I Can See You All Over my Home, Steve

First when I heard the news, it was like – yeah it was expected. I guess my mind rejected to accept the fact. But in the past two days the reality has sunk in and now I really feel like I miss something – or I am gonna miss something.

I started remembering all the Apple products that I used and just realized that these stuff could have been made only by a man like Steve. Any book written on business fades away looking at Steve’s way of doing business and being in love with what he does. Right now I am tying this post on an Apple keyboard which I am using with Windows. In our home we have a MacBook Pro, 2 iPod Touch, 1 iPad, 1 iPhone and an iPod Nano. You may ask, why so many Apple products – everyone in my home uses them including Mom and Dad. And each time I look at these amazing products I cannot stop thinking about Steve for a few moments.

He has left behind a great company with many people who think like him now. We will definitely see the momentum continue for a few years and will witness new revolutionary product launches. But only after 5-10 years we can see how much the company depends on him. Steve could have set systems in place which replaces him else he could have been the linchpin for the entire company where his absence will make the entire organization fall apart in the long run.

I guess many people would have started working on books related to Steve and his ways and if there is anything we can learn from this great man is the attitude. For the first time in my life I have started thinking that being a little arrogant is always good. Being edgy is risky but works very well when used within limits. It is just like overclocking. If you do it without being cautious, you could burn the processor, else you can get really amazing results.

I would like to say more but they are beyond the scope of this post. I am already guilty of making an off topic post in a motorcycle blog. 🙂

Do what you love, and make the world a better place. You express yourself through creation and not via possession of enviable things.

Steve Jobs, we are gonna miss you. R.I.P.

– The BikeAdvice Team