Honda 2Wheelers Sales April 2022 – 259% Growth in Exports, Domestic Sales Improve

Honda Two-wheeler sales for April 2022 are in and they look good… Domestic sales did well, exports are mixed bag…

The sales numbers of April 2022 for Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) are in. And the numbers look good for the Japanese manufacturer when comparing the sales from last year and especially the last month. 

The Gross Sales of two-wheelers for April 2022 stood at 3,61,027 units. It is a rise of 27.55% compared to 2,83,045 units sold in April 2021. 

Honda Two-wheeler Sales April 2022

Older CB300R for reference..

Year-over-Year Sales

The YoY sales numbers did well for the month of April. The Domestic sales grew, while the Exports shrink just a little bit. 

The Domestic Sales registered in April 2022 were 3,18,732 units, up by a significant 32.75% compared to 2,40,100 units sold in April 2021. 

The Exports were in the red, but not by much, registered a contraction of 1.51%. The sales numbers registered were 42,295 units for April 2022. 

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Month-over-Month Sales

The MoM paints an encouraging picture for Honda for April 2022. 

The Domestic Sales grew by 2.97%, up from 3,09,549 units sold in March 2022.

Yet, the Exports expanded by a massive 258.61%, increasing from 11,794 units registered in March 2022. 

In total, MoM sales grew by 12.35%.