Hero Splendor And Passion Pro Also Receives Price Hike

Even Splendor and Passion Pro are not spared… Hero hikes their prices by Rs. 790/- to Rs. 1,000/-…

Continuing the price hike trend, Hero have gone ahead and increased the price of their Passion Pro and Splendor offering. 

New Prices of Hero Passion Pro and Splendor models

The Price hike of the Splendor models range between Rs. 790/- to Rs. 1,000/- among 5 offered models. 

The asking price of Splendor models starts from Rs. 69,380/- and ends at Rs. 79,600/- all (ex-showroom). 

Regarding the Passion Pro models, only the standard models have received a price increase of Rs. 1,000/-. 

The Passion Pro 1 Millionth Limited Edition models have not received any price hike and are still priced at Rs. 75,620/- (ex-showroom).