EXCLUSIVE: Hero 2.5R Xtunt Patented in India; Future Xtreme 210R?

Has Hero previewed its intents of introducing the upcoming Xtreme 210R? Are these the first chirpings of what could become one of the most powerful naked in the segment…?

A little while back, at the EICMA 2023, Hero MotoCorp unveiled an interesting looking concept called as 2.5R Xtunt. And just a few months later, the motorcycle has been patented in India.

Though the patent is of the concept model but with the Xtunt, Hero is definitely previewing one of its upcoming motorcycle models. The company followed a similar strategy back at the 2019 EICMA when it showcased Xtreme 1R concept – which later on, went onto become the new Xtreme 160R.

So, the 2.5R Xtunt will spawn a naked motorcycle in the future. If we have to guesstimate, we may be looking at the Xtreme 210R – a streetfighter, under the Xtreme moniker, based on the faired Karizma 210. However, if that 2.5R nomenclature of the concept has any significance, we could be looking at a 250cc model as well.

xtreme 210r

There is a bleak possibility of Hero introducing a new sub-brand as well – since this time the concept’s name does not carry the Xtreme branding. But chances of this happening are low. So, for now, let us take it that we are looking at the new Xtreme 210R.

xtreme 210r

In its concept form, the biggest Xtreme carries an unconventional headlamp, which will sober down in production. Even the cycle parts and many other bits will have to be made simpler when the model goes for a market launch.

Despite All Efforts Hero Falls in Premium Motorcycle Segment

With that 210cc, DOHC motor, that pumps out 25.5 PS of power and 20.4 Nm of torque, we could be looking at one of the most powerful motorcycle models in the 200-210 cc segment. We have seen various test mules Hero is testing out in the open. This motorcycle may or may not have reached the road testing validation phase.

The production version of the Xtreme 1R concept – Xtreme 160R – was introduced in the market in July 2020, about 7-8 months after the concept’s unveiling. Let us, wishfully, expect a similar launch time frame for the production version of the 2.5R Xtunt as well.