Higher Fine for Riding Without Helmet

According to an article published on Times of India, the road transport and highways ministry is proposing higher fine for people who ride without helmets on two wheelers. The ministry has proposed the fine to double from the current Rs 500 to Rs 1000. The same amount of fine has been proposed for using mobile phones while riding or non-adherence to wearing of seat belts on 4 wheelers.

The recommendation for heavier penalties stems from the fact that accidents with head injuries are growing each day and the fatality rate has increased manifold. The ministry however is also aware of the possible outcry from certain sections of the society.

BikeAdvice urges all its readers to use good quality helmets while you are riding your bikes. We would also take this opportunity to request whoever is reading this to follow traffic rules with diligence.

It’s always easy to blame the government for non-maintenance of roads and other things but let us do our bit which can definitely create a difference on our roads. Let us make our roads safer to travel; after all, it’s we and our families, who use them. – Saad Khan

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