The Honda Activa is an amazing bike. Ask anybody who owns it and they will vouch for it. Let me introduce you to this 2 wheeled marvel and show you why Honda is a master of their art of building 2 wheelers.

A Winner Among the Masses: Since its launch in 2001 the Honda Activa has become a hit with both men and women as it caters to the needs of both genders. Practical, comfortable, convenient, reliable, durable, maintenance and stress free, workhorse, family carrier etc… are some of the adjectives associated with the Activa.

Honda Activa

The Engine: The bike has a 102 cc engine with v-matic 4-speed transmission and 7 bhp of power. The only shortcoming is, the bike gives only 40 km/ltr in city and 45 on highway. I am sure this is a small price to pay as once you ride the bike and feel the refinement of the engine even at 70 km/hr you won’t mind about mileage at all.

Lots of Storage Space: The bike has plenty of storage space for little knick-knacks and for those trips to the market and grocery stores. You have an optional storage compartment box to fit beneath the handlebar for extra storage space. Beneath the seat you can keep your full-face helmet and save money, as you won’t need a helmet lock.

Wings of Change: Activa has a 6-liter fuel tank and has a range of 240 kms on highways before needing a refill. The bike has a metal body that is sturdy and because of this the bike weighs almost 110 kgs. The weight is an advantage to you as, cross winds won’t affect you when you are driving in city or highways and the bike is stable and steady on all kinds of roads. The suspension and the wide comfortable seat keep the rider and pillion isolated from the bumps and other irregularities.

Honda Activa

Have you got your Honda? The Activa is the best bike for those crowded rush hour traffic and nothing even comes close. You can out maneuver anything else with this bike and I think you should call it “traffic buster”. The bike is in my opinion the easiest 2 wheeler to drive. No gears, no clutch, self-start for easy starts. The bike has tuff-up tube tires on both wheels, which are puncture proof.  I feel the bike is even easier than a cycle as you have to just sit and twist the throttle and zip away. Remember in a cycle you have to pedal and it’s a pain while Honda Activa is a pleasure to drive.

Honda has always been a top automobile company and their products are the best. Just take a look around you and you will realize that some of the best bikes in India are from Honda. Unicorn, CBZ Xtreme, Hunk, Activa, Splendour, Passion, Dio, Shine, the old CBZ, CBF Stunner, Pleasure etc. to name a few.

If you guys can remember some time back you will realize the gearless scooter which made Kinetic Famous was also a Honda under the skin. Later we had the 4s edition which was also courtesy of Honda.

You see even Pleasure is also a Honda underneath. What I am trying to tell you is that Honda tech is the one of the best in the world why else do you think companies like Kinetic and Hero had collaborations with Honda.

So obviously when Honda releases a product it will be truly world class. Honda entered the Indian market with the active and soon the bike became a hit. Honda established itself in India as a major 2 wheeler force. Later we had Dio, Unicorn, Shine and now Stunner.

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  • M.Irfan

    It is quite a good bike a s my grand father owns one.I think Honda is first in this segment because of the Activa.

  • I think Honda should consider giving the Activa a facelift. The Aviator seems to be a better bet then the Activa.

  • sai

    no bajaj has spirit and saffire.they r 1st in this segment and also sunny and sunny spice

  • daksh

    One of the most successfull running scooters in india.
    Honda owns this segment because of the activa..!
    in its class, it is undoubtedly the best selling scooter with satisfied customers.. one of my friend owns an activa and he doesnt have a reason to complain…
    simply awsome and reliable!

  • Anil

    Hey Deepak! thanks for your review on this bike.because i have already booked an activa, it will be coming in a month or so.But my doubt is about Honda Dio.It was happen to seen the dio in showroom.I feel that Dio more sporty and trendy on looks compare to activa, even it is 3,000 rs lesser than activa.but my bro’s eyes is on activa from first.Did we miss the Dio.? Please let me know your opinion on Dio and hope we will see a review on that too.Your doing a great job with your site.keep up the good work.Thank You!
    ——–waiting for your reply.Ani

    • Piyush

      hi, dio is no doubt a very good option, but the one and only reason you should not buy it is its body!! it has fiber body which damages very easily and is very costly to replace,

      Engine of both are the same but dio is a bit better in performance, handling and maintenance.

