stiff competition from other, much better equipped rivals.

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Another aspect of this is the relative lesser interest in the locally made CB300F, which despite a fairly aggressive price tag, is not a big seller (as it could be). More variants on this 300 platform are definitely under works and let’s hope we get a new ADV soon.

Which one do you think is a better package between the CB300F and the CB300R…?