Hero Pleasure Plus Range Is Now More Expensive in India

Hero price hike spree moves on to make the Pleasure Plus a little more expensive… Other than price, nothing else changes…

Rounding up the price hike of all their models, Hero have gone ahead and have increased the asking price of their Dio-rival – Hero Pleasure Plus range.

New Price of Hero Pleasure Plus modelsĀ 

Hero have increased the price of the Pleasure Plus models from Rs. 850/- for Pleasure Plus Alloy Wheels, to Rs. 1,450 for Pleasure Plus Xtec, Xtec Yellow and Sheet Metal Wheel. 

ModelOld PriceDifferenceNew Price
Pleasure Plus Sheet Metal WheelRs. 62,220/-Rs. 1,450/-Rs. 63,670/-
Pleasure PlusAlloy WheelRs. 65,070/-Rs. 850/-Rs. 65,920/-
Pleasure Plus Platinum EditionRs. 66,920/-Rs. 1,300/-Rs. 68,220/-
Pleasure PlusXtecRs. 69,820/-Rs. ,1450/-Rs. 71,270/-
Pleasure PlusXtec YellowRs. 71,420/-Rs. 1,450/-Rs. 72,870/-

Now the Pleasure Plus range starts at Rs. 63,670/- for the base variant, all the way to Rs. 72,870/- for the Pleasure Plus Xtec Yellow variant (ex-showroom). 

One major thing to note here, these price hikes are the only thing that have changed on these variants. The company have brought no change to any internals or visual features of these scooter variants.