  • Deepak

    If I were in your position, I will cancel my booking and persuade the showroom owner to change to booking to Dio. Just my opinion. Ask more people for suggestions and if you feel you want Dio, do anything possible to cancel your current booking.

    • V.sethuraman

      Hi Deepak,

      If a chance given to select one scooter out of Activa; Dio; Plessure; Rodeo; and TVS Wego which one you will select and why?

      Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

      warm regards.

  • sai

    if u r tall dio doesnt suit u. it is uncomfortable. i too own a activa

  • Sameer

    Well, I dont own any two wheeler as yet but after reading lots of reviews and world of mouth, I am planning to buy Activa. I feel its better than Deo. The main disadvantage with Deo is its plastic body. It breaks down very easily and its not fully insured. So, if u r regularly driving on busy roads, even small incidents can put a dent on ur pockets as u might have to spent on the body regularly.

  • Anil

    Hey Guys! Thank You all for sharing your opinions.Anyway ill go with Activa only.

  • daksh

    why not extend budget a bit and buy a bike??
    its way better than a scooter.. and ul save big bucks on petrol as well…
    just a thought 🙂

  • suresh m

    i am owning activa since mid of 2007 and i don’t have any compliance. My opinion is, it is very comfortable,non problematic two wheeler. If anybody share tips for maintenance (like checking oil, checking air filter) of activa, it would be great. I will strongly suggest any one to go for activa.

  • akshara

    I m a young girl.My father owns activa.I m thinking to purchase a bike. I like activa but don’t want to purchase it as my father already owns it..Shall I purchase deo or pleasure is better one?????Please help me out…….I m in a great confusion…..

  • Manish

    Hi akshara,

    No doubt…go for activa.

  • Sudeep

    i am confused and need the help of u people.i want buy a scooter and and not able to decide which one to buy,the options that i am cosidering are new activa,aviator and aceess 125.Activa was my first choice but aviator is a new gun in honda’s store,and i also heard about access 125 but i am not sure about suzuki’s service and their continuation in scooter market.please suzzest me.

  • falki malhotra

    it is a very good bike.i just want to its price

  • Varghese Thomas

    i am confused and need the help of u people.i want buy a scooter and and not able to decide which one to buy,the options that i am cosidering are new activa 110 cc,Plusure and aceess 125.I also heard about access 125 but i am not sure about suzuki’s service and their continuation in scooter market.please suzzest me

  • banku bhaiya

    activa i vill not buy it and deo i will not buy it. I vill buy novaaaaaaaa

  • Indrajit

    My sister has bought Hero Honda Pleasure and I have rode it for ~ 100 km. Very nice bike. Smoothe ride and quiet. Technology meant for something…!!! Although not meant for too much bad roads… runs excellent on highways @ 60-70 kmph. The best feature is that I almost never needed to apply brake. And No Need to Kick Start…!!!

  • debojit

    The aviator is old wine with new bottle as it is fitted by old activa engine ,what about new activa which newly launched ,if any one using it give details abour milege &riding comfort as well as regarding maintaince .

  • ppaappi

    when it was launched i was one of the first 100 chaps to buy honda activa.It has a problem with its KICK ASSEMBLY.and it is too much dependent on battery which gives way frequently and the after sales service is not at all good..if u r not in a transferable job u can hack it with a permanent mechanic…i have changed its kick assembly 5 times with once within six months..and the company response on complaints and suggestions is very poor…only the name is culture is not….

  • Shambhu

    I have been owning a new Activa from May09 and have been quite happy with its ride. However, I have noticed that if the scooter is not used for 1 or 2 days, then it doesn’t start if the self-start is used and it takes a while to start it by using kick starter in the mornings, even while using the choke. Don’t know why they introduced Manual choke in Activa as against the automatic choke used in the earlier Kinetic Hondas. Also, it would have been better if they had introduced Telescopic front forks as in Access 125 and Mahindra Flyte, since even small bumps or potholes in the road are felt by the rider and causes one to slow down. There is not much change in other depts either like, fuel filling still under the seat, only marginal increase in power.

  • Venkatakrishnan

    can i take my new 110cc activa to 100km ride it has run 4000kms since taken do reply me

  • raminder

    hey jusst tell me sir I wanna purchse avita but others r forcing about acsses what sholud i do…….

