Honda CB200X Review – First Ride VIDEO

So finally, Honda conducted a media ride of CB200X in Mumbai one month after its launch. We had the bike for about 4-5 hours to ride it out, shoot and share its first ride review.

I tested it around Navi Mumbai and have posted my findings in the following video.

Honda CB200X Review

Here is what we have covered in this CB200X review. You can skip directly to the section that is of your interest…

00:03 – CB200X Introduction

00:45 – What is Urban Explorer

01:29 – CB200X Styling

03:05 – CB200X – Changes WRT Hornet 180

04:32 – CB200X Instrument Cluster

05:26 – CB200X Exhaust Note

05:46 – CB200X How is it to Ride

06:54 – CB200X Cons

07:58 – CB200X Colors

08:05 – CB200X Price & Conclusion