Honda 2Wheeler Sales March 2022 – Monthly Sales Grew, Yearly Sales Dropped Massively

Honda 2Wheeler Sales for March are a mixed-bag… Where the Yearly sales dropped massively, the monthly sales were positively…

The sales numbers for March 2022 for Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) are in. And it doesn’t look good for the Japanese manufacturer when comparing the sales from last year. 

The Gross Sales of two-wheelers for March 2022 stood at 3,12,621 units. It is a decline of 29.38% compared to 4,42,696 units sold in March 2021. 

Honda Sales March 2022

Year-over-Year Sales

The YoY sales numbers are not painting a good picture. The Domestic sales and Exports, all show red when compared to the last year’s numbers. 

The Domestic Sales registered in March 2022 were 2,85,677 units, down a significant 30.59% compared to 4,11,578 units sold in March 2021. 

The Exports followed the same trend and showed a contraction of 13.41%. The sales numbers registered were 26,944 units for March 2022. 

Month-over-Month Sales

The MoM paints an encouraging picture for Honda. 

The Domestic Sales grew by 8.36%, up from 2,85,677 units sold in February 2022.

On the contrary, the Exports contracted by a massive 56.24%, declined from 26,944 units registered in February 2022. 

In total, MoM sales grew by 2.79%.