  • priya

    Hey,jammed in the traffic of taking 2-wheeler,help me out in choosing between honda pleasure/aviator/activa/access/dio or kinetic flyte?????i wanna have a good one whose service is trust worthy and availability of parts is good even after long time.

  • hey priya,hii.. anand here . i have owned this bike.absolutely fantastic.. good 4 cities road, good 4 traffic, good 4 carry stuffs,good for capacity,average 40-45 km on road with per liter petrol.. good looks, dont go 4 aviator or access i suggest… BUT final decigion is yours so
    u r decision is upon whats u r requirement? why u need bike?
    u make a list and then decide which is the best options…
    ok bye….

  • Rajesh

    I mant to buy aceess 125… but I am not able to get proper feedback for this….Should I go for Activa or for aceess 125..Please help me out for this…

  • Mary

    Planning to buy a 2-wheeler…but cant decide between honda activa and hero honda pleasure… please help…suggestions and opinions…

    • SKN NSK

      I am used to the smaller Scot’s for some time:Bajaj Spirit and Scooty, with my recent purchase of ACTIVA, I felt it to be too heavy to be handled by small ladies 🙂 inspite of it ride quality; I mean HERO Pleasure with it’s telescopic front suspensions and form factor is a better bet for ladies, I am told it’s offers the best ride quality- research service/spares availability and fault history to decide between either.

  • werinbe

    I want 2 buy ACTIVA but i want to know abt the EMI 😕

  • Ashok

    I am planning to buy activa/access. Can any one suggest which is good.

  • Khushi

    Hi i am planning to buy a scooter dis summer but m confussed between Hero Honda Pleasure and Honda Aviator…
    can any one suggest me about it…?? I am really confussed….which one to choose

  • Khushi

    Hi i am planning to buy a scooter dis summer but m confussed between Hero Honda Pleasure and Honda Aviator…
    can any one suggest me about it…?? I am really confussed….which one to choose coz its quite urgent coz i need to give the booking….plz help me..

  • Malkiat Singh

    I have sold my Honda Shine Motorcycle Model 7/2008, due to not need. Now I want to purchase Activa Scooter for my family mambers. Please give me comments for my choice with price, millage and purchasing procedure. Thanks.

  • Kalpajjwal

    Guys I feel that the previous version of activa was better. It has a sexy road grip compared to the new one, the new one has got a huge ass…
    @Malkiat :- Activa’s mileage depends on how you drive the vehicle. Gives max. of 45-50kmpl…
    It eats up fuel if you go to speeds of 70kmph then brake for some reason and then again accelerate…
    Price is around 50k ( On Road ).

  • Amruth Rao

    Compared to kinetic honda dx, the forerunners of scooters in india, the activa has awesome acceleration, elegant design and superb control. It feels like heaven to a guy like me who has got used to the kinetic for five years. Tell u guys, kinetic honda howls like a cheated girlfriend when it accelerates! It is a very stupid scooter. The brakes are loose, the front wheel wobbles often and there is no foot space for the pillion rider.
    Hats off to activa makers. Its thousand times better than kinetic honda.
    Choose activa.
    GO FOR IT!!


    i m owning honda activa n its mileage is dis posible to attach an extra tomy as reserve tank to new activa.ple help me out.

  • ravi

    Hi i am planning to buy a scooter dis summer but m confussed between new Honda avtiva or suzuki access 125cc…plz help me out

  • Raj

    I want to buy scooter which is the best activa wego or access. Activa has 4 months waiting, wego 1k more than activa access I don’t know. Pls guide me thoroughly. From pcmc Pune. Thanks.

  • Ankit

    Hi all I m interested in buying one and have shortlisted Activa & TVS Wego but have heard that wego sales are less, spare parts not easily available and resale value is also less all these compared to activa. Advise please m not interested in Dio, pleasure, aviator and others only activa or wego.

  • I purchased New Honda Activa arounf 1.2yr back.Modified Activa was recently launched.I am not at all happy with it’s performance (ride, fuel economy ). All are worst.Companies claims are completly wrong.Avg fuel ecnomy will be around 35-40 kmpl. Apart form this belwo are problems
    1) Never starts first time with buttom start option. We need to have choke on every time during starting in all sesasons.
    2) Kick start very’s postion and ergonomics not atall good. Withing first month only , kick start gear broke.
    3) Adjustment of mirror difficult.Can not be adjusted at required position with ease.
    4) Head lamp light never on middle of road even after adjustment.
    5) entry & removal of key- Very hard , uncomfortable.Need special attention .
    I wil advice not to go for Activa with all these problems.

