Bajaj Auto has continued the trend of selling more two wheelers compared to HMSI (Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Ltd.) in November month too. In the month of November 2012, Bajaj Auto sold 2,27,186 motorcycles in the domestic market compared to 2,09,438 two wheelers of HMSI. Bajaj Auto sold 8.47% two wheelers more compared to HMSI which is again a healthy margin and narrowed down the gap between Bajaj Auto and HMSI to 1%.

HMSI sold total 2,23,116 units of two wheeler in the month of November 2012 which is 12.24% higher compared to November 2011 where it sold 1,98,782 units of two wheelers.  It sold 1,08,439 units (99,062 units domestically) of motorcycles in the month of November 2012 up by 36.39% compared to 79,506 units of motorcycle in the month of November 2011. It sold 1,14,677 units (1,10,376 domestically) of scooter in November 2012 down by 3.86% compared to 1,19,276 units of scooter in the month of November 2011. HMSI sales have went down in the scooter segment due to increased competition from Hero Motocorp and Yamaha’s newly launched Ray.

Bajaj Auto sold 3,26,727 units (2,27,186 domestically) of motorcycle in the month of November 2012 down by 1.58% compared to 3,31,967 units in the month of November 2011. In the domestic market the company has registered marginal de-growth. The company has sold more than 1,50,000 units of Discover brand which is slowly aiming for number 1 two wheeler brand across the globe.

Bajaj Vs Honda in 2012

HMSI sold 17.29 lakhs units during April to November 2012 compared to 17.10 lakhs units of Bajaj Auto for the same period in the domestic market. HMSI has maintained the lead of around 19 thousand units in the year till date figure. We expect Bajaj Auto and HMSI to report similar sales in the December 2012. Having said this, HMSI will maintain its year till date lead in December too. However, in the month January 2013, Bajaj Auto will launch new 100cc motorcycle which will definitely bring volumes to the  company in the domestic market.

-Mahavir Kothari

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  • Cricket Friends

    It’s Bajaj time now.The Indian wins!

  • Fact is, this cat and mouse game is never ending.

  • mac

    Why there is no post for Indian bike sales for Nov 2012. Has Bikeadvice stopped posting it for each month’s sales figures?

    • Mahavir Kothari

      We will publish collective figure from July 2012 very soon.

  • Naveen

    2013 will b bajaj’s. Since they have no. of launches in 100 & 375 cc machines.
    Bajaj playing the game well. Honda will have some tough competition next year

  • Naveen

    Dint see any future of honda….still selling scootters. If activa is gone….honda will collapse…they have everything from 100 to 1000cc….what else now. Now bring some chepo


    Honda wake up…or you will lose the market. No new models in 125 to 180cc segment. No digital speedometer, no monocross suspension or nitrox, no park lamp for either unicorn or shine….then how you will market in india? Except engine alone won’t works…time is changing everybody is preferring latest technology with family commuter bike…. So wake up or for your place TVS will come to there with introduction of phonex 125 with latest tech.
    Will honda plan and introduce such specifications with these or upcoming models?
    Honda Shine Price in chennai – Shine -Aprox 70000/- & Unicorn – 76000/- VS TVS – Phonex – 63000/-Apache 160cc – 79000/- Yamaha SZ 150 cc – 65000/- FZ – 75000/- Bajaj Discover DTSi 125 – 58000/- Pulsar 150 – 70000/- These are all aprox may be up or down prices in chennai…compare with Honda…Engine is smooth but no worth or design same old design for past 7 years…Think and buy…will honda change its mind and introduce the bikes to give stiff competiton to others or will go down the line…..The ball is with honda’s court…..!!!!!!!!

  • Naveen

    Hi! Naveen for your info. unicorn dazzler has digi. speedo & monocross suspension. Honda has good variants except 100 & 125cc segment. honda’s stunner was good one. But has to be replaced by new one with tuned engine (w/o vibs), digi.speedo, monocross.
    No two wheeler manufacturer has good machines in 125cc segment. Inspite of developing higher cc machines, they should concentrate on 100 & 125cc’s.
    (Sine they are the major contributers on total sales figure)

    • true

      honda dazzler has digital speedo and monosuspension. But so many bike have digital speedo now. Only good thing in dazzler is rear disc. Dazzler price is high, but dazzler size is very small, like 125cc bike. No engine kill switch in dazzler. Also, no kicker in dazzler and weak battery. Thats the reason dazzler sales is very poor.

      Even Hero removed kicker from CbZ and hunk, and this resulted in poor sales. Now, after learning a lesson, Hero have brought back kicker in CBZ.

      All bike with carburetor should have kicker.

      If bike has fuel-injection, like R15, CBR150r, or KTM duke, then kicker is not required.