Hero Sales May 2022 – Domestic Sales Grow by 192%, Exports Shrink

Hero sales May 2022 – Numbers reflect a good month of sales for the company… Domestic sales flourished but the exports fell slightly…

Hero Motocorp have revealed their sales numbers for May 2022. 

The Domestic Sales see a positive growth compared to last year’s sales. Exports this time dropped significantly for the company. 

The company has registered Gross Sales of 4,86,704 units sold in the month of May 2022, up by a massive 165.89% compared to 1,83,044 units sold in May 2021. 

Hero Sales May 2022

Year-over-Year Sales

Motorcycles – The motorcycle sales expanded by 153.07%, growing from 1,78,706 units sold last year to 4,52,246 units sold in May 2022. 

Scooters – The scooters showed the largest growth last month. Their sales expanded by a massive 694.33%. The sales increased from 4,338 units in May 2021 to 34,458 units in May 2022. 

The Domestic Sales registered a growth of 192.34%, selling 4,66,466 units in May 2022. 

The Exports, in contrast, were down again by 13,82%, registering 20,238 units in May 2022.

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Month-over-Month Sales

The monthly sales comparison fared excellent for Hero MotoCorp. All the categories shined Green for May 2022.

Motorcycles – The motorcycle sales expanded by 15.18%, up from 3,92,627 units sold in April 2022.

Scooters – Likewise, the scooter category grew by 32.56%, up from 25,995 units sold in April 2022. 

The Domestic Sales were also up, growing by 17.06% MoM.

The Exports also showed a positive trend as well. It increased by 0.53%, increasing slightly from 20,132 units registered in April 2022. 

The Total Sales MoM, hence, grew by 16.26%.