  • Savio

    i own a honda activa for the past 2 years 7 months and it had never given me any problem . it gave me mileage of 43 kms per litre in my village.but since the last 2 months its maintenence cost have gone very high, as after every 2000 kms i have to change front wheel bearings as they break everytime after around 1800 – 2000 kms , have to change the rear gear bearings , i also changed front shock absorbers once , have to change oil seal everytime i do servicing or else the engine oil gets leaked ,and the worst part is that there is rust on every part of the bike body and the rust comes from inside the paint and chunks of rusted metal comes off with the paint.this means that the painting work done on activa is not good and not done properly.

    i had to pay around 1378 rs for servicing at 13388 kms and now at 16000 kms i had to shell out another 971 rs on its maintenence.

    my friend has a new activa but its combi brake is faulty as its brake is not at all effective ( seen in almost 7 new activas of my friends ) , but it gives a mileage of around 50 kms per litre with smooth ride but u will have to sacrifice on paint work as it wont last long.and its so called maintenence free battrey is a big flop as it gets heated up and breaks into 2 pieces if one goes for long rides.after its warranty period gets over one will face problems

  • kishor

    hey i own an activa for the past 5 years. Its a gud bike. Stil gives 35kmpl. Top speed 95km/hr!

    • Savio


      Are you out of mind ? a activa with 95 kms/hr as top speed ? a activa gives a maximum top sped of 80 kms/hr.i seen hundreds of activas and everyone tops speed was 80 kms/hr max.even honda service center mechanic who is my good friend told me that activa n dio max speed is 80 kms per hr and i m owning a activa and dio and its max speed is 80 kms per hr.

  • V.sethuraman

    Hi Deepak,

    If a chance given to select one scooter out of Activa; Dio; Plessure; Rodeo; and TVS Wego which one you will select and why?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

    warm regards.


    Dear Deepak, I am waiting for your expert comment

  • Rameshwar Shelke

    Suggest me a 2 wheeler without gear

  • jacks

    Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has launched the new variant of its gearless scooter, Honda Activa. I want to buy activa honda. So give me all kind of information with price regarding this.

  • Luxmi dhiman

    Hello Sir/Mam,
    I am customer of Honda’s Active Auto world on September 9, 2010 I Ambala Cantt had new active Purchase earlier I was activa honda September 30, 2007 I was active in it I was not a problem that I now have a new Activa.1st day Engine and handle the problem that day and when I take my problem to the auto world was Mr Ravinder Kapoor said that it is a Major fault Engine Mechanic our Auto World fault when engineers can not fix and it will be OK And engineer to come up 1 to 2 months after I came November 24, 2010 he came to you after he told major fault of these taped taped tight turn to if he is the voice will stop you! His tight after we get back the activa but we came back So Mr Amit Sonkar said that there is no fault despite their say we got them 3 too 4 frnds you their activa of the activa Czech Engine I had no voice and that voice was coming from my activa today Is And Mr Amit Kumar Sonkar of the Satisfier said to us that I’ll take your activa record the sound that the result will be 10 too 15 days I 15 days after I was when I auto world yet you said Ravindra kapoor A result did not So I engineer Activa Amit Sonkar which Parasonal their mobile number I called them and said his head had told me that I am taking by recorded sound that will result, and he called me at 15 days I told you Activa at all is OK So I told them you took it by recorded sound you what they told us to record the sound you forget your Activa absolutely OK to say that my phone cut off! These things I’m not Satisfier for your’s activa service.

    Now you tell me solution of problem

    My mobile no. +91-9729811125

  • Tanmay

    can anyone please help me out in order to reset my carburetor settings on my activa …. some local mechanic disturbed it, and according to him its good for my baby … i manually tries to adjust the two screws in the carburetor and made it worse … please anyone let me know how to make it normal again giving perfect mixture of fuel and air ….. not compromising on mileage as well as on pic-up…
    thanks …. 🙂

    • savio

      @ Tanmay

      Dude go at honda service center and do the carburetter tuning. as you will ruin your carburetter as the screw will become loose and hence you will have to replace your carburetter.and carburetter cost a lot. honda people know their bike well as they are given company training and hence they know their bike better.

