Over 1000 Xpulse 200s Sold in First Month

Hero Xpulse sales for the first month have been announced. Will they turnaround things for the commuter brand?

Hero has been making boring commuter oriented motorcycles for most of these years. However, they have tried to change their image with the launch of as many as three new motorcycles recently which included the brand new introduction of Xpulse in two variants – 200 Adventure and 200T tourer.

Hero launched the Xpulse twins (and the Xtreme 200S) back in early May and announced that they would commence deliveries from last month-end onwards as dispatches were scheduled starting mid month.

Hero Xpulse Sales

According to the official SIAM sales data Hero wholesaled 1026 units of Xpulse 200T in the month of May 2019. Though it specifically mentions ‘T’ in the end but we believe it also probably includes the 200 adventure. In comparison, the Xtreme 200R, which is now a settled motorcycle, sold 1536 units.

Though these numbers are not very exciting to look at, at first, but we must understand that Hero is a new entrant in this 200cc segment. They have a very commuter centric image in the minds of the youth. That they are very late into this segment with really-new motorcycles further aggravates their chances of doing well.

Hero Xpulse sales

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This means that going will be tougher for Hero and they will have to poach a lot of Bajaj’s and TVS’ customers who otherwise opt for Pulsars and Apaches. Hero has already stopped the Karizma which was doing disastrously bad for the last many years. They are not doing any good in the 150cc segment as well.

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With sales in the commuter segment under pressure, will the 200s turn around things for Hero, or at least their image?