Honda Again Comes Precariously Close to Hero in January 2024 Sales

Hero vs Honda sales – Here is another month where both the arch-rivals came very close to each other. This will be a year to watch out for…

Honda has been right after Hero MotoCorp ever since it split with its erstwhile partner – with one single aim – to become the country’s largest selling 2-wheeler brand in terms of volumes. It has been pretty vocal about this as well.

But we must give it to Hero that it has managed to maintain its lead even till now, after almost a decade of the official separation, despite being limited in R&D initially. Though it is a story for another day that most of its sales are still coming from Honda’s engines!

The aggressive Jap registered total sales of 4,19,395 units in the month of January 2024, just 14,203 units lesser than Hero’s 4,33,598 units in the same month.

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Hero’s Sales Jan 2024

Out of the total figure, Hero dispatched 4,20,934 units in the domestic market whereas it could export 12,664 units to various markets. Motorcycles contributed to 4,02,056 units in total sales whereas the country’s largest maker could only sell 31,542 scooters. On the total numbers, the company registered a growth of 22 percent.

hero vs honda sales
Hero has been trying extremely hard to set foot in the premium space…

Honda’s Sales Jan 2024

Out of the total 4.19 Lac units, Honda’s domestic dispatches stood at 3,82,883 units which are higher than previous January by 38 percent. It exported 36,883 units which is more than double of its last Jan’s numbers.

hero vs honda sales
Honda has been trying to snatch a pie of Royal Enfield’s market share – to grow in India…

Hero has been very aggressive with its products and has been trying to set foot in the premium segment. On the other hand, Honda is trying to snatch a pie of the retro classic segment and there are sneaks of some interesting products that may be lined up for launch.

The Jap has been knocking Hero’s doors for quite sometime now and this rivalry is going to get very interesting in the months to come. This fiscal will be a year to watch out for..