  • Tanmay

    thanks for reply bro …. recently i went to Honda service centre … but dude its pathetic … after waiting for an hour .. they almost done nothing .. firstly its the only honda service centre here in my city .. so they have got hell lots of vehicles to service … they just fixed my baby … not even bothering whats the problem is … i thought it was fixed after taking my ride back to home i didn’t find any change in it … even more its giving me now starting probs. n engine goes of at no throttle when ignition is on ….. after keeping in idle speed …. i dunno what to do … i’ll appreciate if sum1 anyhw let me know how to fix it manually … coz i dun want to give my bike anywhere ….
    thanks 🙂

  • Dhanraj

    I am planning to buy scooter for my wife for daily office travelling. But i am confuse between activa and aviator. My wife want light scooter so that she can balance and control it easily in rainy season. i heared from some users that new activa have wheel allingment problem so it is not able to control easily in rainy season.
    please suggest which one will good disc or drum break scooter

  • Kasshaf

    Hi all,
    I completely Agree with you all!!! Activa is a perfect vehicle…. My Dad has used it for more than 6 years and as it was old he sold it off n booked a new Activa Honda(White color).. It gave me a shock when they said it wil take 10 months to get the vehicle… Its been more than 3 months now… Tel me friends who can wait for 10 months… As my dad is aged (70+) he needs vehicle to go out… Hence I am planning to buy Mahindra 2 wheeler (Duro) they are ready to give us within a week… I am not sure what to do… Kindly advise….

    Thank you so much for you advise!!!

    • Rajendra Naik

      hi frd,s
      ha yaar it is too much 4 waiting honda,s vehicle.
      You can also try to hero honda plesure . This 1 is just 15 day,s waiting only .& vehicle is so good performance like honda activa. After sale& service is all over india .and better milage 50 to 55 kmpl. & actita 40 to 45 kmpl . No customer care .because her excutive will no time to solve it customer problem.

  • K. Sathyanathan Nair

    Is there any plan to introduce Honda Activa or any other similar Scooter with Auto LPG or CNG as fuel ?

  • Munna Rath

    I have very new honda activa & I like it but I hate one thing every morning that is when I start it. It does not start using that self starter & even in kick also. I have to kick 15-20 times then it starts. Which I hate most. We three friends bought 3 Honda active in one month apart from same dealer in Chennai. We all three are facing same starting problem. Not sure whether Honda has provided such a poor battary or the dealer has changed the orginal battary & put a duplicate one. My father had a Bajaj Super & I remember after 5-6 years when I used to borrow it from father & start, I used to bend a little & kick once & it used to start. With this experience I will not recomend or buy Honda Activa in future.

  • Rajendra Naik

    hi friends .
    The G. less scooter market is going very high . So all buyer will go to cunfused.
    Which company will be right choise ,
    1 honda – Activa ,dio ,aviator
    2 bajaj – crirtal ,wave ?
    3 mahindra-duro ,flyte,rodeo
    4 tvs -pep,streke, wego ?
    5 suzuki -acsess ,skydrive ?
    6 Hero honda _ plesure ?
    7 yamaha ( new entry ) ?
    8 hero- winner, ezee ?
    Mere yaro dimag mat kharab karo ?
    koi tention nani leneka . Qk in sabka baap aaraha hai . mitha phal chahte ho na to sabra karo ?
    Ab aaraha hai ” Maestro ” sabka hero , har hindustani ka hero .
    Ya this 1 hero moto corp lauch new 110 cc scooter from hero motocorp . Mind blowying dileved . Good look fool metal body .
    Gadi dekhoge to jhoomte rah jaoge ha .
    Better pick up , milage 55 to 60 . overall good prfmnce .
    Agar waiting nahi karna chahte ho to sirf or sirf honda ki Dio hi lelo .
    Any sagtion,s mail my id .

  • Rajendra Naik

    why you should not go to cunsumer court ? Against with the company &dealer ?
    If you not possible you may go with CNBC T V 18 PEHREDAR .COM They will solve your prob to live telicast . Pl try it .

  • manu

    i have it and used it 4 year its maintenance is to expensive and parts availability is to low it not good for regular use so pls don’t purchase for regular purpose

  • shah

    i own an activa since april 2010…n i simply cl it effortless power….dreams of power…the engine is as smooth as butter evn at higher speeds….pickup is evn btr dan othr byks leave alone scooties….i even own an apache 160 but activa is more comfrtble..has lots of storage space…n its an effortless drvng so u nvr get tired….

  • shah

    just close ur eyes nd go 4 an activa..ders almost no maintainance 4 activa…n morevr its 4m a difrnt planet…HONDAAAAA!!!
    Super silent honda…as smooth as honda..mileage btwn 45kmpl to 50kmpl…

  • Mahantesh R Math

    Confused to choose a scooter.. But booked honda activa white one.. Now I am thinking to change it to pleasure for its better mileage and low low price compared to activa. Please help suggest….

  • Sushma Yadav

    I have taken Honda activa on 6 oct 2011, and in these two months i have visited 20 times to showroom. a third grade scooter, jiski problem kisi ko samajh hi nahi aa rahi. is se achi toh meri scooty chalti thi 6 saal purane par bhi.

  • neeharika

    plz tell me which one is best among activa,pleasure and mahendra’s flyte….i hv 2 buy one bt m so confused….

    • Devraj

      TVS wego…test drive n decide.

  • sandeep vasavada

    I m totally dissatisfied with ACTIVA & it’s performance, I have already lodges a complaint & want you to look into the issue as your JUNAGADH Dealer FIVE STAR is giving an estimate of Rs.3500/- & more for the repair of honda which has hardly crossed 6400km in the last six year, used single handedly by my wife & on good roads, it feels like cheating, kindly look into it. Sandeep Vasavada, Mob. 9824249880.

  • prateek pandey

    u all confused me i am going to buy an activa tommorow

    • SKN NSK

      You better be strong enough to handle the weight ; I am surprised at the weight of the ACTIVA, no one wants a 110CC to be so heavy – they could have optimized (=reduced) the weight further to get better fuel efficiency.

      • S S S

        Don’t forget it has metal body which gives u long lasting body durability. Go for fiber if u want light weight

  • Prakash

    Mostly everyone has written on favor of Activa. But it doesn’t deserve to be the best and that for females it has got its own disadvantages. First thing is the Self start. If u don’t start or drive for 2 days u’ll have problem with the key start. Then comes the kicker. When a bike is meant to be made also for females utmost care should be taken in design. Anyone who use the bike ask whether they are comfortable with the kicker. Its positioned in the most uncomfortable place. Without applying the main stand the kicker is almost impossible to use. If tried to start from without the stand the kicker will get stuck to the main stand. Also the kicker has to be pressed from behind towards the front which makes it difficult for ladies even for men to get proper hold of the vehicle. The next thing is the weight. Made fully metallic when in the signal or some traffic place when the vehicle stops it’s very pathetic to see the ladies moving the vehicle the side of the road when theres problem with self start and who finds it difficult to make the vehicle stand on its main stand. Again the two foot rest placed in such s way that it wud make u to play hide n seek. U hav to release it with ur hands only. Also another drswback is the petrol tank placed inside the seat. Had it be placed in the front or out of the seat it wud be more comfortable. Certainly its not a user friendly one and not the best one from Honda. One point of time there was no option to go. But now many scooter manufacturers r there with these problems rectified like TVS has the petrol tank lid behind n out of the seat. Mshindra i think its placed in the front. Honda has to look into all these drawbacks. Being a no. 1 for brand name sake will not do.

    • SKN NSK

      The brochures exclude the Weight of the ActivA – Why ? What is its kerb weight ?

  • shivani gulati

    how to start honda activa and height 4.7 inch advice

  • JS


    I bought Honda activa 2.5 months back. It is a nice 2 wheeler except self start problem if we do not use for 1 or 2 days. We have to use choke or kick starter for the first ride of the day! However, the self start works after the engine becomes warm. Applying sudden brake is not good. The vehicle does not stop instantly; it moves forward for 1 to 2 feet. So, keep a distance while riding especially if you have a pillion rider.

  • uday

    worst vehicle dont buy it. it will give self starting problem and kick start problem also service is worst